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Last updated April 23rd, 2008



Bernard William Palmer, the author of this website was born at Epsom, in Surrey, England on 11th January 1944. He moved to America when he was 17 and stayed 3 years. He graduated from East Rockaway High School, Long Island, New York in 1962. Two years later he returned to England and in 1970 emigrated to Australia. He does not now use any recreational or illicit drugs at all, including the legal drugs, alcohol, nicotine and caffeine. He gave up alcohol and marijuana on 14th October 1987 (at the age of 43), cigarettes, tea and coffee about two months later. Caffeinated soft drinks followed in approximately 1996 and chocolate soon after that. The only thing he craves occasionally is a Mars Bar. Caffeine was the hardest drug for him to give up, marijuana the easiest simply because he didn't find it addictive. He sometimes enjoys not being dependent on any drug and has no opinion on what drugs other people use, he believes that's their business only.

With regards to the reference to pedophilia in 'What is the PFR?', to his knowledge Palmer has never seen any child pornography nor is interested to see any but he firmly believes what material you look at is again your business only. He also believes the witch hunt enveloping the western world for people who do look at child pornography will be as destructive on families as is the War on Drugs. He is surprised by the silence from influential voices who have failed to speak out against these modern day quasi-religious purges. He guesses they are all tongue tied by fear of association.

Palmer is also the designer owner of CashRamSpam, the world's first money based spam free email system.



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