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Last updated October 23rd, 2013


Petition to the President of the United States of America to stop the 'Drug Wars' and free the prisoners.

The Primary Fundamental Right.

You've been asleep too long...
Injustice is eating your young...
WAKE UP! WAKE UP! Look around you...

Your young are being fed to the prisons just for being young and inquisitive. Over the years many of your children have been illegally taken from their homes causing their family's to become depressed and dysfunctional.

Ask yourself this question, did you ever experiment with drugs? Of course you did, probably most of you did, including you the policemen and you the politician.

Now many of your young who experiment, just as you did in freer times, are ending up with long, inhumane, mandatory prison sentences, their lives broken forever.

Your politicians have failed you, they forgot your ideals of a free America. They idly watch as your children continue to be dragged off and sacrificed on the altars of intolerance and political gain.

WAKE UP! WAKE UP! Your enemy is within. Your 'tough on everything' politicians and symbiotic media have brainwashed you into believing that no one has the right to choose what enters or leaves their own body. This is your 'Primary Fundamental Right'. No person or persons have the right to prohibit what another person puts in or takes out of their own body. Only if you own someone can you have that right.

The 13th Amendment (1) abolished the right to own someone. Enslavement of a person is illegal, therefore any one imprisoned for any drug crime is being held illegally. You must release the drug related detainees. Send them home to their distraught families, return their property. Help them rebuild what you have destroyed in your madness.

The 13th Amendment makes convicts into slaves. Industries that use these slaves must by their existence influence the conviction rates and the length of sentences. There should be no slaves anywhere in America. The 13th Amendment needs mending.

United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Adopted and proclaimed by General Assembly resolution 217 A (III) of 10 December 1948.
Article 4. No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms.

No prisoner should be forced to work but those that choose to do so should be paid the market rate without any tax deductions. Prisoners must not pay anything towards the cost of their own incarceration. All money earned should be used towards their family's welfare and to pay for any educational studies they may pursue in prison. Any remainder must be given to them on their release. Slave labor is very expensive because it damages competition and consumerism, even if it involves something supposedly patriotic such as the rebuilding of Humvee's by Federal prisoners for redeployment in Iraq.

Governments that deprive someone of their liberty must pay for that privilege otherwise all liberty is threatened by these self-funded jailings. Prisons must not be for profit or for public or private revenge but to teach social responsibility.

Psychopaths and pedophiles and their like are medical problems and should be treated as such.

Politicians and government officials who accept money or gifts from any 'Corrections' company are participating in an act tantamount to slave trading.

Prisons are not wealth creators yet they have become obese feeding on your taxes and your precious children. Other projects that create the real wealth need them more. Tax payers' money is wasted by the imprisonment of people who choose to use whatever drugs they want, as is their PFR.

One day America you will have to remove your 'controlled drugs' laws. History is repeating itself. You have returned to the prohibition era with the personal rights of your citizens once again being violated by those who should be protecting them.

Let the people have whatever drugs they want. In a free society that is their right, as most tobacco smokers, alcohol drinkers and caffeine users must surely agree. With proper quality controls all drugs are safe in moderation.

Your 'War on Drugs' is damaging democracies elsewhere by helping to bring to power myopic, hardheaded rulers who promise their poorly informed people little except more fear and more police. Freedom worldwide is taking a battering. Crime and punishment issues play a major role in elections around the globe, pushed on by acquiescing, irresponsible, sensationalizing media.

Most drug taking is about boredom and boredom is related to education. The money saved by reducing the number of police and jails could be used to promote a national babies education program on the lines of the 'Early Years Task Force'(2) as proposed for Ontario, Canada. This program appears capable of producing much higher literacy and numeracy in Ontario's future generations.

Your own 'Cost, Quality, and Outcomes Study'(3) supposedly showed the absolute necessity of good early child care in getting the children 'school ready'.

Ideally every mother should nurture her own child. Motherhood is the most important job in any society, without babies there is no society. To help working mothers do this job well business could provide child care facilities within their companies. This should enable them to have their young children close by while they are working, otherwise let them work from home. Bring the children up properly, play with them, read to them, breast feed them for at least a year(4) and surprise, most of the unsocial behavior caused by unhappy people could soon disappear.

Reports showing the steady decline of crime and drug use for over 14 years in the US probably has little to do with increased policing and more to do with the greater availability of legal abortion since 1973.(5) Unwanted babies grow up feeling unwanted. If people feel hurt they will end up hurting others as well as themselves.

Don't jail your children, America. Start using an 'Early Years' type program and they won't be interested in drugs. The real danger to the world isn't drugs, it's politicians with too much money to spend on vote grabbing, police accented policies, ambitious generals and NEO's (near-earth objects).(6)

Because of the catastrophic threat asteroids pose to the Earth, the colonization of the Moon and Mars is imperative so that lookout posts can be constructed. This will undoubtedly require more money and technical expertise than will be readily available now. Over 2 million extra people could be working towards that goal instead of being policemen, jailers, and prisoners. Time to build the future America.

Look around you. Your beloved constitutional rights are taking a hammering. No one is guarding the guards.(7) WAKE UP! WAKE UP GOOD FRIEND!

Help pull American humanitarianism into the 21st century by signing the petition and sending it to the American President. Under Article 2, Section 2 (1) of the Constitution he has the power to grant a pardon to anyone except someone who has been impeached. If he wants he can send all the drug detainees home today.

Free up the beleaguered dreams and hopes of American Liberty and you'll free up the increasingly restrictive 'Global community'. (8).

Petition to the President of the United States of America.

I, the undersigned, declare my opposition to the 'controlled drugs' laws of the United States of America and the prosecution and imprisonment of persons involved in the growing, manufacture, distribution, trade, possession and use of these drugs. I believe we all have the 'Blessing of Liberty' to ourselves and our posterity to decide what we may put in or take out of our own bodies and no legislation anywhere should be enacted or enforced that hinders this liberty.

Click here to sign the petition.

This petition is designed primarily for Americans of all ages to sign but is also aimed at those nations whose first language is English. The 'Drug Wars' is a global problem probably created by the English speaking peoples, especially the law makers of the USA, therefore all the British based nations should be involved in its demise.The help of the EU nations will be needed.

Your name will be added to the petition and sent to the US president after you fill in your details and click the SUBMIT button on the petition form page. Please do not sign the petition more than once. A copy of your signed petition will be e-mailed to you along with your PFR number. The White House will acknowledge your e-mail by sending you an auto response. It unlikely that anyone at the White House will ever read your e-mail, so with that fact in mind it is intended that after one million people sign the petition a CD-ROM with the details of the signatories will be sent to the US President. Only the names of the signatories and not their e-mail addresses can be viewed by a search of their PFR number. Only the White House will receive your e-mail address details.

If it is possible to change the American attitude to illicit drugs it should be possible to change the world's.

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for the 'Primary Fundamental Right':


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US citizens can click on this icon and use their zip code to locate their Congressmen and/or Senators. It's then possible to forward on to their representatives a copy of their signed petition that they sent to the President.



This web site has been compiled by Bernard W. Palmer of Sydney, Australia, because of a fear that previous American law directors, Louis Freeh of the FBI and General Barry R. McCaffrey of the ONDCP (Office of National Drug Control Policy) and associates including the present and past owners of Wackenhut Corrections Corporation (ACM private jails), Group 4(UK), have, while in and out of Australia, influenced our political and judicial systems to the detriment of the Australian idea of freedom.(9)

1st March 2001
Last modified 23rd October 2013


Petition to the President of the United States of America to stop the 'Drug Wars' and free the prisoners. [click here] to sign the petition



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