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Last updated August 2nd, 2002




Friday, 2nd August, 2002

Sydney, Australia.

Drug Wars Activist puts up web site to help Drug Dealers and Users to fight against their conviction in the courts.

Bernard W. Palmer of Sydney Australia has put up the web page at; https://www.primaryfundamentalright.org/going_to_jail.html It suggests for them to;

  1. Make sure they are tried before a jury.
  2. Dismiss their lawyers and defend themselves because lawyers are beneficiaries of the 'Drug Wars' along with the whole 'Justice Industry'.
  3. Not to enter a plea of either 'not guilty' or 'guilty' but to plead for something called the 'Primary Fundamental Right'.
    "The Primary Fundamental Right" is the basic right of everyone to be responsible for their own bodies. What you do to your body is your business only, not your governments. I believe the defendant should make the jury understand this right is valid for everybody including the jurors'', said Palmer. "The pendulum is near the top. It's about to change direction. The 'Drug Wars' has probably been the most costly failure in history. Nobody can stop freedom, it's a primal universal force". He continued, "alcohol prohibition died because the juries refused to convict. The same should happen for the drugs now that countries like Australia, Britain and Canada are waking up and seeing the stupidity of the 'Drug Wars'". When asked if he used illegal drugs he replied that he had smoked marijuana but had given up all drugs, including the legal ones, "happily, many years ago. You should try it. It's a good feeling being totally drug, caffeine and alcohol free. I am the only person I know who is". Even chocolate? "Yes, even chocolate".
    Some life without chocolate!
    "I do miss Mars Bars".

Contact Bernard W. Palmer


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