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Last updated January 2nd, 2016



What is the Primary Fundamental Right?

The Primary Fundamental Right is the most basic of all pre-political human rights. It is the innate right of a person to the ownership of their own body and the right to do what they want to that body.

People who don't believe that the Primary Fundamental Right exists should ask themselves this question; can you do anything you want to your body and not have the possibility of going to jail for doing so? The answer is definitely no. Because of legal constraints we are all slaves. We are not a free people, regardless of what we may think. Therefore all the freedoms we think we have are really illusions unless we own our own bodies. Remember, only slaves cannot make decisions about their own bodies.

Every one of us, including the politicians, are now owned by our respective governments because of numerous iniquitous laws, including the drug prohibition laws, statutory rape laws and compulsory vaccination laws that they the politicians have enacted supposedly on instruction from the majority of voters. In reality we have all been caught up in a swirling Socialism torrent sliding downwards towards Totalitarianism for over 100 years. The drug prohibition laws are a symptom of that progression, but not the root cause.

The Primary Fundamental Right exists because everything, with the possible exception of God, has an opposite and the opposite of Totalitarianism is the Primary Fundamental Right.

But the drug laws are there to protect us.
Unfortunately with this sort of protection we are definitely doomed. This is because these laws restrict people to using only tobacco and alcohol which kill and maim far more of us than all the illegal drugs, car accidents, plane crashes, murders and 9/11's combined.

We don't have to smoke or drink if we don't want to.
That's true but as it stands today approximately 25% of the adult population smoke and 75% drink alcohol. Many will have a major disease related to their habits by the time they reach their sixties. If less harmful recreational drugs were allowed to be developed in competition to these two drugs then these diseases might be reduced and a much healthier senior citizenry could emerge. On the available evidence it looks as if governments use this alcohol/cigarette pandemic to reduce the strain on their Social Security system. Dead people don't draw pensions.

Is there really a benefit to the government from these diseases?
The answer is 'Yes' and 'No'. 'Yes' because the size of the industries that have been created to look after those people with smoking and alcohol associated diseases is now huge. There are armies of medical staff in cancer wards world wide while thousands of employees in the pharmaceutical and associate industries unwittingly rely on the excessive smokers and drinkers to keep them employed and they all pay tax. And 'No' there probably isn't really a benefit to governments because healthier people live far too long while not using expensive medication, rarely pay any tax and usually draw a Social Security pension. 

Why won't they let people use other drugs?
At the moment they are happy for citizens to use street drugs as long as those drugs remain illegal and thereby keep armies of government workers employed in chasing and jailing offenders.

If drugs like heroin were legalized then possibly less people might use them and nobody would be going to jail and maybe fewer drug addicts would be dying and the usefulness of heroin as a cheap patent free pain killer would be revealed. If the politicians want to stay in power they must ignore all this. They already know that if good quality controlled supplies of all drugs were available, people who use drugs like heroin would not only be able to afford their drugs without stealing but they'd probably keep their jobs and not die early as they do now. But they can't vote for change because the huge lie about drugs has been so successful that voters probably wouldn't support them anyway.

When a child is taught something supposedly important from birth to age 7 the imprint is usually permanent and it is hard for them to change their views as adults. Try and make a Christian, a Jew and a Muslim swap religions, even though they all worship the same God they'd probably rather die first and without really knowing why. Try telling the majority of voters, who have been educated for a long time under a government controlled indoctrination system, that the Drug Wars is wrong and people should be allowed to make their own decisions. Their reaction would probably be much the same.

Maybe more dangerous drugs than what we have now would be developed if it were legal.
Regardless whether they are legal or not they will still be developed if there is a market for them.  Because of their huge appeal it's unlikely anything will ever topple alcohol and cigarettes as the deadliest drugs.

Besides some politicians, who benefits from the Drug Wars?
Starting with the boys and girls with guns who work for the governments and just love their jobs, it then carries on to the lawyers and the judges and the whole Justice Industry. This includes the explosion of security firms including the prison construction and management industry. Many billions of dollars are involved here. Also the police armaments suppliers, from cars, computers to helicopter manufacturers.

Don't forget the alcohol and cigarette industries and the medical industry that treats the diseases they help produce.

HIV/Aids and Hepatitis C is said to be passed on by dirty needles or having sex with a drug user. The drug companies make their profits from the sale of drugs to relieve the symptoms caused from these diseases. Treated Aids patients will at the moment probably die after about 20 years. Unfortunately drug companies need addicts to help keep them in business. If needle exchange were brought in there would probably be a loss of around 20% of new customers each year.

Addicts involved in house breaking to buy drugs is probably a good advertisement for insurance companies. Most insurance companies invest the money they collect in the stock market. Probably the biggest billions of all are here. Supposedly much of the drug cartels money is laundered through the buying and then canceling of large insurance policies. They may lose over 20% of their funds in the process but at least what's left is perfectly clean and the insurance companies obviously don't mind.

Must not forget the entertainment industry with all the television crime shows, police hero movies and the sensationalized news reporting. All have got their full fee paying audiences attention watching and reading and listening to supposed 'good' triumph over 'evil'. As a result the most basic human right, the ownership of your own body, now every prime time has the government boot of bad economic decisions 'stamping' on its face.

And also we mustn't forget all those ordinary folk employed in factories and offices that build and sell all these goods used in the Drug Wars. Interestingly some of these people use their money to buy drugs from the dealers. Without buyers the dealers would have no sales and the cops would have no dealers to arrest and the prisons would have a lot fewer prisoners to lock up and the politicians would probably have less taxes to build prisons, if it weren't for some of these ordinary folk making money from the War on Drugs.

The War on Drugs is probably a trillion dollar a year global industry. It even benefits the journalists who make their money by taking an anti Drug Wars stance. There are very few who don't somehow make money from the World Wide War on Drugs.

Apparently all western economies are addicted to the tax cash flow that comes from industries profiting from the Drug Wars. The last thing these governments want to do is to win the war, too many people would be out of a job if they did, or so they believe. Apparently all they want is for the war to continue unfettered, as the Taliban soon found out after they stopped opium production in Afghanistan in 2001.

In August 2003 NATO forces took control of security in Afghanistan. In 2006 opium production reached its highest level ever. 'The Prophet' only banned alcohol and pork, so it appears the Taliban leader Mullah Omar went against a fundamental tenet of Islam when he stopped the poppy growers from planting their seeds. Allahu Akbar.

The War on Drugs is a central column of Socialism and the Nanny Statism and therefore bad economics will always be deployed at its base. The proof of this is the immense suffering caused from the actions of the lumbering Justice Industry as it blindly destroys families, the foundation of all wealth. Only good economics produces good outcomes for everyone and a free society is the result.

Most of the prisoners used legally as slaves in the prison factories are from poor backgrounds. It seems that having a certain percentage of poor people is important for the well being of the rest of society. Poor people are often bored and miserable so they make the best drug users. But having a population where less than 12% live below the poverty line is probably too small to sustain long term jail growth through sufficient illegal drug consumption.

American crime rates have been steadily decreasing for over 14 years resulting in a lesser amount of new prisoners being taken, though the US jail population has now gone over 2 million simply because sentences are much longer. This fact appears to primarily benefit those investors in correctional management projects who in the past possibly built too many jail factories hoping for even more prisoners. Supposedly many were spurred on by the promises from legislators needing new employment opportunities for their economically depressed electorates in tightly contested seats. The lower crime rate has resulted in more mandatory long term sentencing laws obviously designed to help keep the jails full.

It appears that induced recidivism by excessive parole conditions is also helping to stem the flow away from the jails, as in California where now over 50% of parolees are returned to prison. US jails need prisoners to make them profitable and their profit is linked to more crime and more convictions and more police and more parole officers.

In the USA crime is an industry just like any other industry and similar to any business it has to grow by promoting a product. Governments promote crime production by passing laws making more social interactions illegal and for which they then need to expand their workforce to combat the newly created 'problem'. This in turn increases the power of government simply by increasing the number of people working for the government. In the USA, as elsewhere where they are using a Drug War, much of this expansion is paid for with overseas borrowings. Though unlike normal business, no actual product is produced to create a profit to pay it off so a larger budget deficit is always the outcome.

Federal, state and private jails, many with attached factories, are often located in areas where they help supply work to the grateful locals who then in return supposedly vote for the politicians who got them a prison factory. These are the same politicians who are voting for more prohibition and probation laws because the US crime rate is slowing and there are not enough prisoners to fill these jails. It's not surprising that many locals often quit these prison jobs once they see that many of the prisoners are often just ordinary folk just like themselves, being coerced to work as legal slaves, caught up in a politicians self benefit scheme.

Private investors in the Justice Industry and many federal and state politicians must love high crime rates. At the moment in America as well as the 2 million people already in jail approximately another million is temporarily being cycled through the jail system awaiting court appearances. A further 4 million is under some form of control by the Justice Department. That's 7 million people with possibly up to 80% of them, or 5.6 million, now having convictions related to personal recreational drug use, the same sort of use that is legal for all the alcohol, caffeine and nicotine users.

What all these people have done is to use their innate Primary Fundamental Right in their "pursuit of happiness", the same right that was the catalyst for the 1776 'Declaration of Independence'.

Over 220 years later and almost 1 in 30 Americans has been convicted of 'crimes' that were never even considered by the founding fathers of the American Republic. Personal liberty to them was paramount and they tried to protect it for all time, but obviously they failed miserably.

Too many crimes equals too many laws, not too many criminals.

The 'Prisons for Profit' economic model being used by the western world is rapacious and continually needs feeding because the profit it produces is an illusion and can never sate its increasing appetite. All Justice Industry profits come from taxes that should have been used by the original owner's for real common wealth growth. The taxes used by the Justice Industry do not produce consumerable goods of common wealth value, only consumerable bads by massively reducing the productive output of the country. Approximately 6 million people, including those in jail and all the Justice Industry workers, are not working towards a productive common wealth. The excessive cost of the US Justice Industry must eventually take its toll on the economy.

The combined US federal and state and local governments now annually spend over 44% of the total profit produced in the USA. In 1900 that figure was around 4%.

Governments cannot create profit because they get their money from taxes which are already profit, and profit used as taxes will always be neutralized by the various bureaucracies who can only grow in fields of high taxation. The Drug Wars is just another profit neutralizing bureaucracy with the people dressed as police and the people dressed as prisoners together doing the profit neutralizing of the tax payers dollars.

The Justice Industry 'Prisons for Profit' economic model will always need more 'poor' people to keep the jails full and will continue increasing its needs until it eventually starts consuming children of the rich and influential. Witch hunts in Salem and other parts of Massachusetts stopped once they got close to the local influential families, the so called elites.

The Vietnam War probably ended when too many influential mothers couldn't stand the pain any more. Again, probably not until the elites get upset about the Drug Wars can the excessive jailings be stopped unless the US economy is so badly damaged from the high price of oil and excessive foreign borrowings that it has to bring it to a halt because it simply can't afford it anymore. The latter could happen at any time, but the elites will probably still decide when it stops.

Once more it appears it is not in America's immediate interest to stop the War on Drugs simply because many industries apparently rely on it, but most of these industries such as the world wide Justice Industry are actually non-productive. The Drug Wars apparently helps sustain the economies of many countries but it should always be remembered that the organized labors of the poor are the foundation of all wealth. Already they have been 'over fished' in the US and much of their breeding stock is now dysfunctional.

This breakdown is very beneficial to the various welfare agencies who further help destroy families by separating children from their parents, generously rewarded by the US federal government giving them $100,000 for each child 'relocated'. These bonus schemes almost certainly guarantee continuous future work for these agencies who now actively seek out children to relocate. Also arresting migrating Mexicans with their methamphetamines and inflaming the massive social disorder in the Caribbean with the Drug Wars all makes for good Justice Industry business in the USA.

Mexican and Colombian drug lords could be financially worse off if contraband drugs were legalized. Because of the Drug Wars cocaine and heroin by weight are more valuable than gold. The last thing the drug cartels want is decriminalization. If recreational drugs were made legal their profits would probably be much smaller. As good business men they should lobby and actively support those politicians intent on continuing the World War on Drugs.

History may not be kind to the politicians when it records for future generations a dreadful time when America was at war with America but many of the present day politicians obviously don't care. History doesn't cast votes today and anyway they think they are supporting American industries when they support the Drug Wars. What they are doing is removing at a minimum 1.2 million profit producing consumers from the market place at a loss of over $50 billion a year of spending power and using over $230 billion a year of borrowed money to do it.

Few would have thought in the seventies that the Drug Wars would bring America such private devastation and calamity and result in their economy looking down into the open arms of beckoning Totalitarianism, the last stop on National Socialism Road. Now all you have to do is look at the Nazi like uniforms of the police to get an idea of the fast approaching future.

Why did the Drug Wars start?
It probably started because the world has always known that war can be a very profitable business for winners. America had been a major financial winner with the first two World Wars and even with the smaller Korean and Vietnam wars. After the Vietnam War was halted and 300 body bags a week of prime youth stopped being delivered across the American country side the nation then decided it didn't have the stomach for another war, but the 'war economy' US industry needed one. It is not surprising that the President who stopped the Vietnam War started the War on Drugs, supposedly as a response to 4.5% of repatriated GI's being addicted to heroin. No figures are apparently available to see how many had used drugs before joining the army.

Amazingly the Drug Wars appears to be more profitable than all the other wars put together. However because it is waged mainly on US soil it has been more disastrous in both monetary and human terms by claiming millions of American casualties instead of just thousands as in an overseas war.

To many politicians these victims were expendable because the majority of them came from poor areas. These people now had purpose, they could fill the jails and help keep the war machine alive until the next really big war. Unfortunately because of the success of the nuclear deterrent that could be a very long time. But on the other side if the American people remain committed to Socialism Democracy for the Middle East and good oil supplies until the middle of the 21st century then they are probably going to need a lot more military abroad resulting in fewer police at home.

The combination of the military-prison industry complex apparently made the Drug Wars very efficient and profitable. They continued increasing their phony profits by arresting more and more people, assisted by competing politicians making more drug prohibition laws with ever bigger penalties. Eventually the military-prison industry machine became the main game even though the profits it produces is illusionary because the damage it causes to the nation's social fabric results in even greater damage to its GDP, simply by making the GDP much smaller than it could have been. The Justice Industry lumberjacks, under instructions from Congress, have cut down too many trees and badly damaged the people ecology of America. If Congress was a corporation it would have been prosecuted for the degradation it caused to the US landscape.

The figure is so huge it is worth repeating. Over 1.2 million people in jail for personal choice crimes who are not at work earning the average wage of $41,800 thousand a year (2005) equals $50 billion a year taken out of circulation. If it cost $28,000 a year to keep someone in jail multiplied by 2 million prisoners, that means tax payments of $56 billion is used for that purpose alone and every tax payer pays $400 a year just to lock some one up. This doesn't include the cost of the Justice Industry, all the different state and federal police and judges and lawyers and prisons which between them cost a figure possibly in excess of $230 billion a year. This equals about $1600 a year tax for each of the 140 million American tax payers. Together that comes to around $2000. Divide that by 80% which is the roughly the amount of Primary Fundamental Right prisoners there really are, means every American tax payer is paying about $133 a month to lock someone up who shouldn't be locked up. They could probably afford a new car with that sort of money or even help pay off their subprime mortgage.

America had flourished in the free atmospheres of the 19th and early 20th centuries but as it got closer to the 21st that state of freedom was replaced by the most efficient police state in history. So efficient that most of the public were unaware of its fly like compound eyes watching everything they did through surveillance instruments such as Carnivore, Echelon, Magic Lantern and later the Patriot Act, the insidious TIPS and the ubiquitous TIA.

Carnivore is an FBI computer program for monitoring US emails. Echelon is a NSA program for checking world wide communications on phones, radio, emails, faxes, satellite etc. Magic Lantern is an FBI computer virus program that can see what you type. The Patriot Act allows for the spying on Americans in America without judicial permission.

TIPS was a government initiative where people like the mailman and cable men and including some residents were to become spies and keep the police informed of what's going on in their neighborhood. Before the outcry and the name change TIA stood for Total Information Awareness, and it still means just that. Everything you do from driving your car from point A to point B to paying your electricity bill can be monitored, recorded and analyzed. These last three initiatives were proposed to watch for terrorist activity so it wasn't unexpected that illegal drugs use would soon be linked to terrorism.

Now Americans have to contend with the NSL's, National Security Letters, where the FBI and probably any government security department can force anyone to reveal private information about someone else under threat of going to jail if they tell anyone what they've done.

Many security forces supposedly use cell phone 'roving bugs' software where they can listen to conversations within 90 feet (30 meters) of the device using the phones own microphone, even if it is switched off. Removing the battery apparently does not stop this invasion as the phone stores considerable power in its circuitry. Also the location of the phone is always known so even if it is disabled any phones nearby can be remotely activated in seconds to start listening if the location triangulation coordinates are similar. Cell phones can also be used as homing beacons for air attacks.

Probably many of those who knew they were being watched thought they liked it and willingly gave up their liberties in exchange for the security of the Police State.

Using newly fashioned propaganda Police America won the war against Free America by using the gullibility, greed and acquiescence of the American media to frighten the minds of the people against a really free America. By the beginning of the 21st century, Free America's only defense, a constitution over 200 years old, lay bloody and moribund on the steps of the Capitol building, overlooked by the silent statue of Armed Freedom. Beneath her Orwell's Socialist nightmare began materializing under the guise of national security.

On seeing the ugly face of fear, Americans dropped their liberty and ran.

The American Justice Industry is just not value for money simply because it costs too much and in the process of wasting money it also destroys many families. Though for the Justice Industry the advantage in making families dysfunction is that it is producing the conditions needed so it will have plenty of supplies of future prisoners and will be fully employed in catching them. But punishment as an industry has served its time and badly needs replacing by a 'more freedoms' economic model otherwise what is left of the US Constitution will probably collapse. It is already just a sieve of its former self and urgently requires major reconstruction.

Due to the War on Drugs America is probably less safe from terrorist attack because the security initiatives taken over the last 7 years could be hamstrung and made less effective by the fear of many people that these initiatives are now mainly used to pursue 'personal choice crimes'.

Those who would take up freedom in exchange for security could soon be racing down the on-ramp of the wide Serendipity Freeway.

It is false economics to think a real profit can be had from taking and keeping large amounts of prisoners. Already for some states it is fiscally necessary for them to sell or give away their prisoners to another state that can then use them as slave labor or house them cheaper than the arresting state. These good management moves are used by the smart politicians rather than them committing what they think is political suicide by actively reducing the amount of prisoners taken in the first place. Better to take more prisoners and sell them as slaves if they can, a balanced budget and tough on crime always looks good at election time.

Some day the imprisoning states will have to abandon these practices because imprisoning people and using them as slave labor stops them from being competitively productive and damages all those associate industries that are, especially the ones within their own borders. Only real competition makes for a real common wealth.

Because prisoners are sent hundreds of miles away from where they lived, for many it is not possible for their families to ever visit them. This is probably illegal because it goes against what the 8th Amendment says, "nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted". The dislocation effect on them is devastating and many now suffer from severe mental illness. Again another huge future social cost is incurred which will eventually be paid for by the deep pockets of the average taxpayer.

Not only is coerced prison slave labor uncompetitive it is also an inferior type of labor and the product produced therefore has to be of inferior quality. Possibly in the future, products made by prison slave labor could be affixed with a stamp denoting that fact. Consumers should have the right to know how a product was manufactured because that gives them an insight into its quality.

Can the Drug Wars be halted without major damage to the Global economy?
Possibly not unless the Democracy Wars against oil producing countries such as Iraq, Libya, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Iran and other dictatorships who's leaders have probably financially helped those responsible for 9/11, requires more soldiers and equipment than it needs drug war prisoners. As the continued occupation of Iraq shows, the forced democratization of these countries could be a window of opportunity to stop the War on Drugs and let the various Crusader governments concentrate on their home made War on Terror in these ever hostile lands.

Many young police tired of practicing on non-violent drug war dummies would probably rather be young soldiers fighting a 'real' enemy that fights back. But if the oil stops flowing or gets too expensive then the so called First World Economies could crash. If that happens most people won't be going to work so either way the pressure on the poor to keep many people employed is relieved. For a short while anyway.

History will probably show that the War on Drugs was the sole parent of the War on Terror and the War on Terror should lead to the War on Islam where neither side can win unless both sides embrace some form of true Capitalism Democracy as opposed to today's Socialism Democracy. Socialism Democracy is the type of government used throughout the western world and the one that brought you the world's most expensive tax payer funded programs, the War on Drugs and the War on Terror. German National Socialism Democracy brought you World Wars 1 and 2.

Socialism Democracy gives the majority of voter's absolute rule over the minority. This probably can only be effectively countered by the Primary Fundamental Right which would allow a 'User Pay's' Capitalism Democracy to come into existence, thereby greatly restricting the power of the Conformist majority over the Individualism leaning minority.

There can be no doubt that the American Government is financing terrorist groups around the world who rely on revenue earned from illegal drugs sales to support their efforts against the US. Without the War on Drugs many of these groups would be penniless and unable to attack American installations and personnel which in turn would lead to a much smaller US military. For a economy based on perpetual war both home and abroad that could be disastrous.

Just like the War on Drugs the War on Terror is profitable to many and not just to the armaments and body bag suppliers, so it probably won't be stopping soon. It's interesting that supposedly the CIA set up large heroin production and distribution sites in the '70's to help finance its covert activities in Soviet occupied Afghanistan, including training and supplying the Muhajadin fighters lead by Osama Bin Laden.

Everything is constantly in a state of contest from the opposite sexes to businesses to religions and to countries competing for exports and oil imports. The Christians and the Muslims have been warring even before the Crusades. The new crusaders now combating as the 'Coalition of the Willing' are mainly from the Anglo-Saxon USA, UK and Australia, all alcohol drinking Christian countries led by Socialist Drug Wars waging full time Christians, Bush (Obama), Blair(Cameron) and Howard(Abbott).

The main opposition in this conflict are the opiate and hashish and oil producing anti-alcohol devout Muslims from Iran, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia etc. who probably would have no hesitation in calling the War on Terror, which is possibly the opposite of their Jihad, a western Holy War. This war could be the longest religious/drugs war ever as it has been going on now for over 1300 years.

This war probably can't stop until both sides allow for the legal sale of anything and that can probably only happen within the framework of Capitalism Democracy and the User Pays system supported by the foundations of the Primary Fundamental Right. This system is probably the only one that could increase Individualism thereby reducing the amount of control exercised by the Conformism loving elites found within most large societies.

Does the Primary Fundamental Right really exist?
For over 200* people it does. And it exists for them because they signed the PFR petition and sent it to the US President. They bravely sent him their name and email address even though they knew the hidden police state would be watching them from then on. They did it because they wanted to inform the highest authority in America and supposedly the most powerful man in the world that they are aware of an innate human right which they now know as the Primary Fundamental Right. In the petition they request that he and his government cease enacting and pursuing laws and practices that infringe on this right.

For these American patriots and the other signatories from around the world, the Primary Fundamental Right affirms that what you do to your body is your business only, no one else's. Signing the petition for the Primary Fundamental Right is a renewed Declaration of Independence by the individual for themselves and for their country. The fact that many people would like to sign but are scared off by their government is possible proof that many governments are dangerous to the world's free thinkers, people otherwise known as Individuals.

But how does that work in principle?
All the signatories can do for now is to disagree with any law that hinders this right of self ownership of their own body. They firmly believe no one has the right to tell anybody else what they can put in or  remove from their own body. Hence the PFR motto; My Body. My Business.

Seeing as you own your own body can you sell yourself into slavery?
'Slaves' still own their own bodies even if they and their so called 'owners' think otherwise. Prostitutes, just like all workers for a wage, rent their bodies out, they don't actually sell them.

What about children, do children own their own bodies?
Yes they do. Once they start breathing outside the womb the children own their own bodies exactly the same as the adults. Parents are there to protect and nurture and teach responsibility until the time comes when the children are capable of making their own decisions.

So if a 12 year old decides to inject heroin and have consensual sex with a 25 year old, then that's okay?
Under the Primary Fundamental Right if the child makes that sort of decision then it is their right to use their body this way because they have exactly the same rights as the adults. A child's behavior is usually a reflection of their parent's behavior. Parents teach their children by example and everyone, including the government, must forever butt out on how they do it otherwise Individualism is threatened and Individualism is the only defense against Conformism.

If we legally restrict the freedoms of children for any reason, especially age, then nobody's freedom is safe because it takes away the basic responsibilities of all parents. Even after all the drug prohibition laws have been abolished everybody's freedom will always be at stake on this one. It is possible that because we have restricted the freedoms of children we have as a consequence inadvertently allowed our own adult freedoms to be systematically and surreptitiously taken from us. By allowing the existence of laws that let certain people legally enter a person's home uninvited and remove their children without the parents or the child's permission and then give them to someone else is probably one of the most damaging things that can be done to a child and to a free society.

Until the children are free to do anything that the adults can do then probably nobody's freedom is safe. 'To protect the children' is a phrase commonly used by those wishing to restrict adult freedoms and with their banners flying high these people continue to successfully remove the freedoms of everyone. These extremely influential and compassion fueled 'hypermaternals' are probably the greatest single danger to any free society, more dangerous than any terrorist attack because the terrorist's damage is obvious to all. They are the instigators of the 'Nanny State', the harbinger of the modern super repressive Socialist police state that will so easily emerge with the coming of the new technologies to create a nation of super Conformists.

To counter this situation parents must again learn to be responsible for their own parenting and not let governments do it for them. "Why doesn't the government do something about..." is an identifying catch phrase of the Conformist. Individualism is the main ingredient used when making a free society. Remove it if a dictatorship is required.

If everyone is under the same laws at what age could a child get a drivers or pilots license under the Primary Fundamental Right?
At whatever age they pass the examiners test, same as every body else.

What if the child kills someone, should the parents be co-defendants?
No. If a child is capable of killing or stealing it should be capable of being responsible for its actions and the penalty for a conviction should be the same as for an adult. This could result in more judicial discretion instead of the rubber stamp justice as exists now. Politicians world wide have damaged the basic foundation of good society when they took away the right of judges to judge fairly. They pander to the shock jocks and social commentators whom they forget are usually entertainers paid to entice people to hang around so they'll listen to their sponsors advertising. If it wasn't for the paying advertisements few of these commentators would exist.

From that statement it appears that the Primary Fundamental Right would abolish the juvenile crime laws and allow for any drug consumption at any age. Does that mean there should be no minimum age for anything?
Yes it does. It also means that everybody is entitled to a vote, including the children and the jail inmates. Because most parents are in control of their children this proposal could allow more voting power for those people doing the most important job in any society, having and raising the babies. Jail inmates are still citizens and should not be denied their right to political representation. Democracy should mean everyone has equal rights in deciding who governs them and for how long and voting is optional .

The two terms that the US President is constitutionally restricted to denies the people the right of freedom of choice when choosing their leader. Voters should be able to choose who they want including non citizens and ex-criminals and for as long as they want. In a free system they should be even be able to vote for a monarchical constitutional system of government or a theocracy because armed with their vote they could soon vote it away again, especially once the Internet becomes the main voice of the common people. Probably the only thing they can't vote away is their innate right to own their own bodies.

The democratic model in use today is more a proof of concept than a robust system. The fact that the Drug Wars exists at all proves that it isn't yet a system that works well and it probably won't until fewer religious lawyers and more successful business leaders put themselves and their teams up for election. The model constructed by the American 'founding fathers', themselves a group a successful business men who knew that politics and religion doesn't mix well, was a great first attempt. Unfortunately much of its original intent has been reinterpreted by various governments to suit their own requirements, some intent on promoting their Religionism into everyday politics in defiance of the intent of the US Constitution.

Probably using the original interpretations of the constitution the War on Drugs would not exist today. Back then 'slaves' could be owned by anyone but this practice is now restricted to US federal and state governments and private corrections companies. Also back then the majority of slaves had many more freedoms than today's slaves. They could have children and family, genetically many of them prospered.

Most of today's slaves will not see their genetic line continue and because of this and their probable high variant for Individualism, the national gene pool could be worse off in the long run, even though these prisoners only represent around 1.0% of the total American gene pool. American jails are Eugenics 'work in progress' and Eugenics is essentially the design of Conformists.

Under the Primary Fundamental Right would children have to go to school?
No. Because each child owns their own body they can decide whether or not to go to school. Truancy is a problem only for parents not schools, so truancy as such would cease to exist. At the moment many schools are 7 hour holding pens for children while their parents go to work. Many teachers in the state run education system see themselves as glorified baby sitters with no hope in sight for change. This conflict atmosphere is not conducive to good learning for the rest of the students keen to learn their lessons. Better the disruptive elements be free to make their own decisions and leave the classroom. The parents of these children need to take more responsibility for their education. Government schools often appear to be there more for the benefit of the teachers and the parents than for the students.

Today's students at age 21 are probably 3 to 5 years behind the education level of children taught in private schools in the early 1800's. Ideally parents should never let governments educate their children because governments are there to promote adherence to the government views which often are not in the best interest of the people, more for the benefit of the politicians and the elites. All dictatorships know that they must control the children's education if they are to remain in power and the tool they use is Conformism.

Supposedly all Iraqi school children frequently had to chant "I love Iraq, I love father Saddam". Similar indoctrination of school children by pledging love of one's country and the promotion of its leaders and their politics or a specific religion is widely practiced all over the world. Without it no soldier would feel the passion needed to defend their country or the neophyte to defend their religion, regardless of what it is they are actually defending. Conformism is further promoted by the wearing of school uniforms and attending single sex schools.

Most western countries have school programs telling the children and their teachers what are their government's and the United Nations views on illicit drug production, sales and use. It is probable common knowledge that the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC) is mainly controlled by American police agencies. Under this UN umbrella they have easy access to all other countries police and politicians, allowing them to facilitate the US government's 'drug free world', and consequently spreading the seeds for a nascent world wide police state.

An Australian Government survey in 2001 found that 90.4% of the population over the age of 14 had in their lifetime drank more than one glass of alcohol, 49.4% had smoked over 100 cigarettes while 1.6% had used heroin. In total over 37.7% of the population had used some form of illegal drugs with 33.1% using marijuana. The same interviewees were also asked which drugs did they think were a problem in society of which 7.8% said alcohol, 2.7% said tobacco and 50.1% said heroin while 23.7% thought it was marijuana. Alcohol and tobacco were estimated to be responsible for over 93% of all deaths and injuries in Australian hospitals in 1998. Governments dictate what is taught in schools and for drug information the UNODC helps out, but only with the disinformation.

Using the figures of illegal drug use in Australia in relation to the US population equates to everyone living in the states of California, New York and Florida being eligible under US federal drug laws for a long jail sentence.

For Capitalism Democracy to work it is important to let free market competition and parental design shape each individual child's education. In Socialism Democracy the government and the teacher's unions control education so there is no competition between schools or even between teachers. Consequently many teachers are often Socialists. This means that probably many students entering university have already been brain washed to be against the tenets of Capitalism and the pursuit of profit through open competition.

It appears most western universities are now hotbeds for Socialism and Political Correctness, so it is unlikely that any government funded school or university would teach the importance of civil disobedience to bad laws or the inherent perils of Conformism and the absolute necessity of Individualism for a free society.

In February 2006, Larry Summers the Dean of Harvard University, probably the worlds freest and richest university, was forced to resign due to the pressure from faculty minority groups armed with Political Correctness. Supposedly free speech has virtually gone from western teaching institutions where many academics are said to be scared to say or write what they think for fear of losing their funding. At about the same time in Austria, birth country of ultra Socialist Adolf Hitler, they jailed English historian David Irving for 3 years for saying the Jewish holocaust (Sho'ah) was a myth. It is probable that stupid laws like these that inhibit freedom of speech, regardless of how uninformed that speech is, actually help promote anti-Jewish sentiment while fear of the disciples of Political Correctness often keeps the dissenters quiet.

At the moment most governments teach the teachers what they think how and what should be taught, so governments must get out of educating teachers as well. Eventually governments should have nothing to do with education at all except possibly to collect and distribute the taxes used to pay for it.

Government controlled education probably always leads to Socialist 'Nanny States'. Until governments get out of deciding what should be taught in schools economic growth is limited to that particular Socialist economic model.

How would the parents be able to afford to educate their children without government schools?
The various US Socialist governments spend more than 700 billion dollars a year of its people's money on education. There are approximately 100 million Americans under the age of 21. That's roughly $7000 per child per year. Once all the government schools were closed this taxation money could be paid by the governments to the parents as regular payments of about $600 per child a month starting from the first month of the child's birth. This would give the parents about $30,000 before the child actually starts school and could be seen as a reward for having children in a society that needs a lot more than the current 2.08 births per fertile female. This payment could also substantially lower the amount of abortions being performed.

With this money parents should easily be able to afford to give their children a better and a very competitively priced education, at least as good as it was before the first government schools opened in 1855. And the teachers should enjoy teaching in a flourishing educational 'golden age' probably inside privatized government schools but without any government interference what-so-ever.

Parents given this school money should be under no legal obligation to use it for their child's education because in the long run it is probably their own money that the US governments have forcibly taken from them in the form of taxes.

Possibly many children will miss out on an education inside a conventional school. This could be very beneficial by promoting the emergence of alternative education delivery methods such as home schooling, Internet schooling or even something not yet thought of.

Without the truancy laws wouldn't the kids be running wild down the streets and out of control on drugs?
Drug taking would not be illegal but delinquent behavior still would be and they could be charged same as an adult and face that penalty regardless of their age. The idea of locking children up in a school for 7 hours a day has to change. Once the truancy laws are removed the Internet will probably become the main educational medium for many in conjunction with specialized private tutoring schools open 16 hours a day 7 days a week. These schools should cater to the needs of the Individual rather than for a grade class allowing teaching to the child's ability rather than their age. If they don't want to learn just yet then possibly many could get a job or just go to school part time. Education should be something anybody can do anytime of day.

Under the Primary Fundamental Right children can, if they want to, get a job at any age. For some children paid work is probably just what they need. In these cases child labor can benefit both the child and the employer especially where learning the practical is easier for them than learning the theory in a class room. For some menial type work the cost to an employer of training a child should be much lower than that of training a high school graduate.

How does the Primary Fundamental Right deal with pornography?

The Primary Fundamental Right makes no distinction about what you can put in or take out from your own body. What you do to your body is your business only. Again; only you own your body therefore only you can decide what you can see, hear, ingest, say, write or remove from that body. Under the Primary Fundamental Right all censorship is illegal including the prohibition against racial, religious, political, scientific, gender or sexual vilification. The right to vilify is a fundamental freedom and its loss a red alert indicator of approaching Totalitarianism. Defamation redress should still exist.

Does that mean its okay to watch child porn?
No it doesn't. Child porn is the exploitation of innocents. It would be hard to believe that the children involved are willing participants unless the whole thing was computer generated and no real children were involved. What it means is that it is not illegal to look at any pictures of anything. It would still be illegal to force anyone to have unwanted sex.

So anyone can download pictures of sex with children or a snuff movie to their computer and not get arrested?
Yes that's right. Just because pictures were taken of illegal acts does not mean it should be illegal to view them unless they are computer generated and copyright protected and require payment to view. At the moment only the police and the judiciary are allowed to look at child pornography without being punished which says a lot in itself. This situation allows anyone from a wife wanting sole custody to criminal police uploading child porn on someone's computer by using a Trojan virus email. Theoretically it should then be possible for the perpetrator to get the complete co-operation of that targeted individual by using threats of imprisonment and total social destruction. Nothing today is more damning for a man than being labeled a pedophile, as Julian Green in England found out after his computer was infected by such a virus.

It appears that only zero censorship laws as advocated by the Primary Fundamental Right can stop this practice from happening. As countries become more security conscious and police powers more intrusive, greater violations of basic human rights will definitely happen more often. A good computer firewall program should help prevent these activities though supposedly some reputable firewalls have already been made with back doors to enable certain police to enter at will.

It should be recognized that the police around the world probably hold more child pornography in their possession than all the other interested groups put together. As with drugs any commodity made illegal increases in value and tends to corrupt. If the objective is to stop the sexual abuse of children then by gradually releasing these huge amounts of pictures the police could keep the market in child porn flooded for years to come. No new pictures would need to be produced to keep up with demand so in theory fewer children should be abused. This action could also legally allow the computer generated child porn pictures to compete with the real ones therein hopefully reducing the long term level of such abuse. Pedophilia has always been there and it is never going to go away but the abuse of the children probably could be minimized.

It can be strongly argued that censorship laws designed to supposedly stop the sexual abuse of children actually help promote it. Once again this can be blamed on the hypermaternals and their love of censorship and their desire to punish all non-Conformists.

The sad thing is many pedophiles are children in adult bodies or normal adults who were themselves sexually exploited as children. Some time in the future pedophilia will be seen to be what it is, a probable medical problem that could possibly be helped, not a criminal one where communal revenge is really the prime objective.

Everyone seems to overlook the fact that probably over 98% of all criminal pedophiles are men. This means that it is a male related disturbance simply because it doesn't afflict women to the same degree. Therefore it could be seen as a testosterone induced condition. It's probable that 99% of all men sometimes find some children sexually attractive to some degree but 98.99% have better control over their testosterone induced inclinations. Statistically and biologically it is impossible for all men to have full control over their testosterone just as it is in having full control over anything biological.

When some men's primary sex drive is child oriented it is probably equally impossible for them not to commit an offence should the opportunity arrive. This could be similar to telling a normal heterosexual male not to try and make contact with attractive women. To punish that non aggressive male for his natural thoughts and actions is absurd. To punish the non aggressive pedophile could therefore also be inappropriate. Everything is relative when dealing with sexual pleasure.

The reality is that they are being punished for being the men on the far side of the bell curve. Statistically someone has to occupy that position. Had they been born women then they would have had a possible 98% less chance of committing the crime of pedophilia. Theirs is a biological handicap, probably no different from being born with a club foot. But to make matters worse they are constructed to enjoy their deviance. This implies that they could also serve another function within society. Possibly they are born to be the 'bogey man' predators so that parents would be fully protective towards their children and train them early to recognize possible danger.

Common sense dictates that defenseless persons should not be left alone with any male capable of spermiation unless he is their natural father.

To many people in western societies pedophiles are the last of the dangerous 'wild animals' left out there but in reality the most dangerous animal of all, the hypermaternal, roams freely, destroying whole families in its wake and not just the single members. Many hypermaternals move in Conformists packs and are often found working for child or animal or environmental protection agencies. They are usually Socialists and often females and they love the power that comes with the job when working for a Socialist government.

George Orwell in his book 1984 noted the penchant of women to be Conformist when describing Ingsoc's (English Socialism) enthusiasts "especially the young and pretty ones, who were the most bigoted adherents of the party, the swallowers of slogans, the amateur spies and nosers-out of unorthodoxy".

Future treatment for male pedophiles might be a sentence to have a stem cell sex conversion into a female for a specific period instead of going to jail, but only with their permission. If the desire for illegal sexual contact with children still remained it somehow doesn't seem so bad for a woman to be the perpetrator as it does for a male. Some boys might possibly enjoy that sort of sexual attention from a mature female. This also suggests that the pedophilic act of penetration is far worse than the pedophilic act of envelopment, probably because of the size of the respective organs involved.

The arrest and imprisonment of numerous female high school teachers for committing statutory rape with their young and usually male students is possible proof that many school boy wet dreams are not based in fantasy. With the increased divorce rate and a lower amount of available male partners probably more lonely women naturally look for attention from sexually mature males even if they are young, especially as there is less chance of virgins having any sexual disease.

Because of these arrests some women in the suburbs might now be under greater scrutiny from the mothers of young men, more so since many themselves could be looking at their son's male friends with something more than just motherly affection. Not forgetting probably many husbands find the babysitter attractive and enjoy driving her home. Again, under the Primary Fundamental Right there is no age limit for consensual sex. This is probably a pivotal requirement for a truly free society and possibly the one hardest to attain.

From 1999 the FBI ran a sting operation code named Operation Landslide where they controlled a paying child pornography site. All those men who paid to view the material using their credit card had their particulars logged. So far (2006) roughly 400,000 men around the world have had their names passed to the police in their own country as being potential pedophiles. Many thousands have been arrested, probably even some who's stolen credit card was used. Supposedly even spam emails were sent out inviting them to look at this web site and those whose curiosity got the better of them are now anxiously waiting for the knock on the door to have theirs and their families lives totally ripped apart. Many have already committed suicide from the total horror of it all.

The cost of this operation and the future consequences in dollars will probably be in the billions. For the few hard core child molesters arrested many curious men and their families and friends will suffer greatly, both financially and psychologically. Again, under the Primary Fundamental Right what you look at is your business only. This is another victory for the hypermaternals and other adherents of Conformism and Political Correctness.

Fear of association has stopped many influential people from questioning the methods of entrapment used by the police. Because of all the good media hype these operations have generated for the FBI many other police forces world wide are now copying this model. Unless some elites are close to being exposed probably nothing will be done to stop this juggernaut of despair.

The pedophilia hysteria that grips most western countries has the potential to be destructive at all levels of society simply because many people now see all men as possible pedophiles that should not be trusted, and they are right to be alert, though in reality predator pedophiles are probably very rare. Because of this hysterical fear the consequential loss of male school teachers is badly affecting the education level of boys.

Boys don't learn as well from women teachers as they do from men according to an Australian government report titled 'Boys: Getting it right'. Men generate most of any country's wealth. Lower the education of boys and it should result in a lower national income. By lowering the education level of boys it raises the education level of girls which in turn lowers the birth rate.

University education for girls has become a better contraceptive than television with supposedly almost 50% of female graduates never having children, though about 90% of that 50% had hoped they would some day, once their careers were settled. That means about half the girls obtaining a university education have been genetically dying since birth and all due to the process of natural selection which apparently doesn't want too many highly educated females.

If highly educated women wanted to keep their genetic line going they probably should harvest their eggs early and sell some and keep some for later when it is harder to get pregnant. In 2005 the going price for a clutch of about 1 dozen human eggs in the USA was around $4,000, paid to the young donor. The cost to a recipient was about $4,000 a fertile egg. Other sources report the cost of having your eggs frozen was about $4,000 a year. Li Xiaohong in China claims to have a 96% survival rate on defrosting which if true should dramatically drop the costs involved in IVF and human egg storage.

In the US there are many small surrogacy companies that will provide an egg, fertilize it if necessary and incubate it inside a surrogate mother. The cost is often outside the range of most people, usually somewhere over $100,000 per delivered baby depending on the company and the services they provide. It would be interesting to see what was the education level of the infertile recipients, the surrogate mothers and the egg donors. Also if the client does not provide the egg from themselves then they can never be the mother, just a guardian. If their partner provides the sperm to the donor egg then they are the father and probably the Primary Carer though that could also depend on the child's preference.

Some research with fruit flies supposedly found that females who gave birth for the first time at the end of their fecundity as did their offspring, after five generations doubled the life span of the progeny. This could be useful for deep space travel if this 'discovery' is a genetic axiom.

By the year 2020 in many western countries there might not be enough workers to care for all the old people, mainly women, many who chose a career other than marriage with children. Using today's economic models neither will there be enough workers paying sufficient tax to pay for old peoples health benefits and pensions unless governments allow for greater personal freedoms as advocated by the Primary Fundamental Right or import more highly fertile female economic refugees and their men folk. Already (2007) many old age Carers in nursing homes are migrants, and often illegal ones.

Where does the Primary Fundamental Right stand regarding the free down loading of copyright protected music by the peer to peer methods?
What you listen to is your business only. If what you are listening to is protected by copyright then payment has to be made to the owners of that copyright. It should not be illegal to download the copyright material, only to listen to it without paying.

In the sixties seventies and eighties many of the great male music makers used drugs to enhance their music. Many music festivals were orgies of heavy music with lots of drug consumption. Since the rise of the Drug Wars these types of celebrations of youth appear to have totally dropped off as has the love songs by males directed at the females. The all male bands that caused so many females to scream are now mostly gone, followed by a general decline in new music sales. Now most of the singers are girls of whom many seem to be lamenting to other girls how badly their love lives are going.

Over the last few years there has been a large amount of downloading of sixties seventies and eighties music followed by huge rise in CD sales from these periods, especially by nostalgic baby boomers and some interested younger people. It now appears to be a common practice to use these old songs as background music for the new movies. Many of these songs had a sense of freedom within them that appears often to be missing from modern songs. Consequently many people seem to be waiting and watching for a new sound to come onto the music scene.

Great music probably only happens in times of great freedom such as between the fifties and eighties so any really new music is unlikely to appear while the western world is preoccupied with the loss of freedoms from the War on Drugs and the War on Terror. Though Gwen Stafani's 'Love Angel, Music Baby' album goes a long way towards disproving that theory or conversely proving the theory that, 'before you can have a rule you must have an exception'.

Realistically what chance has the PFR got of ever becoming law?

In today's climate pretty good. Because the US debt is so large and needs urgent attention there could soon be much less money for the US government to spend and they will have to review all budgets. Apart from the US military the War on Drugs program is well known as probably the most expensive and financially wasteful and liberty damaging program that has ever existed. Possibly soon many government jobs will have to go and those involved with the military and the Drug Wars should be the first but these are very powerful people and will use all their skills to stay put.

In June 2005 over 500 economists lead by Noble Prize winner Milton Friedman called for a public debate to commence with the purpose of removing the prohibition of marijuana, which if followed would produce taxable income of at least $14 billion a year as estimated from an economics study conducted by Jeffrey Miron from Boston University. Friedman himself often said all drugs should be legalized.

For a quick simple solution to the Drug Wars, all the US Federal Government has to do is to accept the first part of the 13th Amendment which states that slavery is illegal thereby agreeing that everyone owns their own body. Therefore if they own that body then they are legally entitled to do what they want to that body, including putting any drugs into it. Consequently they cannot be convicted of any drug or personal preference crime. Following on from that it would be necessary to remove the second part of the 13th Amendment which says people can be made into slaves if they commit any crime. Either you always own your own body or you're an inactivated slave. Slavery must either be illegal or legal, it can't be both as stated in the 13th Amendment.

Contrary to popular belief the 13th Amendment never abolished slavery in America at all. It simply hid it behind criminal convictions so no one would care, except those it turned into slaves. As slavery is still legal in the USA it should theoretically be possible for anyone to purchase a convict slave from their owners, either the state or federal government or from any of the private corrections companies, assuming the price was right. It certainly could save tax payers a lot of money against the cost of just locking them up.

A fit 25 year old man with 10 years to go on his sentence before he became a free man again should easily sell for $100,000. The new owner would have to adhere to basic human rights except the keeping of a slave which is after all, protected by the 13th Amendment once a criminal conviction is obtained. And as the owner they could if they wanted give their slave a certain amount of freedom, as long as that freedom didn't pose a threat to anyone else. Otherwise they could accept the 9th Amendment which allows for the existence of rights such as the Primary Fundamental Right.

Alternatively they would accept the assertion made by Lord Coke in 1609 of 'common law rights' that are guaranteed by the Magna Carta of 1215, allowing for the banning of 'repugnant' laws. You would then need a referendum to find out how many citizens consider the 'War on Drugs' repugnant. Last but not least alcohol and tobacco tenuously appear to be illegal monopolies inhibiting the use of safer drugs and possibly hindering free trade.

Eventually everything changes anyway so these legal loop holes don't really matter because the American Supreme Court, like many Supreme Courts worldwide, is staffed with political appointees who usually answer to their masters. In all politically appointed justice systems, good legal arguments regarding personal liberties is almost a waste of time. Not to worry, the pendulum is getting closer to the top. Already the Brits are in the process of relaxing their drug laws similar to what some Australian states have already done. This peer pressure might have a liberalizing effect on the American voters which in turn could definitely have a greater liberalizing effect on the rest of the world.

This judicial impartiality problem could be countered if all the interested US lawyers having over 10 years of law practice were each given a lottery chance of being appointed to the Supreme Court, then serendipity could come into play with that appointment. A more representative number of eleven justices should always be the highest paid and probably the only tenured government employees.

What else has the Primary Fundamental Right to offer?

Once the social and economic costs of continuing the 'War on Drugs' is realized by the American people then a free market in all drugs would emerge and crime rates should plummet because there will be no drug or victimless 'crimes' to commit. Other associate crimes like burglary and muggings should also drop dramatically because all drugs should be readily available and hopefully reasonably priced. Consequently the streets could become safer and people should become friendlier and diseases like AIDS and Hepatitis might be better contained.

Many families could become functional again after the release from jail of their grand parents, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, or friends. Children farmed out to foster families after their parents were convicted of Primary Fundamental Right type crimes could be returned to their homes, if they and their parents wanted.

Insurance rates should fall because the Primary Fundamental Right gives the sole responsibility for themselves back to the individual. This would allow for the scrapping of the current public indemnity insurance laws and the probable dropping of the lawyer salivating trigger words such as 'negligence' and 'liability' from the statute books.

Compulsory insurance is probably the most active Communist practice in all supposed Capitalist societies. With compulsory insurance the majority are forced to pay for the minority simply because all western governments are now practicing Socialism, a practice that with ageing populations and low birth rates will probably soon collapse. And when it goes it will take with it all the government run compulsory insurance schemes such as Social Security, compulsory third party car insurance and the Medicare, Medicaid, and the State Children's Health Insurance Programs and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation which forces everyone who has a bank account to pay for the insurance of people who bank with risky banks. This government insurance company somehow manages to employ over 4500 people with money it takes from the private banks.

The foundation stones for Socialism always include compulsory national insurance schemes, collectively known as taxation. All insurance is actually a lottery with very few winners. All lotteries are usually a fool's way to try and make money. Only the lottery promoters and the insurance company investors and those close to the high taxing Socialist governments end up with the benefits. The majority of tax payers end up losing because most Socialist lottery schemes are not a 'User Pays' system and consequently very expensive to run.

All compulsory insurance removes individual responsibility and makes it a group responsibility. If entered into freely and run by market forces then any insurance becomes Consenting Socialism, otherwise known as group gambling. As in all group gambling from the stock market and horse racing to house insurance to slot machines, the majority always lose money. Most people probably have more chance of winning $25 million on a Powerball lottery than ever having their house burn down and collecting their 'winnings' from their insurance company.

With car injuries, insurance pays for the high medical cost of upkeep of the 'loser' winners but in reality it also probably causes this high cost because all increased insurance costs are always passed on to the remaining contributors. Just like the news media, insurance companies make their money by promoting people's fears, 'Look what happened to her, it could happen to YOU' type of advertising. Thus the first dictum of many news editors; 'If it bleeds it leads'. With insurance it probably should be; 'We will bleed you as we feed you more Fear', (morphia?), meaning insurance can, with the aid of the media, lull you into a false sense of security that might actually increase accidents.

Because of the high rates of litigation, indemnity insurance is for all intents and purposes a compulsory insurance. With compulsory insurance there will always be those who take advantage thereby forcing up the premiums payable until like all compulsory Socialism, it will eventually fall over simply because greed is a natural human trait that cannot be contained. And that's why Socialism can never work and why many trial lawyers, policemen and insurance brokers will probably have limited long term career prospects once the fiat US dollar loses its value.

Almost everywhere since the Donoghue vs. Stevenson tort case in England in 1932, people who have accidents can now be punished for having them. All that has to be done is to call an accident negligence. Again under the Primary Fundamental Right you are always solely responsible for whatever happens to your body or your property unless there was a deliberate act to harm either.

Everyone seems to have forgotten that an accident is an accident therefore it is blameless because it is an accident. Negligence just means you were not doing your job properly. Realistically nobody can do their job without sometimes making mistakes. All knowledge probably comes from making mistakes but this word is now used to allot unreasonable blame for the purpose of making money for the lawyers. If people consistently don't do their job properly market forces should soon put them out of business.

Lord Atkins decision in the Donoghue Vs. Stevenson case was based on the Christian teachings of "I am my brothers keeper" otherwise known as 'a duty of care'. The subsequent pandemonium inflicted on the health industry alone is ample proof that church and state should rarely if ever, be mixed. Indemnity insurance is a tax imposed on business by industries two biggest connivers , insurers and lawyers. It is the modern form of the age old 'protection racket' but without the obvious stone through the shop window to entice participation.

If an obstetrician kills or harms a baby during delivery then they could not be sued for negligence under the Primary Fundamental Right. They no more wanted to harm the child than the mother did, so there is no logic in asking that doctor to pay compensation for a personal grief that can never be made good by money changing hands.

Being born safely and getting to the food is probably the first act of self responsibility every newborn has to perform. Probably nothing proves this more than the climb of the embryonic kangaroo 'joey' from the birth canal and up and across its mother's hairy stomach to the teat inside her pouch.

Instead of one person, such as a doctor, insuring all their customers against accidents, the concerned patients should be able to purchase a short term insurance policy at reception before they go in for their treatment, but only if they want to. This is gambling that medical misfortune is probable and the customer will need to pay for any remedial work instead of any mistake being rectified for free. And because insurance pays so well, often with huge winnings,  it can also makes suing very attractive. Plus it's so easy to find a lawyer to help and share the booty. Again the losers are the majority of contributors who never litigate but are scared by high medical costs into participating. A high cost originally caused from the high cost of litigation.

The system that exists now where the doctor carries the insurance burden is comparable to having a 'stand over man' guarantee the work will always be done properly, a statistical impossibility. This threat to doctors causes more problems than it solves with many doctors leaving their profession because they are scared of losing their homes through litigation. This again forces up the price of medical attention resulting in fewer doctors and higher insurance premiums, which is then passed on to all the paying patients.

Under the Primary Fundamental Right and using market pressures doctors could be asked to exhibit their morbidity ratio to healthy outcomes, and patients could choose from those score cards which doctor they would prefer to visit. Obviously some doctors would screen out those patients most likely to die to make their ratio's look good but that should soon be obvious.

Don't forget, you choose your doctor, the doctor doesn't choose you. So again under the Primary Fundamental Right you are always responsible should anything go wrong, even if their displayed ratios are lies. The indemnity insurance system in use at the moment will eventually crash because it is reliant on the two most dangerous human emotions, compassion and revenge. We feel sorry for someone hurt in an accident and instinctively look for someone to blame.

For those who feel they need it, at some point it could be possible to buy personal indemnity insurance cover as easily as buying a train ticket. Daily, weekly or monthly contracts sold in shops or with gasoline could open up a whole new market for insurance companies. As an incentive a percentage of the money collected could be used to fund a weekly lottery for the policy holders. All insurance is the same as lottery gambling, the only difference being with insurance the loser gets the money. Unless of course they lied about their right to claim.

Under the Primary Fundamental Right all car insurance would be optional so you would only need to take it out if you are worried about other peoples driving ability, or if the money lenders insisted. There is a strong possibility that accidents and accident repair costs would probably drop if more drivers didn't have accident insurance. Even though all accidents are accidental, the total amount of accidents happening is probably increased by having good insurance cover. Since the introduction of large up front excess fees for accident repairs the amount of reported accidents has supposedly dropped thereby supporting the claim that accident rates are related to the amount of insurance cover issued.

Cigarette smoke litigation would stop under the Primary Fundamental Right. People who smoke made the decision to smoke knowing the likely unhealthy outcome. Again, if you think you smoke too much you could take out health insurance or save up your money to pay your future medical bills. Also the wearing of seat belts and helmets would not be compulsory. These laws, however beneficial they may sound are a corner stone in the loss of personal freedoms. As with smoking, people must be able to make their own decisions about their own safety. Since helmets were made compulsory for cyclists supposedly the amount of related head injuries has increased, possibly because the helmets are seen by some riders as an 'insurance' against injury.

Asbestos claims would also cease under the Primary Fundamental Right. There are $250 billion of them in the pipeline due for payment before 2030. This really is better than winning the lottery.

Nobody deliberately tried to give these litigants asbestosis or mesothelioma. As sad as it is, they chose the job that put them into contact with asbestos. Once again, for each of us it is our own responsibility to save our money or take out an insurance policy that allows us to claim money should anything like this happen to us. All asbestosis is caused accidentally. By 2002 asbestosis related claims had destroyed over 70 American companies.

The common practice in the USA of companies supplying medical insurance and pensions to their employees as part of their employment conditions has come back to bite them. Both General Motors and the Ford Motor Company are in dire straights because of their in-house Socialism, and both will probably disappear in their present form by 2009.

Trial lawyers supposedly take home over 2% of the US GDP which equals over $200 billion a year, roughly the same amount it costs to run the whole justice industry minus them. There are probably less than 50,000 trial lawyers in the USA so on these figures available their average annual pay would be about $4 million each, though many experienced trial lawyers probably earn ten times that amount while the new bloods struggle to get started.

The lawyers involved in the Dow Corning silicone implants heist supposedly gained over $2 billion each while bankrupting the manufacturers, even though the implants were later found to be safe. This possibly proves that trial lawyers and insurers live in a symbiotic relationship with politicians and the Fear Media because the money earned was never returned.

Apparently trial lawyers virtually control the US Senate because as a group they are supposedly the single largest contributors to senator’s re-election bank accounts. It appears they are splitting the spoils of their successful litigations with other senators, many of whom are ex-trial lawyers, thus ensuring the system stays profitable for both groups. This situation will last as long as the US government is run predominately by lawyers for lawyers and sound economics is ignored. Supposedly the first proposed 13th Amendment named the "Titles and Nobilities Act", would have banned lawyers from ever becoming politicians had it been enacted.

Lawyers today have probably evolved from the clerics of 1500 years ago. For many long years these cleric elites have interpreted and imposed the laws of the 'church' on the lay people. Obviously all laws are originally derived from the supreme power of God's laws which He conveniently passed down as Enlightenment to the leaders of every religion, from Moses to Saint Paul to Mohammad to Siddhartha etc. In Europe possibly by the 15th century, many of these clerics had became the quasi-priest scribes and literates who were, at a price, able to defend those accused of violating His sacred laws.

All criminal courts were and probably many still are, managed by the religious elites, as are all Sharia courts still controlled by their lawyer priests. Because the act of perjury was considered so insidious, possibly these clergy proto-lawyers would themselves swear on the Torah/Bible/Koran/Vedas for their defendant customers, and with their expert knowledge of the law bend the truth enough to sometimes get a dismissal, just as lawyers do today. Most likely the word lawyer derived from the word 'liar' probably because most of them are well versed in deception in order to earn their money.

Nothing has really changed, even then the professional 'liar's' probably earned well over 2% of their country's GDP, which they then shared with the cardinals ruling the clergy, now known as politicians.

Modern politicians are a motley collection of elites or elite's representatives made up from the ancient cabals now called political parties, and their leadership is always made up of lawyers. Everything is still controlled by these clerics and they still use the Laws of God and fear of His punishment to exercise their control over the general population. Therefore possibly all western governments are actually theocracies, virtually the same as the Mullahs government of Iran but without the fancy dress and long beards. Knowing that makes it easier to see what western politicians really are, clerics in business suits.

Possibly over 90% of all laws were enacted to protect the wealth of the elites as possession is supposedly nine tenths of the law. The drug laws are a further example, initially they were probably designed to jail people who couldn't afford their addiction without stealing. Now they seem to be there to give employment and enrichment to government workers and their suppliers, often businesses connected in some way to these modern day clerics, businesses often controlled by the elites. This largesse is at the expense of the whole community because all taxation reduces the amount of beneficial trading taking place, and probably only mutually beneficial trading creates a lasting peace between potential adversaries.

If the first proposed 13th Amendment, the "Titles and Nobilities Act" had been passed banning lawyers from becoming politicians then America could have been the first country ever to really have separated church and state, obviously making it a much freer country. Instead the 13th Amendment now in existence actually permits slavery. Probably not until the majority of voters discriminate and vote against anyone with a law degree or strong religious background, are things likely to change. Seeing as most politicians and those seeking election are usually lawyers makes the chance of that happening soon quite remote.

At the moment the USA only has two political parties capable of forming government. The Republicans have long been associated with Anglican and Evangelical churches and the elites of society, and the Democrats with the Roman Catholics and the black ministries and the blue collar working class. Religion against religion, white collar lawyer cleric against blue collar lawyer cleric, clerics always in control and both backed by the politically appointed tenured clerics, all watching from the bench of the US Supreme Court.

In all Socialism Democracies the lawyer/clerics are continually making new laws. This is why lawyers predominate in the political ranks. This is their life, they are good at making laws and to do that properly you need the training of a lawyer. For any society employing Capitalism Democracy and the Primary Fundamental Right there would be a rapid removal of the majority of laws and a switch into a User Pays system where everyone becomes responsible for themselves. After that was completed most modern lawyer skills should hopefully become redundant and what's left should be enough to protect the Primary Fundamental Right.

Probably one of the first laws to disappear after the legalizing of the Primary Fundamental Right and the ownership of your own body would be the laws granting the ownership of a patent. Almost nothing has hindered worldwide economic and technological growth more than reoccurring iron clad patents, nor made so many lawyers extremely prosperous at everyone else's expense. Plus the high cost of obtaining a patent deters many inventors from ever revealing their ideas.

The alternative to patents would need to be a system where any novel idea or discovery could be made public knowledge at a particular Internet site. There everyone could see it and test its priority and pass comment about it. This should generate a quicker review system with thousands of reviewers instead of the overloaded few hundred patent assessors that work for various governments now. A Wiki Quiki Patent Office. In this system all patents could possibly have a world coverage instead of being limited to particular countries. Any company that used that invention would need to pay the inventor around 10% of the net profit their idea generated.

This way competition probably comes into play immediately and only true competition, which incorporates consistent quality gains, increases the benefit to everyone. Also instead of just one producer it could allow for many producers, all of which could possibly make the 'idea owner' much richer, much quicker. Any breaches of this system would probably not be enforceable except through related industry group pressure, hopefully proving that government regulators are not needed while simultaneously keeping the inventors and their investors happy.

The closing date of the US Patent Office should become a two day public holiday celebrated through out the whole world simply because it could beneficially effect the wealth of everyone on the planet.

Every American president has started their term of office by breaking the rules of the US Constitution, (Article 2 section 1 clause 8), when they added the words "So help me God" at the end of their swearing in oath. This traditional practice appears to be in defiance of the intent of the 1st Amendment, as does the words "In God We Trust" found on US currency and the "one Nation under God" pronouncement in the allegiance to the flag. This is possibly an indication of an innate desire of many religious elite people, often lawyers, to live in a theocracy where everyone is similar and 'God fearing'.

All religions are basically gatherings of Conformists and are probably fundamentally opposed to Individualism. Throughout modern history there has been strong links between Religionism, Socialism, Fascism, Communism as all four practice Totalitarianism to varying degrees.

Communism is probably a Religionism where the government is the god of the Conformists. Many Fascism/Socialism/Theocrocism Democracy governments also appear to have divine attributes such as omnipresence and omnipotence and all seem to be run by lawyer-clerics controlling large police forces.

Atheism and Pantheism are apparently opposite ends of the Religionism scale with Atheism possibly more associated with Communism and the liberals while Fascism/Socialism Democracy seems more connected with the main line religions and the conservatives. Pantheism along with Agnosticism are not religions so would probably fit best with libertarians, while possibly pointing towards the Primary Fundamental Right which is the probable embodiment of Individualism and Capitalism Democracy.

Roaming religious Hisba police who today terrify ordinary Saudi Arabians and Malaysians and Northern Nigerians just as the Taliban terrorized the Afghani's, have been around a long time and always will be while everyone believes they have the authority of God's Law on their side. In earlier Christian societies the religious police burned 'witches', often single old women with property, and developed the infamous 'Inquisitions' that murdered thousands of 'sinners' all in the name of God.

The God Police probably were then and still are mindless thugs and psychotics who enjoy hurting people and without themselves ever getting into trouble simply because the general population blindly accepts they are doing 'God's Work'. Obviously God must have 'bad' people punished in the most cruel ways for their own benefit. Praise be to God. This practice in the US has now evolved into today's penal system and the politician cardinals are still orchestrating it and using the same type of religious thugs to stop people exercising what is their innate Primary Fundamental Right. If it were possible to see the hidden faces of the SWAT men you would probably see they enjoy being thugs.

In the US many highly religious people are found in the DEA, the FBI and the ATF etc. as well as the local police whose ranks are usually well stocked with devout Christians all ready to do God's punishment by following the orders of their enlightened leaders, the various US governments. These religious police are obliged to enforce laws designed to punish those that ignore God's anti drug laws, laws such as the Pure Food and Drugs Act which He passed down to them in 1906 and later followed by His monumental work, the Harrison Narcotic Act of 1914. Praise be to God.

Through the authority of the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC), these modern day clerics obviously look forward to one day successfully making everyone on Earth into compliant, Conformist, law abiding 'drug free' slaves, regardless of any ancient cultures. Thus are the benefits of rampant Socialism.

For the trial lawyers the best Godsend came from the UK, the Donoghue vs. Stevenson tort case of 1932, known as 'the snail in the ginger ale'. This case promoted the possibility that everybody can be sued for not looking after everybody else because under its interpretation of the laws of the God Jesus, nobody is responsible for themselves anymore. This wonderful discovery now helps keep US senators flush with campaign funds. It also points to the possibility that modern day Socialism Democracy is basically derived from dangerous, emotion charged, compassion laden Christian beliefs. A definite certain recipe for eventual economic disaster.

The adoption of the Primary Fundamental Right economic model by governments should result in a much reduced need for lawyers and this in turn should help produce more scientists, wives, children, male school teachers, artisans and very much less litigation. The loss of so many able people to the law profession is both an economic and cultural tragedy, especially the women.

As it would be legal to obtain any drugs without a prescription under the Primary Fundamental Right, Internet based medical expert systems, or web doctors, could soon be up and running. These could dramatically cut health costs by reducing the time lost in medical consultations and the consulting room dangers associated with close contact diseases such as Sars and possibly bird flu. Web doctors should also help improve the quality of the diagnosis and the increased competition should also result in a greater variety of cheaper medicines from which to choose.

Probably the most unsafe places to be in any pandemic are doctor's waiting rooms, buses, planes, trains and kindergartens. Also coming in contact with cats and dogs who eat dead birds and rodents would be dangerous. Any long term pandemic could also see many people working from home via a visual Internet. Possibly a rapid growth in online private classrooms will come about, using variations of the home schooling self education method. For centuries total isolation has often been used as a defense against pandemics.

The drug manufacturers should heartily welcome the disbanding of the costly Food and Drug Administration and the breaking of the doctor's monopoly on drug dispensing because it opens them up to bigger markets. Drug and tobacco companies should be able to advertise and sell their products anywhere, the same as other producers. The private testing of medical products could be done at a commercialized FDA for those who feel unsafe without it. Open competition and not regulation is probably the best safeguard against bad medicines as well as being the best way of generating sales and lowering prices.

The 300 year old drug company Merck & Co. is in danger of disappearing because a product of theirs called Vioxx, a Cox 2 inhibitor pain killer, has caused them to be assailed by the FDA for improper promotion. Up to 5% of it's user's on the highest dose rate experience heart problems compared to 2.5% of people on aspirin type drugs. Merck has recalled Vioxx and the trial lawyer sharks are already circling the floundering company citing the FDA letter as evidence of corporate irresponsibility. Merck probably has little chance of survival.

If people owned their own bodies then they could make their own decisions given the evidence available as to whether or not to continue with their treatment, and companies like Merck would survive and continue to serve. No drug is 100% safe so all the FDA has proved is the danger to everyone by the existence of this government department who's regulations make it extremely expensive to bring any new drug to the market place, an expense that probably has to be recouped for corporate survival though many large drug companies might see it as a way to keep out start-ups. Consequently the ones who will now gain the most benefit from Vioxx will again be the trial lawyers.

In 2004 trial lawyers using 'organized' hysterical women groups managed to get the FDA to postpone the reintroduction of silicone breast implants even though the FDA could find no research that showed they needed to be banned. Under the Primary Fundamental Right the customer can install any breast implant they want at any time. Once the FDA approves the lifting up of the ban then the trial lawyers incomes should sag noticeably.

Breaking the doctor's monopoly on health care and its entangled public indemnity insurance problems is probably the single most important economic decision for any western economy intent on lowering high health care costs. This should be easily done after the adoption of the Primary Fundamental Right economic model.

Trained nurses could probably take over much of the work of the general practitioners thereby creating greater competition between the highly trained doctors, especially those doing expensive surgical procedures. Because there would be no indemnity insurance worries minor surgery could be performed in the doctor’s surgery or even in the home of the patient as it was years ago, away from the dangerous and costly hospitals.

More menial nursing tasks such as injections could be performed by lesser trained nurse’s thus again reducing hospitals running costs. Some dentistry could also be performed by doctors allowing for more competition in the highly restrictive dental industry. Probably not until the doctors and the dentists guilds are broken up can their grip on health care and its associate high cost be lowered. Doctors and dentists in China hold no exalted place in society simply because there are so many of them and no guild monopolies exist to keep their numbers pegged and their incomes inflated.

Getting governments out of health care should greatly reduce costs and improve services. Except for the scrapping of Medicare and Medicaid probably the best situation would be for young people to abandon medical insurance en masse or get their employers to give them the cash instead of the health cover. This could have the biggest effect in forcing down health care costs and putting medical attention in reach of far more people. At the moment about 1 person in 6 in the US has no medical cover. This probably needs to be closer to 1 in 2 to break the doctors and dentists monopoly.

Medical insurance, both government and private, is probably the single biggest burden forced onto any society because it generally stops competition. Doctors and dentists through their guilds and their esteemed place in western society often control the amount of people allowed to become professional health carers, thereby assuring little or no competition between their members.

Many westerners are now going to India and Thailand for medical and dental procedures. In India a triple bypass heart operation can be performed for around US$10,000 by highly qualified surgeons in immaculate hospitals. The same operation in the USA would be around $150,000.

Thailand is noted for its excellent dental industry where it is possible to fly in for a week's holiday and have your teeth repaired at approximately one tenth of the US cost. This is probably the best option for people without medical insurance. It's much cheaper in the long run and you get to travel.

Once US companies see the economics of foreign health care they might send their employees abroad for major surgery rather than pay the high insurance premiums demanded at home, premiums that are constantly increasing. Eventually Indian insurance companies could offer their services to those US companies who provide health insurance for their employees. This will then force up the price of medical attention in India, leaving Indians with little chance of affording their own doctors. Again only by being responsible for your own medical costs can prices be kept down.

Under the Primary Fundamental Right anyone may legally participate as a guinea pig in any medical experiment. Apart from making money the idea being this might possibly help save supposedly endangered species such as the chimpanzee as well as making the trials more relevant to humans. People would also be allowed to sell or give away their own body parts. Scientists could legally conduct stem cell research unhindered by various ethics committees. Cloning, abortion, consensual sex and suicide would not be illegal for anyone including jail inmates and members of the armed forces.

Persons about to be executed by government officials would need to publicly give their consent for the completion of the ritual thereby turning the execution into an assisted suicide. The person agreeing to die at that time would need to complete the final life act in front of at least 1 independent witness otherwise their death could be deemed murder. This also holds true for all euthanasia participants. Under the Primary Fundamental Right they must be seen to be responsible for their own death even if they get help to complete it. Only Socrates killed Socrates.

Prisoners refusing to kill themselves could be held in solitary confinement until their death.

All invasive killings of humans without the expressed consent of the owner of the body being killed is usually murder unless it is self defense or accidental. In Socialist countries the government owns the bodies of all its citizens therefore these governments ultimately have the legal right to kill anyone within that country, two examples being the Tiananmen Square massacre in Beijing and the Branch Davidians massacre in Waco Texas. Both times the government used tanks to crush the rebels. The Israeli killing of Hamas leaders is probably self defense.

The deaths of 4,000 locals in Bhopal India caused by the explosion of Union Carbides chemical plant was an accident and under the Primary Fundamental Right no one is responsible. Accidents are always accidents and no one is to blame. Possibly those who were there when the accident happened not only lost their own lives but their nearby families were also killed.

Saddam Hussein should only have been tried for the murders he himself committed and not for the ones carried out on his orders. The generals of the American marines arrested for illegal deaths in Iraq have not been arrested nor should they because they didn't do the actual killings, even though the highly trained soldiers were probably just following their orders. Only the actual torturers in the CIA black sites have to stand trial not the one's who told them to torture.

This means under the Primary Fundamental Right anyone who pays someone to commit murder would not be brought to account by any government for that murder because they did not actually commit the crime themselves. Though the probability exists that any paid assassination would have an opposite and equal response from the family or friends of those killed, as supposedly did the assassinations of the South Vietnamese leaders Ngo Dinh Diem and his brother Ngo Dinh Nhu during the Kennedy brothers administration, later supposedly fictionalized in the book "The Tears of Autumn" by ex-CIA operative Charles McCarry. This inherent deterrent is the same as the MAD standoff effect now found to work so well with nuclear weapons.

On a smaller scale all armies are really a collection of trained killers. The deterrent in their use is usually the unknown strength of any opposite force. This probably also holds true for citizen gun ownership. Gun control removes that unknown strength and leaves the citizen exposed and vulnerable and reliant on government protection when often it is the government that is the real danger. This was well recognized by the framers of the US Constitution with personal protection and the right to bear arms secured early by the Second Amendment while at the same time giving teeth to the free speech guarantee of the First Amendment.

Under the Primary Fundamental Right all expensive government administered justice could go back to being self funded plain old revenge. Under this ages old system participants in the deliberate killing of someone would themselves have an excellent chance of being killed in return. An 'eye for an eye' such as in 'lex talionis', which is Latin for the 'law of retaliation' and supposedly used fairly successfully for a very long time. For modern day use it would need some modifications allowing for accidents.

Those families caught in a continuous feud which often turned into a generations old vendetta must end up removing their genetic variables from the main gene pool, the same as parents who kill their own children, either before or after birth.

In some states of the USA such as Florida where people can legally carry concealed guns violent crime is supposedly lower than those states that don't permit it.

Long ago the short sword was possibly the best protection against robbery and assassins. Supposedly many children in the past carried daggers. Under the Primary Fundamental Right anyone would be allowed to carry any weapon they wanted to protect themselves and their Caree's. This could be the best way to stop incidents such as the Columbine, Virginia Tech and the Port Arthur slaughters.

It would possibly be a good idea if everyone over the age of 8 was encouraged to learn how to fight both armed and unarmed. Knowledge of self defense is probably essential for the survival of Individualism. This thought should be vehemently opposed by Socialist governments.

In both Switzerland and Israel many houses have a government issued weapon and apparently without any major social problems. Possibly fear of its own citizens causes some governments to try to disarm them thereby probably proving that gun control governments are the enemy of their people.

Only Darshan Singh, the Singaporean executioner who has executed over 800 people, mainly young Chinese or Vietnamese drug couriers, gambling on making a large sum of money quickly, is responsible for their deaths. In one way it could be argued it's hardly good living to spend your life in a prison cell though possibly their loved ones would not agree. This could be another reason why euthanasia should be legal even in prisons, it's probably more humane than any long term incarceration. Interesting that the word euthanasia sounds like 'Youth in Asia'.

Again, under the Primary Fundamental Right these young couriers would not have been arrested in the first place because all 'drug mules' should be made redundant with the ending of the American led 'World War on Drugs'.

The use of prisons has been around since time immemorial but they were usually not meant for a long term stay unless the prisoner was of noble blood and kept locked up for the monarch's pleasure, often while awaiting a ransom to be paid. Most likely prisoners were there to be tortured for their 'crime' and were then set free once the punishment was over, unless the punishment was death. The advantages then were less cost on the 'public' purse and a quick sense of revenge by a 'victim', followed by the early release of the offender, many of whom possibly died from infected wounds soon after leaving the torture chamber. Many Muslim countries still use this quick method of punishment, especially street whippings, right hand amputation, and stoning to death.

People locked up for a long time away from their families tend to go mad and many are incapable of getting their lives back together after their release. This is possibly one of the reasons why recidivism is so high in the USA, they are too crazy to rejoin their families and just end up committing more crimes. Many prisons in the western world are now used mainly as insane asylums so any sane people locked in with them long enough will probably also be driven crazy. According to an Australian ABC radio broadcast in April 2006, supposedly over 90% of all New South Wales prisoners have had at least one 'psychotic episode' during their internment.

Seeing the USA apparently uses CIA controlled torture chambers throughout the world then possible the expertise they have developed could be offered to US convicts as a quick set option to enable them to get out of jail early. At least with modern day antibiotics their survival rate should be much better. The right of those being punished to stop the punishment at any time would have to be sacrosanct if this option were taken up. What you do to your body or have some one else do to your body is your business only under the Primary Fundamental Right.

Corporal punishment would not be offered in schools as an punishment option because all schools under the Primary Fundamental Right should be private businesses that could tell any offending client to leave the premises at any time. The whipping of children in schools in the past was probably done with their parents consent. Again under the Primary Fundamental Right parents do not own their children so they cannot give anyone permission to beat their children, including themselves. Unwanted corporal punishment is an assault and chargeable. Once found guilty the convicted person could then be offered the option of corporal punishment as well as any other forms of retribution on offer.

It can be easily argued that a long prison sentence is in itself a torture but if the objective is to remove the detainee from society then instead of imprisonment it might be better and cheaper to pay another state or country to accept them as a 'banished person' for a set term. There they could have the same freedoms of the locals except the freedom to leave. Also they would have the opportunity to start a new life away from their criminal environment plus their family could join them if they wanted, probably with all travel expenses paid for by the banishing government. Only big Socialist governments require lots of slave prisons to enforce their grip on their society. This is why they have the most prisoners.

The Primary Fundamental Right removes 'duty of care' as ordered by the negligence laws which means even babies are responsible for their own bodies and cannot legally demand any form of support from their parents. Looking beautiful or crying a lot certainly seems to overcome this legal necessity for guaranteeing everyone's freedom. Their good looks, especially if only seen by their mother, leans towards proving the hypothesis of the existence of an innate self responsibility.

The same rule of not legally having the right to demand support from anyone, also applies to all others, even handicapped, injured and geriatric people. Under the Primary Fundamental Right it is the decision of the Carer to provide care and is not their legal obligation, unless they are being paid to do so.

The Primary Fundamental Right recognizes that a fetus is part of the mother's body and she can have it aborted fully or partially at any time she wants because it's her body. Once a child is breathing naturally and unattached to a womb then from that point on they own their own body and cannot be sold. So any sale of a baby can only be for the actual caring of the living child.

Everyone is responsible for themselves under the Primary Fundamental Right but obviously that's not always possible so it's necessary for those unable to be their own Primary Carer to enlist the aid of someone who willingly can. Again it is the individuals responsibility to find their own Primary Carer or for an individual to assume the position of a Primary Carer as long as the Caree does not object and there is not already a Primary Carer for that person in care.

If a mother will not or cannot feed the child born to her then any private individual can with the mother’s permission take care of that child until the child wishes to leave that Carer. Mothers do not own their babies because under the Primary Fundamental Right no one can own anyone so if she wants the child back she has to ask the child (if it is able to understand the situation) and the child's Carer if allowed to make contact.

The care of a person unable to care for themselves may be given or sold to any person by the Caree or the Primary Carer, but the person who's Carer has changed must be able to leave their new Carer at any time they want, though they cannot expect assistance except unrestricted 'open doors'. With separated or divorced parents the Primary Carer parent of a child can, with the child's permission when possible, make all decisions regarding that child without the consent of the other parent or any judicial court.

Unpaid Primary Carer's can decide with impunity not to give nourishment to the person in their care and they are not obligated to find another Carer to care for that person. Carer's can assume to know what is best for their inarticulate Caree's including any medical procedures or lack there of. Once again, under the Primary Fundamental Right everyone is legally responsible for themselves.

The established Primary Carer of a brain dead or dead person may sell their Carees body parts under the Primary Fundamental Right and keep the money. A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine August 2003 concludes that there are not enough organ donors in the USA and the situation is getting worse for those waiting for an organ donation. At the moment only about 40% of the relatives of brain dead persons allow for free organ harvesting.

A US federal law in force since April 2004 gives $25 million a year to promote organ donation and to pay travel and other non medical expenses to donors and their families. This is a financial incentive. More lives could be saved if organs could be sold by their owner, or if dead or brain dead, by their Primary Carer. This is also a financial incentive and probably won't totally stop organs being donated but could help save a life. Supposedly Iran has no waiting list for kidney transplants since they allowed organ sales.

The sale of harvested organs from Chinese government executions could not happen under the Primary Fundamental Right without the person dying stipulating who should benefit from the sale. They would also have to agree to kill themselves or agree to have someone else kill them, all in front of an independent witness, so their execution becomes an assisted suicide and not murder.

Terri Schiavo is a brain damaged woman at the center of a political storm in Florida (March 2005) because her husband, her Primary Carer, has obtained a court order allowing for the removal of a feeding tube that keeps her alive. This order permits the hospital to stop feeding her so that she will soon die. Her parents want the food tube reinstated and have been seeking a court order to that effect.

The question is, 'How would the Primary Fundamental Right resolve this situation and do it without any government department including the judiciary being involved?

Because under the Primary Fundamental Right everyone is responsible for themselves then any inability of Terri Schiavo to feed herself means that if she was at home with her husband Michael then she would soon die from lack of food and water and he as her Primary Carer could not be blamed for her death. If she is in hospital and he is paying the bill then following his instructions the hospital has to stop feeding her and without the need of judicial permission. Alternatively he could have sold her Carer rights to virtually anyone including her parents.

At no point can the judiciary or the state be allowed to make decisions regarding the care of someone or they automatically assume the role of Primary Carer. It would be illegal under the Primary Fundamental Right for any government entity to be a Primary Carer. In Socialism Democracy government is a representative of everyone. Whenever any government funded agency or person assumes the position of Primary Carer for someone then that means everyone in that country becomes that person's Primary Carer. This is the difference between Socialism Democracy and Capitalism Democracy because under the Primary Fundamental Right everyone is responsible for themselves and only one person can be someone's Primary Carer.

Only the Primary Carer or the person being cared for can give or pay or sell off that position, and they cannot sell or give that position to any government funded agency or persons including government pensioners. A Primary Carer is under no obligation to return the person in their care to their previous Primary Carer unless they had both signed a contract agreeing to do so.

Regardless of any transaction or agreement between the previous Primary Carer and the new Primary Carer, under the Primary Fundamental Right the person being cared for always owns their own body and therefore can leave their Primary Carer whenever they want. Though again they cannot expect any assistance from their Primary Carer when leaving other than unrestricted 'open doors'.

Alternatively the Primary Carer can leave the person they are caring for without finding someone else to care for that person. No one can take over the job of being someone's Primary Carer without the expressed permission of the Primary Carer or the person being cared for. Again, under the Primary Fundamental Right everyone is responsible for themselves.

Parent's living together are alternating Primary Carer's and if they separate then the children can make the decision to live with either parent and the parent with whom they live becomes that child's Primary Carer. The other parent can only see their children if their Primary Carer allows them or if their children want to see them.

Unless they give it up breast feeding mothers are always the Primary Carer and the breast feeding itself should probably last no more than 4 years.

Anyone can change their Primary Carer at any time. Under the Primary Fundamental Right no court ruling or government laws can over ride the power of the Primary Carer in relation to their Caree.

Under the Primary Fundamental Right 'Primary Carer System' no one including government funded agencies have the right to remove anyone from the care of their Primary Carer without the Primary Carer's permission or that Caree's permission unless either or both are arrested for a crime.

Should the police remove a Primary Carer then the Caree must go with them. Alternatively the Primary Carer can nominate a new Primary Carer with the permission of the Caree otherwise the Caree must be left alone to fend for themselves. If the Caree is able then they can select someone else to be their Primary Carer at any time. This automatically removes their previous Primary Carer from that position. At no time can the police or government representatives put a Caree into the care of someone else.

On the return of their previous Primary Carer it is the Caree's decision to return to that original Carer. If a Caree is arrested then the Primary Carer must be allowed to go with their Caree, along with anyone else also in that Carer's care.

In case of unexpected events a Primary Carer could nominate someone who would be capable of becoming a Primary Carer at short notice with a signed agreement to return the Caree(s) to them on their return, assuming the Caree wants to be returned to their original Primary Carer. The definition of a Caree is someone unable to provide food and drink for themselves over a period so long that they would die without assistance.

Prisoners are not Caree's of their jailers but are being held against their will. Those who employ jailers are not responsible for any harm committed by the jailers on their prisoners. Only those that deliberately do injury are at fault, either prisoner or guard. It is the prisoner's responsibility to look after themselves, even in jail. Because the guards are not Primary Carer's they are not obliged to provide protection, food or drink or medical attention to any prisoner. Should a prisoner die from starvation while in a cell then the guards could be tried for murder but only if they deliberately stopped food or drink being delivered to a prisoner. The prisoner or their Primary Carer can pay anyone willing, including the guards, to supply any nourishment required by them, including drugs and prostitutes.

At some point many jails will probably have Internet microphone cameras installed in each cell allowing for free and unrestricted communication by the prisoners to the outside world. It's important for society that anyone can see and hear what goes on inside prisons at any time.

All prisoners should be allowed to keep cell phones, condoms, drugs, refrigerators, heaters, cooking utensils, food and Internet connected computers, all supplied at their own expense. Any 'work' they did in jails for the jail owners would need to be paid at local market rates. Prisoners would not pay rent for their cells but would have to pay for any amenities supplied such as running water, electricity and cooking facilities. Short term visitations by anyone should not incur a fee. Any medical attention needed outside of the cell would be at the sole discretion of the prison owners.

Because many prisoners would be unable to provide food and drink for themselves, they could ask anyone, except those directly paid by governments, to be their Primary Carer. That Primary Carer, along with anyone else in their care, would be entitled to live rent free with their Caree. This is how the Primary Fundamental Right would legally allow families to live with their imprisoned relatives and also for those visiting relatives to have the right to come and go as they please.

The extremely high rates of mental illness in prisoners caused by their incarceration could drop significantly if they were allowed to have their family stay with them. Home detention should be more widely used. This could also lower the cost of punishing prisoners.

'Precious Doe' was the name given to the headless body of an unknown three year old girl found in a park in Kansas City in 2001. Four years later her mother and her mother's husband were arrested for her murder. The child had been in the care of her Primary Carer, a non relative, since just after her birth. Almost four years later her real mother had returned and legally removed her from her Primary Carer against the little girl's and her Primary Carer's wishes. Because she missed her Primary Carer she cried a lot which angered Harrell Johnson the new husband and he beat her to death.

Under the Primary Fundamental Right no parent actually 'owns' their children, so her mother Michelle Johnson would have had no legal right to remove her daughter Erica Green from her Primary Carer Betty Brown, without their permission. It is the law as it stands now that destroyed the lives of these four people.

The CIA black sites go some way to prove that everyone has a breaking point given enough pressure.

The Primary Fundamental Right will not work in a Socialist government system simply because Socialism assumes the right of the state to own all its citizens. For example in a Socialist system the state can remove children from their parents and give them to someone else, which means the state must have ownership of those children to be able to do that. Therefore in the Socialist system if the children are owned by the state then so must be the adults because they can take the children away from them without their permission.

The Socialist state can also arrest someone and force them to work without paying market rates. That is slavery in its purest form. That is happening now in most jails in the USA and China as in all the other western countries. In the Socialist system governments can legally tell its citizens what they can or cannot do to their own bodies.

Socialism promotes compulsory insurance schemes such as 'free' medical aid and Social Security pensions all of which always end up costing most of the contributors more than the value they receive from such schemes. The Socialist system only works best with strong Conformism and Individualism is its greatest enemy. Eventually all Socialism collapses simply because it is not a 'User Pays' system. The 'User Pays' system is the only system that reduces costs and increases benefits to the majority and probably works forever.

All high taxing Socialist systems end up causing a massive drop in birth rates making it impossible for the Socialist programs to have sufficient funds to operate for everyone's benefit. Usually only those working close to government get most of the benefits of Socialism. This causes resentment and disquiet often forcing these governments to crack down on dissent which in turn leads further into Police State Totalitarianism. By December 2008 there could be a increased movement in the USA towards full on Fascism by the possible suspension of the US Constitution after the collapse of the US fiat dollar. Probably only by moving to an Unadulterated Gold Standard reinforced by the Primary Fundamental Right can this decline be reversed.

The three largest Socialist countries in the world also have the largest amount of police/soldiers per head of population. They are in descending order, the Peoples Republic of China, the Russian Republic, and North Korea where supposedly many concentration camps exist to supply slave labor to this full on Totalitarian state. Both ultra Socialist Venezula and Communist Cuba also have large amounts of police soldiers and illegal recreational drug use is severely punished. Apparently all these ultra Socialism states all have heavy alcohol consumption, a liquid pandemic that once it gets a foot hold is very hard to control as in Russia.

The television images of British police carrying machine guns and the necessity for CCTV everywhere in the UK is obviously the result of British Socialism heading down towards Totalitarianism. Because of the War on Drugs/Terror/Islam it is unlikely peace will return there in the near future. Fear is another inevitable result of Socialism and fear breeds compliance and Conformity. It's interesting that in military times more young men have very short Conformist haircuts while many fashions copy camouflage military fatigues. Cromwell revisited.

In this climate of fear police start dressing more like military men with military men looking even more unfriendly than usual. Police soldiers guard western airports like some third world country. Gone are the weary smiles of the 2nd World War warriors who were fighting the ravages of National Socialism, otherwise known as Nazism, armed with the knowledge the fight should soon be over.

Today there is no such knowledge, now everyone waits for the next terrorist attack in a major city. And all the while the new war is really the same old war, one religion fighting another, both defiant in their assumption they are fighting with God on their side. God pitted against God.

In 2004 roughly 150 million Chinese received a government retirement pension after reaching 60 years of age. Almost 100% of them had worked for the government. Already the money used to pay for those pensions is coming from other government workers saving up for their own retirement, the same problem of insufficient funds as in the western world. This pension fund is already running a US$12 billion a year deficit because of the 'One Child' population reduction policy.

Now each government worker needs to support at least 2 pensioners and probably the actual figure could be closer to 5 retirees as the life span of the average Chinese has gone up 20 years in the last 50 years and is still rising. Unless the age of retirement is abolished the Chinese government will have to support the pension schemes with even more deadweight tax money which will slow GDP growth, resulting in even less money to pay those pensioners.

In China not only is there no government pension for non government workers but over 95% of them don't receive any pensions at all. Most have traditionally relied on their children to support them in their old age but now with only one offspring looking after 2 parents, things look very bleak.

On the 10th November 2006 the China Daily reported that couples who were themselves from a one child family could since 2000 now have 2 children. Unfortunately the high cost of living in Fascist China has resulted in over 10% of couples never having any children at all. Duan Jianhua, deputy director of the Guangzhou Population and Family Planning Committee said "The policy aims to help reduce the pressure on younger members of society caused by ever-increasing ageing populations". However, according to Duan, there are only a meager number of couples in the city willing to have a second child due to the increased financial burden of doing so.

Under the Primary Fundamental Right only parents decide how many children they have, not the government. Possibly with the use of gene doping Chinese scientists could increase the working life of the average Chinese worker to 80+ years. The results of the 2008 Olympics could show how far down that track these scientists have already sprinted.

The development of safer alternative recreational drugs would be healthy competition for alcohol and nicotine. This would hopefully lower the horrendous damage caused by the over use of these two monopolistic drugs.

Dr Gro Harlem Brundtland the former head of WHO, believes tobacco related deaths will jump from the supposed 5 million a year in 2004 to 10 million by 2024. There's no reason why these two industries couldn't themselves be manufacturing and selling the alternatives. It wouldn't be surprising to find that they already had developed such products and were ready to market them.

It is almost a well kept secret that tobacco leaf produces the only crystalline form of F-1 protein which has better protein efficiency than that produced from soy, casein or corn. Cigarettes made from the left over tobacco fibers after the protein extraction have fewer toxins and carcinogens when lit. Because the Food and Drug Administration has no real control over cigarette sales but possibly could if tobacco was a food source, it is probably impossible to produce this protein bonanza and safer cigarettes until the FDA has either been disbanded or the current tobacco products are included in the US Drug Wars.

The disbanding of the FDA could significantly reduce the supposed 400,000 cigarette linked deaths a year in the US if the production of the F-1 protein meant greater production of 'reduced-risk' cigarettes. Even the passive smoke exhaled should be much cleaner. This is assuming there will be a market for such a product and that passive smoke is harmful even though there appears at the moment to be insufficient proof to support that possibility. One argument against the toxicity of passive smoke is that if it were true by now there should have been millions of children with lung cancer. To date there hasn't been any reports of such a pandemic.

In the production of beer, thiamine (vitamin B1), is removed to enhance the flavor. A lack of thiamine in the body is strongly linked to progressively heavy drinking and its dietary addition in the way of concentrated yeast extract is a home remedy treatment for alcoholism.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, now also called Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) is attributed to mothers drinking alcohol both before and after the birth if breast feeding. The damage to the fetal brain supposedly results in a person who is a liar, thief, very cunning and often quite charming. These are basic survival skills required to compensate for the lack of ability to perform ordinary tasks due to the alcohol damage to their brain. FASD victims are often not able to accept responsibility for any unsocial actions they cause or to feel remorse. Possibly many thugs are FASD affected people.

ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is possibly linked to the same cause as FASD and the National Institute of Mental Health suggests pregnant women should not use alcohol or tobacco to minimize the chances of having an ADHD child. A Canadian study in a Manitoba prison in 1999 found that over 50% of the inmates were FASD affected. Again the War on Drugs helps perpetuate crime and violence by restricting recreational drug usage to only the legal drugs, alcohol, tobacco and caffeine.

Because of their innate aggression and lack of fear supposedly some Australian football coaches look for signs of FASD when seeking new players. There is also a possibility that high amounts of FASD people fit the description of DSM-IV sociopaths/psychopaths, otherwise known as antisocial personality disorder (APD). The stringent off field behavior controls placed by many football clubs on their players is strangely exceptional for an employer but now completely understandable. Could be that many war hero's were APD's and much revered by all.

At some future point it could be necessary to test all police applicants and political candidates for symptoms of FASD, but hopefully not as a prerequisite to employment. Because of FASD affected police three separate DNA tests should be kept in three separate locations and automatically compared first in all DNA criminal investigations simply because police have more opportunity to commit and conceal a crime than other persons. In Russia probably most major crime is either committed by the police or with their knowledge and approval, as it is in many countries where thugs are actively recruited into the police ranks.

A private website named DEA Watch constructed for US Drug Enforcement Agency employees to vent their collective spleens noted on the 11th June 2005 the supposed breeding of a moth capable of eradicating the leaf from which cocaine is derived and suggested that it should be also possible to eradicate the poppy from which opium and subsequently heroin is produced. The contributor went on to lament the loss of income if both these drugs were eliminated because there would be fewer drug users to arrest. Another contributor on a more positive note foretold the huge amount of work they would enjoy if the government banned abortions. They could be arresting the many back street abortionists, their pregnant customers and helpers, while ensuring their large pay packets continue long into the future because "everyone screws".

There seems to be a movement by some cities towards a cigarette 'prohibition' approach. Smokers are gradually being isolated to smoke only in their cars and homes. Once that is accomplished total tobacco prohibition should be much easier to achieve. This action would overnight make 40 million American smokers Schedule 1 substance abusers and eligible for a jail sentence. Share holders in private jails, benefiting politicians, DEA agents and many lawyers must water at the mouth at that prospect.

As of October 2006 Omaha City Council Nebraska has banned all smoking in most public places. They also ask anyone who see's some one breaking this law to call 911 and ask for police emergency. As Omaha already has one of America's highest crime rates, arresting smokers should see it leap ahead and easily become Crime Capital, USA.

2005 saw all the Australian States governed by diehard Socialists, the Australian Labor Party. Each state has introduced Conformist laws banning smoking in certain areas. The Queensland government has made it illegal as of 2005 to smoke tobacco on surf patrolled beaches as well as in all restaurants, pubs or close to schools but amazingly not for any high betting gambler in a Queensland Casino. These smoking restrictions are a measurable indication of creeping Totalitarianism and show how easily people will give up freedom in exchange for Conformism if hysteria is involved.

From the 1st July 2007 all smoking in English and Welsh pubs, clubs and restaurants was banned by the UK Labour government except at the bar and restaurant inside the House of Commons, Westminster. The reason for the ban was to protect the health of non-smoking customers and staff. Even the employment of smokers as bar staff with facilities for only smoking customers failed to subdue the anti-smoking government sanctioned mass hysteria.

If any political party seeking election to government promised to allow smoking facilities for those who wanted it then their chances of winning should be much improved, unless the sense of freedom has been totally eradicated from the majority of the British general population by repetitive Socialist government propaganda.

A Zogby survey completed for the Drug Policy Alliance in July 2006 found that the majority of young American people between the ages of 18 and 29 (57%) were keen that smoking be made a punishable criminal offence. An obvious triumph for government controlled herd education.

Hysteria is defined as a neurosis or fear typically beginning during adolescence or early adulthood and occurring more commonly in women. Girls screaming at a 'rock' concert enter into hysteria and become overwhelmed by their herd instinct which calls for them all to move as one. The wild surging forward, the apparent crowd hypnosis and loss of reasoning capability, the supposed inability to make a lucid judgment, all are probable demonstrations of hysteria and associated with a possible collective desire to breed, coupled with a huge fear of not being chosen as a mate. Successful hunters returning with the kill possibly induced 'hysteria' in their tribes women then choose the ones they wanted, as possibly do victorious soldiers, e.g. the baby boomers of 1946. Hystera is the Greek name for an empty uterus. It is only called a womb when in baby production.

Possibly another form of Socialist government induced hysteria and political correctness through herd education is the panic caused by the disciples of catastrophic global warming who are forecasting large unnatural temperature increases and subsequent calamity unless the world production of carbon dioxide (CO2) is immediately curtailed.  This worldwide fear mongering is based on known increases in high temperatures of around 0.6 degrees Celsius, increases that hasn't changed for the last 60 years even though CO2 production has increased greatly during that period.

N. Scafetta of the Physics Department Duke University, N.C. and B. J. West of the US Army Research Office, N.C. made an amazing discovery which was published in the American Geophysical Union (AGU) journal in October 2006. They discovered that the Sun accounts for over 50% of global warming and has for over the last 100 years of kept records. This means any warming of the planet caused by CO2 is dwarfed by the Sun's illumination and pales into total insignificance.

This illuminating fact was possibly confirmed by young Australian researcher Jonathan Lowe in Melbourne who noticed that over the last 60 years there is no temperature increase at night, so CO2 can't be the cause of daytime global warming because the only thing that goes away at night is the Sun. Plus he found that the daytime rise only occurs at peak sunlight around 3pm and not throughout the whole day which it should do if CO2 was the cause.

Dr. Habibullo Abdussamatov, head of space research at St. Petersburg's Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory in Russia says that Mars surface temperature has increased by about 0.5c over the last 30 years, which is the same as the Earth's temperature increase and over the same period. As there are no CO2 problems on Mars he concludes that "the Mars data is evidence that the current global warming on Earth is being caused by changes in the Sun."

The New Scientist reported in January 2007 that Robert Ehrlich of George Mason University had developed a computer model that supposedly shows that oscillations in the Sun's core temperature last either 100,000 or 41,000 year cycles. These cycles are the known time scales of Earth's ice ages suggesting any temperature change on Earth is totally dependent on the Sun only and has nothing to do with CO2 emissions.

The environmentalist broadsheet Planet Ark reported on 16th October 2006 that "Zhang Wenjing, glacier expert at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, discounted previous forecasts that glaciers across western China could disappear in decades or the Himalayan glaciers could melt away 50 years, Xinhua news agency reported.' "Those predictions may be excessively pessimistic," he said. "So far glaciers in the middle and eastern part of the Himalayas have not shrunk on any large scale."

The world wide fear of global warming through excessive CO2 emissions has undoubtedly helped reduce the amount of pollutants pushed into the atmosphere and into landfills which then leach into waterways. But 2007 cooled down by about 0.6c according to the four major global temperature keepers, Hadley, GISS, UAH, and RSS. No Sunspot activity was reported during 2007 and the world has lost the warmth it gained over the last 60 odd years in just 1 year. Many climatologists believe we are entering a new Ice Age which should arrive around 2040. If CO2 does cause global warming then maybe we should be increasing its output instead of trying to curtail it.

In air polluting cities the soil excavated from new building foundations could be put on their flat roofs and used to grow vegetables or be otherwise grassed, with small trees added. This could possibly act as a form of heat sink close to the source of the pollutants. Eventually these green blocks could be linked, creating a meadow above the streets that could wind in an undulating spiral that encompassed a whole city while hopefully limiting the loss of sunshine to the ground. This could be done by mainly covering buildings relatively near to each other and coming down to ground level where there were none. For the city dweller a pleasant walk or bike ride in the country could be as close as your home's roof.

In Japan the common 'Ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament' known as rickets or 'bow legs' which is often seen in many older people apparently has more to do with genetics than lack of sunshine produced vitamin D. The rise of rickets in many western countries supposedly has a lot to do with the Socialist government's compulsory application of sunscreens for school children in the play ground. Lack of vitamin D is strongly linked to osteoporosis, diabetes, hypertension, strokes, heart disease, depression, muscle wasting, some gum diseases, breast and colon cancer and Alzheimer's disease etc. Supposedly in sunny Socialist Australia as many as 40% of the population are vitamin D deficient as is 70% in sunny Socialist USA.

In America the average life span of a smoker is now 72 years. A study by the Rand Corporation found smoking cigarettes should reduce a 20 year old person's life span by 4.3 years. The often cited 1993 scientific study supporting the dangers of passive cigarette smoke completed by the US EPA was dismissed by Federal Judge Osteen in 1998 because he found that "using standard methodology the EPA could not produce a significantly statistical association between second hand smoke and lung cancer". Apparently these government researchers made up their negative findings before the study started.

The results of a large study conducted by researchers at UCLA and reported in the Scientific American magazine on the 24th May 2006 found that marijuana smoke does not cause lung cancer. What is interesting here is that marijuana smoke supposedly contains more dangerous carcinogens than tobacco smoke. Why it doesn't cause cancer was not uncovered though Dr. Donald Tashkin the lead researcher speculated that "perhaps the THC chemical in marijuana smoke prompts ageing cells to die before becoming cancerous." This is apoptosis otherwise known as 'cell suicide'. Now the race should be on to see if marijuana smoke can cure lung cancer. This will upset the Conformists if it does. Cigarettes would have to be banned just to make sure no one would need to be treated for lung cancer with THC.

America was built on tobacco and its role is still pivotal for the running of the country. At the moment governments won't look at the huge social and economic costs of the War on Drugs and the obvious solution because not enough voters are interested in it and anyway it's a good crowd stirrer for the politicians. Probably most voters don't know that it probably costs each of them about US$1600 a year just to deny themselves and someone else the ownership of their own body.

It could be of great benefit to all if the tobacco companies became political and took it upon themselves to tell them. Lucrative new markets are in the offering just as their existing ones are getting smaller and they'd be able to offer healthier cigarettes as well as their current products, plus under the Primary Fundamental Right, no more Tobacco Wars.

The $368.5 billion Tobacco Wars persecution settlement being paid to the various American 'compact states' by the tobacco companies over 25 years would stop flowing. As a result of that alone cigarettes should be very much cheaper to buy and there would be no age restrictions on sales to children.

In December 2005 a team of lawyers from the Center for Science in the Public Interest, were preparing to stop the sale of sweetened drinks in American schools. On board will be some of the trial lawyers involved in the highly profitable Tobacco Wars. The action will commence in Boston Massachusetts, the home of American Socialism. They plan to take on Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and probably Cadbury Schweppes Americas in a Sweet Soda Wars that will possibly make many trial lawyers very much richer. It is reported that they intend to traipse from state to state with their traveling circus. Their cover story is that they want to help stop childhood obesity.

The main reason students drink so much Cola soft drink is probably due to the caffeine in each can. Most children are introduced to caffeine at a very early age, usually from chocolate and soft drinks. Most ice creams now have a chocolate covering. Many chocolate and soft drink manufacturers have supposedly increased the amount of caffeine in their product over the years and combined with fructose it probably creates a dependency, otherwise known as a craving.

Just like the adults most children are probably addicted to caffeine. The cycle appears to be caffeine, alcohol then tobacco. Under the Primary Fundamental Right no hypermaternal group disguised as caring lawyers would be able to stop children deciding what they wanted to drink and when. With the Primary Fundamental Right there would be no separation of laws by age group. As with cigarettes and drugs, alcohol would not be a prohibited substance for children to buy and consume. Where they get the money to pay for their purchases should be something only their parents might ponder.

It is the parent's privilege to control their own children but it is not their right to restrict the privileges of other parents. Individualism and subsequently everyone's freedom is always badly damaged by any legislated age restrictions. Whenever a person uses the defense of children in their rhetoric then usually they are bereft of a convincing argument so as a last resort they ring out the emotive or patriotic appeals. Possibly their real objective is to try and limit everyone else's personal freedoms. These are the typical antics of the hysteria prone hypermaternals.

If the soft drink manufacturers wanted to stop the upcoming Sweet Soda Wars then all they have to do is either give in and remove their drinks from schools or acknowledge fructose might be the main cause of obesity as suggested by Johnson et al at the University of Florida. Then they could offer their customers 'fructose free' drinks as well as the regular 'high fructose corn syrup' ones. Even better they could make their drinks with Xylitol (pronounced zylitol) which can also be made from corn, is equal to sucrose in sweetness and is 40% lower in calories plus supposedly good for oral hygiene.

The possibility exists that fruit and fruit juices and HFCS drinks, all with their high fructose content, might be more dangerous than cigarettes seeing as there are more grossly overweight people than there are smokers. The fact is more people die from Syndrome X maladies than do from lung cancer. Heart disease is the biggest killer in the US and is closely related to high blood pressure and metabolic problems not usually associated with smoking. A future health jingo might even say "a cigarette a day keeps the apple away."

Prior to 1937 hemp was one of the most versatile crops in America. Not only could it be used as a clothing material but its production tons per acre for paper pulp was better than that for trees. There are many reasons given why it had a prohibitive tax placed on it which stopped its profitable production including competition from oil based plastics producers to stopping black men giving it to white girls and then having sex with them. What ever it was the effect was to promote cotton production.

Cotton, unlike hemp, requires massive amounts of pesticides and herbicides in its production. In the late forties and fifties cotton farmers found the benefits of cheap DDT which they then used excessively. Mainly because of this over use DDT went on trial. In 1972 the EPA Administrative Law Judge Edmund Sweeney after a lengthy hearing stated that “DDT is not a carcinogenic hazard to man. ... The uses of DDT under the regulations involved here do not have a deleterious effect on freshwater fish, estuarine organisms, wild birds, or other wildlife. ... The evidence in this proceeding supports the conclusion that there is a present need for the essential uses of DDT.”

In what looks like a purely political strike the then EPA Chairman, William Ruckelshaus, a protoenvironmentalist, went against his own judges findings and banned DDT with very little evidence showing there was any danger to anything or anybody. Since then over 70 million people have died from malaria, mainly children and young mothers. Their deaths could possibly be attributed to a now discredited book 'Silent Spring' written by super hypermaternal Rachel Carson.

If hemp hadn't been 'banned' and if cotton production hadn't increased consequently and if Ruckelshaus hadn't done what he did, then the West Nile Virus probably would not be a problem today in 46 American, 6 Canadian and 5 Mexican states. Government by hysterics.

Mosquito vectored Dengue Fever and the Japanese encephalitis virus are now in the state of Queensland having entered Australia from the north (2004), probably blown in by the wind. They should appear in Sydney and Melbourne around 2007 probably being transported by trucks carrying fruit and vegetables. At the moment it appears only DDT can stop the spread of these diseases.

As of November 3rd 2006 new breeding populations of Dengue carrying mosquitos were found to have spread into the Northern Territory.

The US federal government supposedly pays over 50% of all medical bills in the USA mainly through the Department of Health and Human Services. This accounts for the spending of almost 1 in every 4 'federal dollars', otherwise known as taxes. Its new (2005) CEO Michael Leavitt is the ex-CEO of the EPA and probably got the job because of the success of a program he initiated as Governor of Utah called 'Healthprint' which saw increased government tax breaks for business medical insurance and lower health insurance cover for individuals, according to the watchdog Utah Health Alliance. This was not its designated intention but serendipitously it has helped wean many people off the health insurance racket so hopefully he can repeat that success at the DHHS because it is probably medical insurance that makes health cost in the USA so high.

If a lot fewer people had medical insurance then medical costs could plummet. If Michael Leavitt succeeds in increasing the number of people without medical insurance thereby making them responsible for their own bodies then the DHHS could be disbanded and tax payers should receive a 25% reduction in their tax bill and the return of about 1 in 4 'federal dollars' already taken. Disbanding the EPA the FDA and the DEA could result in the return of yet another 'federal dollar' effectively cutting all US federal taxes by about 50%. That could really boost the US economy like never before.

The Drug Wars can be linked to prostate cancer. Men who don't ejaculate regularly have a much increased chance of developing prostate cancer from the carcinogenic old sperm left in the channels of the prostate. Because there is no free market in the multitude of various chemical stimulants in the western world then there is no readily available safer alternative to alcohol. Consequently many men use alcohol as their preferred chemical stimulant.

Excessive alcohol intake is known to inhibit sperm discharge which in turn can produce the conditions needed for prostate cancer to begin. Cannabis use while drinking excessively often results in the spontaneous vomiting up of the alcohol. Possibly THC consumption gives a form of protection against alcohol dependency. Viagra doesn't promote actual ejaculation, just penile stiffness. In certain circumstances cannabis appears to help both the stiffness and ejaculation problems. Erection drugs often cause very high blood pressure sometimes resulting in strokes and death to the takers.

Francis L. Young, Administrative Law Judge for the DEA on September 6th 1988 found that marijuana was probably the world’s safest medicine. The courts final conclusion reads; "The evidence in this record clearly shows that marijuana has been accepted as capable of relieving the distress of great numbers of very ill people, and doing so with safety under medical supervision. It would be unreasonable, arbitrary and capricious for DEA to continue to stand between those sufferers and the benefits of this substance in light of the evidence in this record." But they did. Probably if they didn't half of them would be out of a well paid job.

Under the Primary Fundamental Right cannabis smokers and other drug users should be able to buy their 'highs' from any of their local stores. They could also buy 'use once only' disposable syringes already filled with a known quantity and quality of their drug of choice and without a doctors signed permission or any age restrictions.

Professor Roger Short of Melbourne Women's Hospital has apparently discovered the prophylactic properties of lemon juice in the fight against the AIDS pandemic. His research shows that about 2 milliliters of lemon juice placed on a small amount of cotton wool and inserted inside the vagina daily or prior to intercourse apparently stops the spread of the disease.

His efforts to get the method approved by the South African government has met a stone wall probably because President Mbeki doesn't think HIV causes AIDS and probably because lemon juice also stops women getting pregnant. The South African fertility rate is at 2.2, only just over the critical 2.15 of no increase or decrease in population size.

Possibly the AIDS disease could be better contained if the inserted lemon juice was used by prostitutes who don't want to get pregnant and if the vector penis was washed in lemon juice after any form of sexual intercourse. This might kill any HIV on the skin surface and possibly reduce transmission to the next partner. Again under the Primary Fundamental Right all consensual sex would be legal.

Many eminent scientists refute the idea that the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) causes AIDS. Some even doubt its existence because they say it has never actually been isolated. Other scientists believe that AIDS is a variety of diseases that have been around a long time, citing US evidence of over one million people HIV positive who never developed AIDS. They tend to believe the AIDS test just shows an exposure to various pathogens. Some apparently believe the possibility that the AIDS diseases are actually caused by the injecting of large amounts of toxic chemicals such as heroin and speed which could eventually cause the death of T cells, a prime indicator of AIDS.

Dr. Peter Duesberg, a cell biologist at the University of California, Berkeley and a recipient of the 'Outstanding Investigator Grant' from the National Institutes of Health lost his grant when he said he thought HIV did not cause AIDS. He also suggested that the main treatment for AIDS, AZT, was so poisonous that it was probably the cause of the AIDS type diseases in those that took it.

Kaposi's sarcoma is a common AIDS cancer found mainly in gay men. Dr. Duesberg believes it is caused from 'poppers' of nitrites inhaled to relax the anal sphincter muscle and heighten orgasm. He said that "the primary action of nitrites is cell intoxication. Nitrites reach into the bone marrow and interfere with the creation of new blood cells, including T­ cells. They kill enzymes, and they mutate DNA".

This hypothesis gives air to the possibility that AIDS doesn't really exist at all and is simply a general term to describe diseases either caused by self administered toxic chemicals or common diseases often associated with poverty that are called AIDS because the victim is supposedly HIV positive. He has also revived the idea that Aneuploidy (an•eu•ploi•dy) or the addition or loss of chromosomes causes cells to become cancerous and once again he has been refused a government research grant.

The apparent existence of a cabal like hierarchy that stops research into opposing ideas by refusing government grants to those researchers would never happen under the Primary Fundamental Right simply because there would be no departments such as the NIH to distribute government largesse. Dr. Duesberg managed to get funding from private sources. If he and many others are right then probably over $50 billion of tax payer's money has already been wasted on AIDS research and drug development to combat a harmless or even non-existent virus, and the bills still keep coming. In November 2006 a monthly course of anti-Aids tablets in the US supposedly costs about $3,000.

These grants keep a lot of researchers, pharmaceutical companies and government workers in clover. If he is also right about Aneuploidy then maybe even more money has been wasted on cancer research. Probably only if it is privately funded by benevolent individuals can any research be considered possibly honest. This also questions the amount of truth there is in the science carried out by government grant recipients. It is probably common knowledge that scientists seeking to promote the idea of human induced global warming find it much easier to get grants than those opposed to the hypothesis.

The possibility that injected recreational drugs actually cause the cell mutations that produce 'AIDS' is further reason to stop the War on Drugs. Until the war is over then probably no researcher is going to find what quality and quantity of a particular recreational drug is safe to use, should that state even exist. This also throws up the possibility that it is not in the US governments interest to let drug users know that it is the drugs themselves that are carcinogenic because probably less people would use intravenous drugs if they did. This in turn would stifle the highly lucrative world wide US$100+ billion a year War on Drugs and the $5 billion world wide Aids research grants not to mention the taxes most governments receive from the big pharmaceutical companies.

The total absence of HIV infections from mosquito bites probably goes a long way towards proving that the Human Immunodeficiency Virus cannot be passed on from tainted needles or from sexual intercourse or that it even exists.

Fear of contracting Aids has caused many casual sex couples including prostitutes to use condoms which again reduce the amount of babies being made. Possibly prior to the Aids scare it was not uncommon for many prostitutes to get pregnant. Probably many inter racial breedings and the consequential invigorated gene pool variations come from paid couplings.

The Drug Wars is a total failure if it is designed to stop people from using drugs. Its apparent main function now is to keep lots of people employed by the various governments which in turn probably soaks up excess federal dollars thereby supposedly keeping inflation in check. This soak up is possibly part of the reason why US government workers earn on average about 50% more money and work about 50% less than those in comparable jobs in private industry . This probably means that 1 private industry worker is equal to about 3 or even 4 government workers.

Unless alternative safe recreational drugs are allowed to be developed then the really dangerous drugs will probably never be replaced by their users. Possibly most intravenous drug users eventually die from their actions. Keeping the Drugs Wars going removes from the gene pool the non-Conformists drug users, often people of above average intelligence. This could be further proof that drug prohibition has turned into a Eugenics program and is now deliberately kept going, possibly to increase the amount of Conformists within US society.

Obesity can also be tenuously linked to the War on Drugs. Fear of 'criminals' is the main reason people vote for 'Tough on Crime' politicians and it is usually the news media that conveys this fear which in turn helps sell their product. People pay the most attention to things that scare them and this fear keeps the symbiotic relationship between the media and the politicians profitable for both.

This fear is usually delivered via television. Scared people vote for the politicians who will give them more police to keep them safe in their homes and in front of their TV's, and that's usually where they put on all the extra weight, eating and drinking the sweet things they see advertised. No pleasant night time walks for them, it's much too dangerous out there.

It's unlikely scared and depressed people seek attention so unconsciously they could be making themselves unattractive by becoming fat thus reducing the amount of attention they produce and also reducing the amount of time spent outside their homes. For example the sexual attack of a fat child or woman is probably quite rare simply because rapists probably don't find them attractive enough to produce an erection.

Professor Richard Johnson at the University of Florida announced in December 2005 that he and his team had found a new correlation between fructose sugar and obesity. In trials using rats they found that fructose caused the rats to continue eating even after they eaten enough. The researchers also managed to stop the rats from getting fat by interrupting the way their bodies processed this simple sugar and the uric acid it produces that apparently causes a reduction of nitric oxide in the blood vessels causing high blood pressure and from there Metabolic Syndrome, otherwise known as Insulin Resistance Syndrome, the precursor to diabetes. They did this by giving the rats fairly large doses of Allopurinol a 50 year old patent free medicine used to reduce uric acid levels, which in excess in humans is known to cause pre-eclampsia, gout, kidney stones, arthritis and now also obesity.

Over the last thirty odd years fructose consumption in the west has increased over 1000 fold with much of it going into soft drinks. This probably all came about because in 1982 in a vote buying move the Socialist US government restricted sugar imports thereby forcing up the price of cane sugar and making corn sugar a cheaper alternative. Because of the price both Coca Cola and Pepsi changed to high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) in November 1984. Now most processed foods world wide supposedly use HFCS. Human eating disorders have about tripled since then. This means that the possibility exists that the US government is responsible for the western world's obesity epidemic and that Socialism always interferes with the natural ecology of human development.

When finally the War on Drugs is over then 'crime' should fall  around 80% seeing as this is about the percentage the so called 'drug crimes' make up in the jail statistics of western societies. Possibly this could bring about a similar percentage reduction in the amount of over weight people if the two problems are linked by expensive Socialist governments. Once the fatties fear levels drop they should no longer feel the need to protect themselves by staying indoors and eating all those sweet things in front of their fear inducing TV. Especially all those foods made with large amounts of appetite stimulating HFCS.

It is interesting that after poor people who are usually women, those most likely to get overweight are people on higher incomes. These people are often the prime targets of muggers and burglars. Possibly many might suffer from Scelerophobia or 'Bad Men and Burglars Phobia' and so there is probably nothing they would like more than to see more young men in jail as young men commit the most crime. The problem is that the more young men in jail the less babies being born in wedlock and maybe the more poor young women eating HFCS sweet things to help reduce their loneliness.

It is easy to speculate that because of the welfare state many women don't need the father of their child to support them as the state does it for them and possibly even encourages them to try different men in the hope of finding their Prince Charming. This financial support in turn takes away the responsibility of the male to look after his 'family' which to succeed usually requires the female and the male to remain somewhat 'faithful' to each other. It's apparently fairly well known in police circles that unattached men commit the most crime.

The possibility exists that the crime rates of young men, the obesity epidemic, the subprime and other credit problems and the War on Drugs and the War on Terror are all the consequence of Socialist goverment policies which are made possible by the excessive supply of 'out of thin air' printed fiat money. Hard to get gold naturally limits the amount of money governments have to spend thereby limiting their interference in the machinations of the free market place and in peoples lives by making governments small and innocuous.

A European Union paper titled EU Platform on Diet, Physical Activity and Health published March 2005 found that of all the EU countries Holland had the smallest increase in overweight and obesity for children between 7 and 17 years. The Netherlands also seems to have the smallest Drug Wars police in the EU, simply because it allows the sale of 5 grams of marijuana in designated coffee shops throughout Holland and is lenient on other drug use.

England, who probably has the largest amount of Drug Wars police in the EU and the strongest links to the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and whose prisons are now overflowing with Drug War prisoners, also has the second largest increase in overweight and obese children in the 13-17 year old group of the EU nations. The English are beaten only by the kritharaki pasta loving people of Crete.

Since the publication of this EU paper the Brits have 'decriminalized' the use of marijuana. It would be interesting to see the same statistics in 2010 after 5 years of less drug wars policing.

The British media is world renowned for its sensationalism and fear content even before the London UnderGround train bombings. The War on Terror is the offspring of the War on Drugs and the British media hand feeds them both for without those fears British newspaper sales would be well down.

As of January 2006 there is a general scare campaign being conducted by the British press to try and force the UK government to reintroduce harsh drug laws for marijuana users. They have attempted to revitalized the often discredited myth that marijuana use causes mental illness, though it is probably widely accepted that it will highlight Schizophrenia if it's already there. Supposedly the UK government is starting to buckle under the pressure. In Fleet Street can probably be found the heavy hand print of the DEA on the backs of the more compliant publishers. Hand prints left while helping them compose their fear laden script.

Fear is the principle method of control used by probably all governments from time immemorial. Fear reduces resistance and concentrates regulation and adherence which produces Conformism and is probably used by all elites to some degree. Fear is profitable for its many users because it allows their powers to accumulate. Probably nothing is more powerful than the so called free press who often use unfounded fears to channel the opinions of its readers to the advantage of the media controlling elites. Fear production is power production.

Most wars probably started first in the published daily's with the stirring together of the basic war ingredients, patriotism, ignorance and fear. If you can scare people not only can you get their attention but as a bonus often their money while they seek fear reducing remedies, remedies often found at the same source. Apparently those most affected by all the various fears available are the young. Apparently most of the media machines that deliver these fears are driven by the same age group.

Supposedly most crime is committed by people between the age of 17 to 30 on people between the ages of 17 to 30. Substitute the word fear for the word crime in the last sentence and you can probably explain where the hysteria surrounding global warming comes from, namely media savvy fearful youngsters, youngsters not long out of government controlled education establishments.

Health fears are very profitable for the medical and pharmaceutical community. High cholesterol fears drive up the sale of statin drugs even though evidence points to these drugs themselves as possibly being a far greater health risk. One former US president apparently spends much of his time roaming the world for the big pharmaceuticals trying to scare the locals to get their governments to buy expensive anti-Aids drugs, drugs that have yet to stop anyone from dying from the disease.

The big selling Proton Pump Inhibitors that are used by millions to decrease the amount of acid in the stomach for heartburn (GERD) can supposedly mask stomach cancer. Many heartburn symptoms often disappear if the consumption of certain glutenous carbohydrates such as bread, pasta or pastry etc. is avoided, especially after 6pm. Taken as directed aspirin type drugs (NASAID's) are said to kill over 500 Americans per year. It can be argued that for many drugs when taken with water, the most benefit comes from the water.

It is because of Socialism that many countries health services are expensive and in poor condition. In the UK patients are not allowed to go to any doctor of their choice when ever they like. In Canada most patients will have to wait over 4 days to see a doctor. In Australia patients are kept waiting for years for minor surgery while many may never receive treatment and have to learn to live with whatever ails them. All these patients have usually pre-paid for their treatment with their taxes. The medical Socialism fraud in full practice. This deceit is possibly caused by the overly close contact between Socialist governments and the high tax paying big pharmaceuticals. Treatment is more profitable for both of them than any cure because it is a continual source of income and not a one off.

It is common in many countries for children to be refused admission to a government school or college unless they have been vaccinated against an ever increasing amount of ailments. Mandatory flu vaccinations are required for many health care workers and others if they want to keep their jobs. This overt control of people's bodies is a splendid example of how we are all really economic slaves. A free person decides what goes into their body, slaves have no such choice. The stupidity of this mandated practice is that if you are vaccinated then you don't need to worry whether other's are not unless the vaccine is useless as are most flu vaccines based on last years pathogens. Government's that make big money from big pharma's vaccination programs have no interest in this irony especially as the amount of disease prevented is probably not offset by the plethora of negative reactions, political included.

The US government has had since 1988 a 'National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program' which has paid out over $2.5 billion from a 75 cent levy attached to each vaccine sold but the victim must have been inoculated on 'American' soil. Might be a good idea for those outside of America to be vaccinated inside a US consulate office if possible.

In Japan the government has banned the giving of the anti-bird flu Tamiflu to school children aged between 10 and 19. A Kyodo News article in the Daily Yomiuri on the 27th April 2007 reported that 70 people (children?) have now died in Japan after taking Tamiflu capsules. World wide supposedly only 140 deaths (May 2007) have been recorded from the actual disease. Meanwhile there are growing doubts it will even be effective in any avian flu outbreak. Supposedly similar problems have appeared in South Korea and elsewhere but apparently these governments are keeping it quiet.

Once more, only under the Primary Fundamental Right does everyone have the right to refuse or accept inoculation.

Environment fundamentalists successfully use fear of doomsday climate change to gain power over governments even though the world temperature has only increased by 0.6c in the last 60 years. Media stirred fear of illegal drug users and terrorists allows for further subjugation of the people while the remedy offered is usually more Conformism and obedience to the fear mongers. Make people fearful and it is much easier to control them, wrote Prince Machiavelli over 500 years ago.

Alcohol is medically classified as a depressant and depression is often associated with fear. Many suicide victims supposedly often used alcohol before killing themselves and escaping from their fear filled lives. Many heavy drinkers with health, wealth and social problems cannot or won't see the connection with their drinking habits. Alcohol is probably the most deadly drug in society and is the one most widely used and abused. 

There is also much evidence linking alcohol consumption with various cancers, bipolar disease and other brain disorders. Bipolar symptoms often disappear once the consumption of alcohol ceases as any AA meeting group will undoubtedly attest. Alcohol is known to cause mood cycles and is probably the real cause of bipolar/manic depression in most suffers while being the staple earner for many psychiatrists and psychologists. The ending of the Drug Wars could be very bad for the mental health industry.

MDMA otherwise known as ecstasy is possibly the safest patent free social drug in the world and once the War on Drugs is over will probably be readily prescribed as an anti-depressant, mainly to counter the depressive effects of too much alcohol. Supposedly some bipolar people self medicate with ecstasy to help reduce the depth of their depression. In August 2005 Duke University Medical Center reported good results from treating Parkinson’s diseased mice with ecstasy.

The poppy Papaver somniferum produces the opium from which the world’s most effective pain killers are derived, heroin, morphine and codeine. Opium is probably the oldest medicine known to mankind. Supposedly the Sumerians over 4000 years ago called the poppy plant `hul gil`- plant of joy. Its beneficial medical properties are said to be good for both physical and mental ills. Possibly opium is the world's original panacea.

If the consumption of opium was made legal again in western countries, as it would if the US accepted the Primary Fundamental Right as a legal right, then possibly many major pharmaceutical companies would soon go out of business. This could hugely reduce the amount of tax collected by the various governments and consequently their size should decrease accordingly. Probably only by starving them of their fiat money can large governments be made smaller which is possibly just the same as starving tumors of glucose and causing them to shrink.

In the distant past the outcome of many battles was decided by the champions of the opposing sides. Rather than having everyone being killed especially if both sides were evenly matched, often the best fighter in each army fought it out alone, probably with the loser always dying. Even in peaceful times it became the practice to show off the strengths of these champions which also acted as a demonstration of any army's capabilities. Now these demonstrations became games with prizes to the winners and the winners were cheered as heroes. Today we call it the Olympics but in essence it is still a demonstration of the power of the armies competing and whoever gets the most medals probably has the best soldiers.

The USA has dominated the Olympics since the fall of the Soviets with China, Russia and the re-united Germany and Australia their closest rivals. Using medals won in relation to its population size indicates that in the 2004 Athens Olympics Australia has the world's best soldiers (not the strongest army) closely followed by New Zealand. It also indicates a probable military build-up in Japan which is possibly happening due to Japan's fears of an aggressive China and a nuclear North Korea.

Probably all these countries have sports people so determined to win that some secretly use performance enhancing drugs. Probably all these countries have known for a long time which of their athletes use these drugs but keep quiet unless they are caught. Probably all these countries use drugs to support the fighting capabilities of their armies.

It's common knowledge that US fighter pilots use amphetamine 'go-pills' to enable them to control their aircraft for long periods. Probably ground troops in most countries use drugs to overcome fatigue enabling them to stay awake for days. Performance enhancing drugs including steroids and human growth hormones have long been used by some troops and are considered by many enthusiasts to be important body building tools.

Some day when the War on Drugs in over or because all the athletes know it is impossible to detect their drugs then the Olympics will show the world the best ever performance of the competing champions and everyone will see who's really got the best soldiers. The 2008 Beijing Olympics will probably be the first gene doping Olympics awash with undetectable IGF-1 and PPAR-delta proteins that possibly can make almost anyone into a super athlete.

It is interesting that Australia (2003) is probably the world's largest producer of the supposedly undetectable artificial human growth hormone (hGH). All is fair in love and war and Olympics.

The October 2007 confessions of Marion Jones (winner of 5 medals at the 2000 Olympics) to the use of steroids did more to highlight the creeping fascism in the US than it did to bring up any sporting surprises. Under US Federal law (Title 18 U.S.C. Section 1001) apparently it is an offence to lie to anyone involved in any way with the US federal government. She lied to an FBI agent. Apparently most FBI agents are trained lawyers and seeing as today's lawyers are the clerics of yesteryear, it now seems that lying to a federal agent is possibly the same as lying to God. This heinous crime should probably now be known as 'mobile perjury'.

In 1999 the International Olympic Committee set up the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). WADA like its sister organization the DEA publishes a list of banned substances. Some of these substances such as heroin, cocaine and marijuana have nothing to do with enhancing athletic performance but still they are banned anyway. This has the effect of regulating someone's private life outside of their sporting life and also allows the DEA to become involved worldwide. Under the Primary Fundamental Right WADA along with the DEA would quickly disappear.

In a study conducted in 2001 by the Dutch 'Institute for Road Safety Research' the researchers found that people driving with a blood/alcohol level close to 0.05 were 5 times more likely to have a serious driving accident than no alcohol drivers. Those above 0.08 increased their risk by 15 times. People driving after using ecstasy, cocaine or opiates had a very small risk increase while those on marijuana had no risk increase of any statistical significance.

Robbe & O'Hanlon, 1993, in a study of marijuana and driving which was sponsored by the U.S. National Highway Safety Traffic Administration, concluded from their own research and available literature "that no clear relationship has ever been demonstrated between marijuana smoking and either seriously impaired driving performance or the risk of accident involvement." But the real problem is that apparently about 80% of marijuana users also use some alcohol at the same time. It's then the accidents happen.

In 2006 Australia, random road side saliva testing is used by the state of Victoria and New South Wales to prosecute people for using amphetamines and for marijuana use within ten days prior to the detection. This could cause more people to switch to alcohol with a possible increase in road fatalities which should be obvious by the end of 2008, unless drivers don't worry about the tests and continue to use their illegal drugs. At the moment people eating bread rolls covered in poppy seeds also test positive for opiates using this method of drug detection.

On March 10th 2008 the new Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announced a $50 million program to combat "the worsening epidemic of binge drinking" in young people which police say is on the increase.

It is noticeable that the USA has not introduced road side saliva drug testing probably because they realize it is not fully tested and it could increase road deaths. Once it was introduced it would be hard to disband especially if the DEA started arresting those found positive. Eventually random saliva tests of pedestrians will probably be implemented in all Socialist countries as they speed up towards Totalitarianism. Eradication of Individualism is a priority step carried out by increasing Socialism and drug use is probably more common with non-Conformists.

Almost 18,000 people died in the US in 2002 in alcohol related vehicle accidents. It is possible that if it wasn't for the War on Drugs this figure could be very much lower. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that alcohol-related crashes in 2000 were associated with more than $51 billion in total costs. The actual social cost of these deaths is immeasurable because families never really recover from the unexpected loss of a loved one. Supposedly vehicle accidents are the biggest killer of people under the age of 35.

Once the Drugs Wars is over it is possible to assume long distance driving should be much safer for both truck and passenger car drivers because they too could use the same amphetamine 'go-pills' so successfully used by fighter pilots to combat 'micro sleep'.

WHO reported that in Europe in 1999 over 55,000 young people between 15 and 29 died as a result of alcohol consumption, and many were in car crashes. None died from cigarette smoke. Approximately 7,000 Europeans of all ages died accidentally from illegal drug use in the same year, probably mainly from the unknown quality and quantity of the drug used. Both figures should drop dramatically under the Primary Fundamental Right when designer recreational drugs could be produced by reputable chemical companies with excellent quality control and explicit instructions regarding dosage and users weight.

Because the Primary Fundamental Right forbids all forms of censorship, 'spamming' or the sending of unwanted communication by email, letter, phone or any other method regardless whether it is commercial, private, in bulk or in single form, would continue freely. Under the Primary Fundamental Right the onus is on the individual to do their own censoring for themselves at their computer or at their phone or letterbox. There can be no governmental censorship. All forms of communication has to be free from the interference of government and self appointed adjudicators.

Obviously spam would not exist if it was not profitable, many people like their spam just as many people like the telemarketers or the letterbox junk mail. If they didn't enjoy these communications then these marketeers would have gone out of business long ago. It must not be forgotten that any attempt to stop spam through legislation is also an attempt to inhibit free trade. Those who want censorship must do their own censoring for themselves and not expect governments or their ISP's to do it for them.

Spam is a variant of speech and to ban it would be a further attack on free speech and possibly also an attack on the 1st Amendment. Spam hysteria like all hysteria is produced when reason is ignored. Because of this hysteria the Liberal/National Party coalition government of Australia, helped by the main opposition the Australian Labor Party, in 2003 passed laws allowing for the search of houses and confiscation of goods or computers thought to be owned by 'spammers'.

It appears no search warrant is necessary nor do the police have to be involved and probably nor do the 'spammers' really have to be 'spammers'. Under this bill known as the 'Spam Bill 2003' anyone not able to recall their password for these spam cops can be jailed for 6 months. Australia is already one of the most censored of the first world countries.

As of 6th January 2006 with the enactment of the 'Criminal Code Amendment (Suicide Related Material Offences) Act 2005', it is now an offence to promote euthanasia or suicide in any electronic medium within Australia or to even try and access such material from within that country. This is yet another victory for those hysterical hypermaternals and the religious lawyer politicians. Obviously Australia has no 1st Amendment type legislation guaranteeing freedom of speech.

Under the Primary Fundamental Right all roads would be privately owned toll roads. The owners could advise their client drivers the speed limits for each different lane and because anyone who used these highways would be responsible for themselves, then the fast lanes need not have any speed limit at all. Possibly by 2025 all cars will be manufactured with an auto driver that will be controlled by signals built into the highway system allowing for the reconfiguration or even abolition of such things as traffic lights, stop signs and speed limits on main routes. Again under the Primary Fundamental Right all accidents are accidents and no one is to blame.

The compulsory construction of wheelchair ramps into commercial buildings would also stop as would the compulsory allotment of handicap car parking spaces or handicap toilets. We are all responsible for ourselves under the Primary Fundamental Right and we cannot expect others to make allowances for our disability unless they want to provide that service. Approximately 1 person in every 600 uses a wheelchair. As women often have to queue to use a public toilet possibly all handicap toilets could be made available to them also as could handicap parking spaces for families with young children.

The 'Institution of Marriage' is a personal commitment between consenting partners only and the Primary Fundamental Right does not recognize any restrictions relating to the sex of the partners, age of partners or amount of partners. Divorcing a partner or partners should be a simple proceeding initiated by either partner at any time unless a contract is signed by the parties involved that stipulates otherwise. No government agency need be involved at any time for any reason.

Under the Primary Fundamental Right it would not be necessary to inform governments when a death occurred or where or how the body was disposed. Professor Roger Short of Melbourne University and lemon juice fame suggests corpses be buried upright next to a tree to directly supply nutrient to these CO2 absorbers. Cremation supposedly produces roughly 50 kilograms of CO2 which also supplies trees with nutrient but in a more circular way. The corpse in a copse will over time produce over 150 kilos of CO2 as well as methane gas but over a much longer period according to other researchers. By having bodies and other organic waste 'buried' at sea, fish stocks could be improved while possibly reducing atmospheric pollution.

The 2004 Asian Tsunami that killed almost a quarter of a million people supposedly as a by product also increased the fish stocks off the coast of those countries most devastated. First by supplying nutrient to the sea water, second by destroying the local fishing industries and third by the reluctance of people to eat fish that they thought had be feeding off human remains.

One of the main engines that drives the development of new technology for the Internet as it did for the early printing press and the box camera and later the video camera and the VCR, was and still is, 'dirty pictures'. The software used for porno sites and porn promotion is always at the cutting edge, probably proof that the male sex drive is the most important source of much of the home computers technical development, as it is with most other developments. Now (December 2006) cell phones activities could soon become quicker and cheaper simply because porn downloads are now supposedly becoming popular in that medium.

The American Justice Departments crusade against Internet and cable TV 'pornography' led by their religious lawyers, is taking on some of the world's cleverest IT people who are fully fueled in both money and testosterone, probably the most potent mixture available.

These government adjudicators of public morality should realize that all pornography promotes the making of babies and that North America, Europe, Japan, South Korea, China, Australia etc. desperately need more female babies if their gene pools are to survive the next 200 years. It's very noticeable that in all the major technologically advanced Socialist countries where the women have access to good education and compete with the men for the better paying jobs are the countries whose populations are quickly disappearing. At some point fertile women might be offered money by their panic prone governments to take drugs that promote the conception of twins or even triplets. Aldous Huxley's Brave New World with its baby hatcheries no longer looks so remote.

In August 2007 the Australian federal government offered the public a free porn filter for which it paid US$75 million to its American developers. It took 16 year old Melbourne school boy Tom Wood 30 minutes to crack the code and put the results up on the World Wide Web. What Tom proved was not that it was just a waste of money but that Socialist governments waste tax payer’s money.

In a report published in the Journal of Reproductive Medicine May 2006, Dr. Gary Steinman thinks he has found that in the US a growth hormone given to cattle may increase by over 30% the chances of a beef eating woman having twins. According to his figures even just drinking a glass of milk a day raises that possibility by over 10%. In the UK where the insulin like growth hormone is banned the chances of having twins is still increased by over 15% for female meat lovers.

The compulsory addition of fluoride in tap water would stop under the Primary Fundamental Right. Regardless of the evidence for or against fluoridation it must be the individuals decision whether or not to have it added to their drinking water. No one has the right to try and make anyone consume anything. If people want fluoridated water then they must add it themselves. There is some evidence from Harvard University of a cover up of research purporting to show that bone cancer in young men is probably the result of consuming fluoride from tap water and toothpaste.

Government employees would probably be reduced by over 95% if the Primary Fundamental Right was adopted and a smaller government could be a much cheaper government requiring much less taxation. Any country that uses the Primary Fundamental Right would be setting up an economic model that should easily out perform economies using variations of the ageing 'Prisons for Profit' model, especially if it were combined with a flat rate tax system like the one developed by scholars at the Hoover Institution and now being used very successfully by the Russian Government.

As of the 12th May 2004 the Russian Government has decriminalized the possession of small quantities of all previously illegal drugs. These reforms along with their new tax laws appear to make the Putin Government look like the most economically and socially progressive in the northern hemisphere. Unfortunately the breaking up of the oil giant Yukos and the jailing of its owner Mikhail Khodorkovsky and the interference in the Ukraine elections and the murder of over 14 anti-Putin journalists plus the lack of political dissent within Russia probably proves otherwise. Under the Primary Fundamental Right only the murderer of Anna Politkovskaya could be charged with her death.

This bold step of decriminalizing drug use must enhance their economic stability along with the savings that could be made by setting free many hundreds of thousands of drug convicts, aka money earning, tax paying consumers, and not convicting any new ones. It will be interesting to see if the Russian road deaths toll decreases significantly as a result of these far reaching drug reforms effecting a lowering of their rampant alcohol consumption.

What is also interesting here is how President Putin ignored the pressure from the American Drug War machine. These people won't give up easily, for them there is too much at stake. If these reforms are obviously successful then some EU countries should soon follow his lead if nothing more than to try and break the hold the American Government has on their own social policies. It would be ironic to the extreme if the American people managed to gain their 'personal choice' freedoms from the efforts of the Soviet KGB trained Russian leader and the probable architect of these reforms, Andrei Illarionov, a free market economist who has in supposed disgust at the approaching return of Communism, quit working for Putin.

It is also interesting how little coverage the western press has given to this monumental change in a major powers social policies. It is reported in August 2005 that the Russian government is apparently buying up all the private producers of vodka so they can control the amount produced and sold. This creeping prohibition could soon bring back the dangerous home made vodka.

Russia probably under reports the amount of prisons and prisoners there are in the country. It is common knowledge that the Russian people are more scared of the police than they are of criminals, even Putin made that observation. Police corruption and alcohol abuse is so bad in Russia that the authorities probably had to decide to either limit the supply of vodka or let the population try alternatives, as the drinking situation continues to worsen. Now it appears they are trying both. If they hold on to their decision to decriminalize small amounts of drugs then this could be an example of market forces creating a turning point that freefalls towards Capitalism Democracy, but this is unlikely to happen now with the approaching Communism already on the horizon.

It appears since October 2007 President Putin has reverted to calling some associates by  the old Soviet title of 'Comrade'. The Kremlin website records the Russian President calling a Major Polunin, "Comrade Major".

One of the great problems facing any country that stops its War on Drugs is how to reduce the amount of police it employs. Some of these men are very powerful, armed and dangerous and totally committed to keeping their positions of power within the community. Unless their organizations are phased out gradually or its members retired early on full pay then they will continue to use their influence and any politician who appears to be a threat to them is probably in grave danger. Already in Russia the Drug Police are lobbying the politicians to scrap the new legalized drug laws and as of June 2005 their heavy pressure appears to be working with supposedly many weaker politicians already folding.

The War on Drugs is irrefutable evidence of Socialism within any society with Individualism being curtailed by the state. The mere existence of the Drug Wars and the size of the prison population are strong indicators as to which direction along the sliding scale of freedom a government is heading. The more people in prison probably the closer Totalitarianism. Possibly extreme alcohol use is also an indicator of the high degree of loss of freedom within a society.

Individualism only survives in a free and open and competitive environment. In the last hundred years since the Pure Food and Drugs Act of 1906 the Americans have moved so quietly into Socialism that almost nobody noticed except the Austrian School of free market economists, adherents to the teachings of Ludwig von Mises and his pupil Murray Rothbard. This creep is evidenced by the 'super-size me' government with increased regulations and the consequential surge in Conformism, Political Correctism and Socialism, often dressed in forest green and often religious. Gone are the bright reds that made them all so obvious.

A study completed in 2003 by a Harvard Medical School researcher and published in the JAMA found that out of 14 countries including Belgium, China, Colombia, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Mexico, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Spain, Ukraine and the United States, that America had the highest mental health problems with over 26% having some form of mental illness against Nigeria with the lowest at just under 5%. According to the British Home Office in 2002 the USA had 686 prisoners for every 100,000 citizens, Nigeria had 34. Possibly over 60% of jail inmates in the USA have developed some form of acute mental illness while being locked up.

The buck must stop with the American government for the poor mental health of its people. Possibly the gradual emergence over the last twenty years of the US police state via the Drug Wars and the draconian Patriot Act coupled with the world's supposed highest prison rates has something to do with over one in four Americans being mentally ill. This highest mental illness figure is closely followed by Colombia where the US Army together with the DEA are waging their destructive battle against the Colombian Coca farmers as part of the US financed World War on Drugs.

Who benefits the most from the Primary Fundamental Right?

Everybody eventually, though some pain will be felt by many in the transition to a freer society, mainly those previously employed by governments or in the Justice Industry and those elites who 'control' governments. But the benefits of a freer society should soon create many new jobs and lots more wealth creation opportunities.

At the moment approximately 20% of the US population directly work for the various US governments. This means not only are these 20% not actually producing anything valuable and sellable but they are consuming about 50% of all US profits in the process. Possibly some public servants are subliminally aware that they perform no real benefit to society and will try and cover their feelings of guilt by stressfully working even harder at producing nothing of any real value. Others just don't care what happens as long as they get paid and because it's not their fault they are surrounded by other minimal workers riding the same gravy train. Government employees everywhere have a very much higher absenteeism than private employees resulting in more employees needed to complete a given task which in turn results in an even higher rate of absenteeism. Supposedly many police forces in the western world will have a up to one third of officers on sick leave on any given day many with ailments that apparently often disappear if they are retired early on a pension.

The Drug Wars is probably caused by 'Totalitarian minded religious Conformist wealthy elites' who feel threatened by the liberation of ideas that they consider dangerous to their status in society. They are usually opposed by the 'more freedom' advocates who see merit in people being untied from their government controlled, stringent, punishment dominated past. The implementation of the Primary Fundamental Right would probably be their worst nightmare.

At some point the amount of control by the elites should change simply because of the economic advantages to everyone of a truly free Capitalist society as opposed to those of a constrained Socialistic one as being used now. These changes should make the elites even richer by creating new wealth that inevitably benefits everyone.

Major changes to the law would need to be undertaken to allow this to happen. In the English speaking world the administration of law has probably changed little since Roman times except for a far greater amount of laws and administrators. The Roman laws back then apparently produced some of the same problems that Socialism Democracies are facing right now especially with regards to pension funding for government employees, so possibly the basic mistake of governments insuring government employees retirement benefits goes back even before the Roman Empire.

It also appears that at no point in recorded history did the ordinary citizen ever own their own body. With the Internet and the Primary Fundamental Right coupled with Capitalism Democracy and very small government, this situation could change.

Some economists supposedly profess interest in a justice system based on insurance payouts to the victim in lieu of harsh punishment dished out to the perpetrator which now is paid for by the state mainly through income taxation. Their idea is to cut the huge cost of administering justice. Seeing that justice is virtually nothing more than revenge it would not be a User Pays system if it was compulsory for everyone to pay for someone else's revenge entitlements. All insurance is group gambling and group gambling probably always leads into cost blowouts and fraudulent claims and personal irresponsibility.

This is the revenge system in use now but instead of the victim getting a cash payout all those involved in the administration of the revenge get a benefit in the form of wages and power. All the judges, the lawyers and the police and all the other public servants from the jailers to the highly paid mandarins who oversee the whole thing. They all benefit from someone's attempt at revenge, though probably not from the actual crime. Supposedly society then benefits by these administrators keeping the peace, and society probably would if it wasn't quite so expensive.

Under the Primary Fundamental Right there should be a huge reduction in the number of laws needing upholding. Usually the majority of laws are there to protect the wealth of the wealthy. In the User Pays system those requiring protection would need to pay for it themselves. Any punishments dished out to any supposed offenders would have to be paid for using the User Pays system and the punishment administered by some one willing to do it.

In the past revenge was usually only for those who could afford it. In many small towns the general population probably protected themselves by paying money to those who were good at being protectors, adjudicators and punishers, often the so called elites. When this stretched out to everyone contributing on a weekly basis then the money paid became a tax. As all taxes are really group insurance payments there probably would have been the inevitable cost over runs producing even higher taxes, and the associate fraud which comes with all insurance schemes and governments.

And the problem always gets larger and will continue until all personal taxation, which is group insurance otherwise known as group gambling, is abolished and everybody pays for their own personal protection and revenge. In the past local people usually banded together to protect their neighborhood which was often probably better than any modern policing methods. Possibly only with the abolition of compulsory income tax will there be no more large and expensive wars. Free trade is the best way to promote peace.

In the USA personal income taxation paid for the Civil War (600,000 Americans dead) supposedly to give slaves their freedom when it reality it was to stop the South from legally seceding from the Union. In Britain income tax paid for the Crimean War (1,000,000 various nationalities dead) which was mainly a war between Christians arguing over who should be in charge of the Holy Land, then inside the Ottoman Empire. Without the advent of personal income taxation these stupid wars probably could never have taken place.

Income tax allows governments to control education. Possibly not until all education is freed up and taken away from government control can the human technological learning evolution expand. Children's education at age 21 in most western countries is apparently 5 to 6 years behind its capability because of antiquated government dictated teaching methods.

Seeing that in the USA 150 years ago children's education level at 14 was over 3 years in advance of what it is now and without the use of homework, it's logical to have expected some progress and not regression on that trend. By now the average 18 year old student should have the equivalent of a Bachelor of Science degree and the 20 year old's their Masters degree. PhD's are often pursued by people who can't get a good job.

150 years ago probably all garbage collectors could not read. 150 years later not only can most of them read but in Japan, supposedly the world's most technologically advanced country, apparently many can use algebra. Society will have really progressed when the majority of garbage collectors around the world would know how to use calculus. This could be called the GC Index and could be used as an education progress guide right up until homes produce no more collectable garbage.

Possibly only Capitalism Democracy could achieve the goal of no collectable garbage within 50 years of its implementation through better general education methods. Education is a business and all government run businesses are badly run in comparison with private profit motivated companies. Only in the pursuit of profit with ample competition can the consumer/student be best served. In the USA children using a private home schooling curriculum and the Saxon Math or Singapore Math have been able to complete the calculus syllabus by age 15. This is about 6 years ahead of government taught math levels.

The success of this method relies solely on the students teaching themselves math using home schooling textbooks designed to periodically repeat specific problems while studying usually for no more than 2 hours a day, 6 days a week. This supposedly teaches them problem solving to a much better degree while also enabling better understanding and learning of other subjects.

Supposedly in some western countries there is a growing disquiet with the amount of homework increasingly being given to government school children. For many this increases their schooling time to over 50 hours a week. Even so the actual level of education in most Socialism Democracies continues to decrease.

The more that homework takes over from normal school study probably the better. Many teachers seeing the dismal results from the government prescribed teaching methods have apparently passed back the responsibility of educating the children to the children. Parents are often too busy or too tired to do the job anyway. This education decline is not the teachers fault, they obviously want the best for the children and many can see that homework gets results. The lowering of western educational standards is undoubtedly the result of Socialism and governments taking profit and competition out of mass education simply by governments being involved in the education business.

Possibly the complaint by many parents that class sizes are too large actually has a detrimental effect on their child's education. In the past classes were of both mixed ages and gender and it was not uncommon for 70 children to have only 1 teacher. The result of this was the children had to quickly learn to teach themselves and often by using rote which has possibly been proven over time to be the best method to learn something fundamental and retain it, especially math tables. Apparently the early ability to solve math problems is probably critical for high marks in other subjects.

In this madrassa like situation supposedly older children help the younger ones which in turn possibly reinforces both groups basic knowledge by repeating recent work. Meanwhile the class teacher would probably concentrate mainly on those students preparing for their exit exams while being aware of the general needs of the whole class. In this model the classroom has 69 potential assistant teachers and 1 professional.

This teaching method could possibly reduce the boredom and hyperactivity children often display in western schools due to the fact that they don't have the basic education to participate at the level of their class year. Because they are stratified into classes according to age they often get shifted up to the next grade even though they are not proficient in what they have been studying for the last year, again compounding their problem. In a large mixed self educating classroom they can get to stay with their peers while doing the work they are capable of, either below or in advance of the set curriculum, and with no age grouping to hold them back.

This educational model might well be the one used by future Internet schools where all students are linked by web cam. It possibly also allows for much less time in the actual school. Probably no more than five hours a day of learning, the rest of the day playing or working. If the students are enjoying learning there should be no reason why they could not do it 7 days a week and at any time of day.

In April 2002 in the old Prussian town of Erfurt, Germany, 19 year old student Robert Steinhaeuser shot and killed 13 school teachers, 1 police woman and 2 students. He had been expelled for fraudulent truancy and was not allowed to ever take his final High School exams. If he were a paying student the school would not have punished him for having time off from his studies nor would they have stopped him or any other customer from sitting any exams at any time.

Three days later in Vlasenica Bosnia, 17 year old Dragoslav Petkovic shot dead the teacher who had refused to give him another chance to improve his grades, an impossible situation if profit were involved. Both students killed themselves. Only in Socialized education can the teachers wield such power over a student's future.

The western world's adoption of the 1794 Prussian Education System has possibly led to the conflict that appears occasionally with some male students rebelling against the Conformist indoctrination that is the heart of the system. The German philosopher Johann Gottlieb Fichte, an early influential advocate of the Prussian system supposedly said, "The schools must fashion the person, and fashion him in such a way that he simply cannot will otherwise than what you wish him to will." No room for Individualism there.

The Primary Fundamental Right is hopefully the harbinger for a future world society constructed using the tenets of 'Capitalism Democracy', meaning minimal governmental regulation and with free market forces molding attitudes and practices derived from the freedom of open competition. Capitalism Democracy would force big business 'monopolies' in all countries to compete in an open market place and not have use of their government agencies to restrict the efforts of their competitors through government lobbying and political 'gifts' also known as rent seeking.

In Socialism Democracies most political parties rely on donations from individuals or companies wanting government considerations for largesse. This is a corrupting factor which also allows for the election of cronies and ineffective governments. Under the Primary Fundamental Right and Capitalism Democracy there should be no political donations whatsoever. Each person running for office would have to bankroll themselves and probably would need to show on the Internet just how they did it. This should weed out the scavengers. Hopefully it should also break up the Conformist party mentality and their stringent on block voting.

Under Capitalism Democracy there should be no party system relying on political donations to unite them under one banner. Any donations knowingly accepted could mean automatic exclusion from the political process. Because Capitalism Democracy politicians would have minimal government control over the market place it is unlikely commercial favoritism would even be sought.

An alternative form of government could be formed using serendipity. After all the winning non-aligned representatives are known then they could be gathered together and a lottery could be used to pick both a leader to govern and an opposition leader to be a counter weight to anything proposed by the leader. Their teams should be picked using the same method until enough people were picked to run the country for possibly 5 years. After then the whole thing would be repeated. This method should remove the political infighting which often over occupies most political party's energy and causes voting on inflexible party lines. Ideally each representative would remain steadfastly independent because all representatives would always have a free vote. Voters could also choose to keep the same team or scrap the whole idea.

Probably only a complete separation between the market place and government regulation can bring out the best economic performance for the benefit of all consumers everywhere. The ending of the War on Drugs and the disbanding of the FDA along with the removal of Schedule 1-5 Controlled Substances by the world's biggest economy could be a good starting point for such reform.

After the Drug Wars is over opponents left in government will probably try to block supply of ex-Schedule 1-5 drugs by putting a prohibitive tax on their sale as they did with hemp in 1937. Possibly a flat rate tax regime should stop that from happening or even better no sales or personal taxation at all. This should be possible.

Once a Capitalism Democracy system of government based on the tenets of the Primary Fundamental Right is used by any country then a voluntary flat tax rate of about 1% for personal income tax and a compulsory company tax of 33.3% could be imposed.

It is most likely that some companies now deducting the Socialist compulsory income tax would not pay it to the individual wage earner once their employees tax rate dropped to zero but instead kept it for themselves probably guessing that they won't miss what they have never received. To stop this is might be a good idea for an 'income tax' of 25% to still be collected but instead be paid into an employees Special Savings Account lodged at a local credit union of their choice with the purpose that it be used as compulsory savings for the owner. This money wold be used to help pay for all those things that were supposedly previously paid for by governments but who were usually wasting most of their collected tax money. And because the same amount of money would be in the system it shouldn't promote inflation due to any excess liquidity in the money supply.

Possibly this 25% 'tax' money should be left there for a month before it could be withdrawn by the owner. This will give every employee at least 1 month's savings (one week's wage) at any given time. After 1 year the idea could be scrapped as the employees should be used to receiving the money as part of their entitlement. One of the consequences of a fiat currency inflating economy is that is probably stupid to save, far better to spend before it all becomes worthless. The opposite should be true under a Unadulterated Gold Standard and the Primary Fundamental Right User Pays system.

With a voluntary income tax system the individual tax payers could weekly change the percentage amount they wanted to contribute, if any at all. This could be a method for showing support or disapproval of a government with the weekly revenue received (and from whom) possibly being public knowledge but not as a public shame but more as a display of open government and good accounting practice. Add that 1% to the 3.3% of company tax collected and a possible 4.3% of total tax receipts would be used to run all the much reduced federal, state and local government functions.

With a possible 1% personal income tax contribution and the 3.3% company tax could mean in the USA there should be around $80-100 billion of gold annually available to governments to be spent on defense and policing for the whole of the country, probably more than enough for any very small government.

The remaining 30% of the company tax should be equally distributed to all US citizens weekly and paid into their Special Savings Account as their share in the country's profit. This 'Citizen Royalties Payment' should also make citizens more inclined to buy local and national produce because those producers would be contributing to the profit sharing. Any companies not paying their fair share of tax could soon be identified. This consumer participation should help regenerate some of those US industries now in steep decline.

One of the great problems facing the US economy today is the 'China Price' where low cost Chinese imports destroy American manufacturing industries and create higher unemployment. As of February 2007 the official US unemployment figure was 4.6% and expected to soon rise to 4.9 as more manufacturing jobs are lost to Asia. Since November 2006 more money is now leaving America than coming in.

The jobs lost are possibly a direct result of a fiat currency that can expand an economy using huge credit to a point that it can never be repaid. In a gold standard economy the available credit lines are probably very much less, so a real profit is produced and not a stretched elastic band one that makes it look like everybody's doing really well when in fact they are all about to go out backwards very quickly. The Primary Fundamental Right and the Special Savings Account can possibly halt that type of problem.

The US Government could bypass a Chapter 11 type bailout for the country by disowning the US FRB dollar completely thereby leaving many creditor countries with worthless stockpiles of American fiat paper money. Obviously everyone probably knows this and apparently the Chinese along with some others are quietly buying as many small technically advanced American businesses as they can in the short time left, and to speed things up they are paying top price from their stockpile of fiat US dollars.

On May 21st 2007 the Chinese government announced it had bought a 9.9% share in the private equity collectors, the Blackstone Group, for $3 billion. They obviously hope to own lots of US assets before the crunch finally comes which according to some economists could be as soon as September 2007. During the 6 months prior to June 2007 over $500 billion of overseas dollars bought a record amount of US assets.

Jeremy Grantham, the chairman of Boston firm Grantham Mayo Van Otterloo, and financier to Vice President Dick Cheney has written in a May 2007 company news letter that the economic bubble is about to burst and it will affect the whole world. "The bursting of this bubble will be across all countries and all assets, with the probable exception of high-grade bonds," Grantham warned. "Since no similar global event has occurred before, the stresses to the system are likely to be unexpected. All of this is likely to depress confidence and lower economic activity."

In April and May 2007 Spain sold over 40 tons of gold to pay its bills and supposedly has under 2 weeks of money left to cover its imports. Both Portugal and Greece have the same problems with inflation and their economic collapse could well prick the EU building bubble sending shock waves and consequential financial tsunamis all around the world.

By now probably both Japan and China can afford to lose their stockpiles of US dollars because they both have the business infrastructure and population in place to carry on regardless of the medium of payment. Probably their big worry is Americans won't have anything to trade with once they give up the US FRB fiat currency unless they go back to a gold standard, thereby forcing everyone to go back to gold as well. This could collapse all the world's fiat currencies. The Chinese government has supposedly bought all of the 250 tons of gold produced in China in 2006. According to some reports they are also urging their over sea’s traveling citizens to buy gold abroad and to bring it home.

As the 30% company tax Citizen Royalties Payments would be collected and paid weekly into the 'Special Savings Account' of each citizen then possibly all 30 day or more credit facilities could be dropped to 7 day terms after delivery of goods where possible. Eventually the goal of no more than a 1 day consumer credit system should be sought after which is probably possible using Internet banking and gold backed promissory notes in conjunction with strong personal savings and the Real Bills Doctrine which for business would probably still be 91 days, the length of a season. Large amounts of available credit using fiat currencies always creates inflation which in turn creates more available credit which in turn produces a credit bubble which apparently always bursts creating financial mayhem for everyone.

All credit based Socialism Democracies will probably collapse quickly, like a released stretched elastic band. Inflation is the elastic band that must always return to its normal size, even if it has to break to do so. Inflation is not a real profit and it will eventually catch everyone out because the final deflation will probably happen very fast. Possible it would only take around 3 days to collapse the US economy once the rubber band finally snaps back.

Many companies probably use unpaid money owed to their employees as part of their working capital. Laborers were called day laborers because they got paid at the end of the day. Now many companies pay weekly or even monthly salaries and often use the unpaid money to earn interest for themselves. Therefore at some point it would probably be better if everyone was paid daily and where possible bills such as rent or mortgages or car repayments and even electricity and other utilities were also paid daily as well. Most of this could be done electronically without any inconvenience. This could greatly increase the amount of available gold backed credit available within the economy and possibly reduce the amount of credit required by business.

For 99 years between 1815 and 1914 the Bank of England was instrumental in making the wealth that created the British Empire, and it did it using a Gold Standard while holding only a relatively small amount of actual gold. By implementing Adam Smith's Real Bills Doctrine (RBD) it turned London into the central Clearing House of the world. Since the introduction of the worldwide central banking system this extremely profitable and efficient system of commerce has been replaced by a fiat currency credit system which allows governments and the bankers to have control over all the money and all the people, a situation doomed to failure. According to Professor Antal E. Fekete "the main cause of the Great Depression of the 1930's was government sabotage of the Real Bills Doctrine of Adam Smith" in 1913, and that this sabotage is the cause of the present day world wide economic upheaval.

Under the Primary Fundamental Right governments would not be able to sell bonds to raise money. This method of raising cash for Socialist governments has produced the parasitical arbitrageurs who use no/low risk arbitrage to stealthily suck out the capital blood of the nation's producers. Apparently only an Unadulterated Gold Standard can stop this draining of national wealth into the vampire mouths of the select few. This method of trading has probably caused the monetary anemia that has reduced US real wages by over 90% since 1971, the year America went off the Gold Standard.

On Professor Feketes web site 'Gold is Freedom' he stresses that a Unadulterated Gold Standard will not work unless the laws stopping government and bank theft of the people's gold, such as FDR's great gold heist of 1933, are always observed. Plus the importance of the Real Bills Doctrine to give credit flexibility to the market place is crucial. "There is, therefore, need to re-define a gold standard in such a way that these credit abuses by the banks under the protection of the government are eliminated. In particular, the exemption of banks from the full penalty under contract law for breach of contract (including the right of creditors to sue for liquidation), and the double accounting standard aiding and abetting banks guilty of understating liabilities and overstating assets, must be abolished. The definition of the Unadulterated Gold Standard must stipulate the removal of all special privileges for the banks. It was these privileges that allowed banks to carry on business as usual after they have defaulted on their promises to pay gold to their depositors. It was these privileges that have let banks borrow short to lend long. It was these privileges that made it possible for them to milk society through the practice of illicit interest arbitrage. The very idea that banks may be allowed to suspend payments in gold coin and continue in business is preposterous. The gold coin is there, in the first place, to protect the bank's creditors against unsound credit practices. Legalizing suspension is tantamount to condoning the practice of declaring bankruptcy fraudulently, and to confirming the thief in the possession of stolen goods. At any rate, legal protection of banks against the legitimate claims of creditors rewards incompetence and fraudulent behavior while penalizing competence and integrity. With such a code, problems will never be solved, only compounded."

Using the 2005 US Federal budget of $2.4 trillion only $80-100 billion should be needed under Capitalism Democracy to run all the various small US governments and defend the country. There should be no need for any indirect taxes or tariffs such as state tax, goods and services tax, sales tax, import duties, capital gains, death duties, income tax etc. In total this could give each average tax payer possibly an extra $5,000 a year and that doesn't include the proceeds from the sale of all government property plus their share of the 30% company tax Citizen Royalties Payments.

The $80-100 billion needed to run the country would probably come solely from the 3.3% of the 33.3% of company tax collected. The remaining 30% should give each citizen around $3300 per year, or $63 a week, which is about $250 a week for a family of 4 with the $63 paid directly into each family member's SSA account. Primary Carers should have access to their Carees money only if the Carees agree or cannot decide for themselves. This money could also give children an opportunity to understand the importance that financial freedom can give to a person. It should also teach them how to save their money for something special plus show them the advantages of profit and Capitalism Democracy as is envisaged by the Primary Fundamental Right. 

Socialist governments are expensive middlemen. They collect all the taxes and keep their share which is always hugely disproportionate to what they do for their money, and what's left they usually give to their supporters, often those on lower incomes. This leads to what is called the welfare trap where people stop being responsible for themselves and their families and live badly relying on government issued handouts. The equally distributed Citizen Royalties Payment would not be a handout but a weekly dividend payment received equally by everybody and not just a select few. Everyone would have the same base income. Those who worked would have that much more again on top of their Citizen Royalties Payment. All this extra cash could induce Americans to possibly travel more widely thereby spreading their wealth and with it help spread freedom world wide instead of the sorrow their government induces now with such programs as the War on Drugs and the War on Terror.

In 1900 the US Government used only about 4% of the nation's wealth and the country was more prosperous in real terms then than it is now simply because everyone was responsible for themselves and they did it efficently. They also enjoyed much more freedom than people today. Those that needed help got it from family or friends or got a job because there was no minimum wage to limit the amount of jobs available. It is the minimum wage that probably fuels illegal migration. Someone has to do those below minimum wage jobs and if Americans can't then illegal aliens always will.

Only Socialism takes money from the 'wealthy' and gives it to the poor which seems good in principle if you are a poor person but it is actually destructive in many ways. This is how Socialists buy the vote of those on lower incomes who make up the majority of their voters. These are usually the Democrats or the Labor Parties but these practices are now closely followed by the 'Conservatives' everywhere realizing if they want to survive they also must appear to be Socialists. People vote for governments they think will look after them personally. The Primary Fundamental Right and Capitalism Democracy should do that better than any Socialism Democracy.

For the rich Socialism takes away the money they would normally use for investment to create profit which in turn usually creates employment. This action restricts the growth of the country plus most of the money used to buy the 'poor' vote actually comes from the lower middle class anyway. Contrary to popular belief rich people often don't have huge amounts of cash in their banks. Their money is probably tied up in stocks and shares helping to create wealth for everyone.

Usually the wealthy are represented by the Tories or Republicans. To get votes today every party has to buy votes and to do that they all have to first collect the money so they can then give it back to the voters in a sleight of hand movement. Everybody's happy because they all think the government has given them something for free when actually they probably already paid for it themselves.

Under Socialism free pensions and prescription drugs usually gets the oldies vote. Free schooling usually gets the parents vote. Tough on crime usually gets the single householder and the women's vote. High taxes on the rich always gets the poor vote even though the really rich rarely pay taxes. The rich often reinvest their profits into a tax reducing trust and when they do they often create more jobs.

The main problem with taxes is that it is the fuel that gives politicians their power. More taxes means more power for Socialist governments to interfere in people's lives and they always do. All western countries statute books have hugely increased in size over the last 100 years, none have been reducing. Under the Primary Fundamental Right possibly over 95% of all US laws and regulations could be scrapped and replaced with a much simpler and equitable system. In all western countries politicians are known as law makers, never law removers.

America built its original infrastructure with its own money. Now the government gives away over 44% of the US GDP to various government departments that are really black holes for crushing profit and making it disappear, thus forcing the country to borrow even more money to survive.

At some point according to many economists that money could run out, possibly when China invades Taiwan which should have happened around June-July 2006 giving the outraged world 2 years to get over it before the 2008 Olympics, though supposedly now they will wait until the games are over. The reasoning was that 2 years is the time it took the world to get over the Tiananmen Square massacre. Otherwise the money could run out because of various other reasons including a big and costly US defeat retreat in the Middle and Far East coupled with a much lower US dollar value.

The US Government was much smaller when the seeds of Socialism were probably first planted in 1855 in Boston Massachusetts with the introduction of the state run schools system. Apparently from that one act the US has now detoured downwards into Socialism Road, away from Capitalism's Serendipity Freeway and is now in the process of turning into full on Fascism, with the inevitable finale being the sudden cliff top drop down into Totalitarianism.

Germany has already been down that road twice before and is amazingly now going there again, this time holding hands with France while they skip merrily along towards deflation. Both have over 10% unemployed because of huge Socialist programs they use to buy votes, programs that are not sustainable without very high taxation and high birth rates, and they have neither. Now local Muslim social unrest grows bigger in both countries with street riots becoming commonplace. Supposedly some large European cities now have Muslim controlled no-go areas even for police.

Under the Primary Fundamental Right there can be no governmental censorship. Censorship by the many European, American, British, Canadian and Australian newspapers of the reprinted Danish cartoons depicting Muhammad, has shown that self censorship and Political Correctness in these Socialist countries is probably stronger than government censorship anyway, possibly proving the adage that 'once bitten, twice as shy'. Apparently except for the Danes only the Dominion Post in New Zealand defied the militant Islamite's and showed all the cartoons in question.

The Patriot Act and the denial of habeas corpus, the Civil Forfeiture laws, the immense power of the social workers and other administrative bodies, the Drug Wars, the War on Terror, the abduction and torture abroad of suspected terrorists by the CIA in secret American prisons known as 'black sites' in the War on Islam, the crazy promotion of the adverse effects of global warming instead of the benefits, mandatory sentencing, huge farm subsidies, all must be proof that this rapid descent is already happening.

In December 2005 the British government announced the implementation of a vehicle identification program using the roadside CCTV (closed circuit TV) network. All vehicle journeys on British roads will be logged initially for up to 2 months, probably longer once they have more storage space.

It is now possible to log the movement of most of the British population. Already individuals in a crowd can be identified by the signals emitted from their known cell phones and by  CCTV, even if they are on a train. 

In Australia vehicles traveling long distances in the outback have their number plates photographed at the beginning of a long stretch and then at the end. If the time between photos indicates that the vehicle has broken the speed limit then they are sent a summons or fine. This method probably promotes high speed driving for half the journey then a sleep followed by more high speed driving, which is probably the safer way to drive anyway.

Because all Australian police data bases are probably linked to the European, British and American data bases through worldwide immigration departments means that the various American Socialism Democracy police forces, from the NSA to the local cops, using local digital speed cameras connected to world wide cell phone networks, can more or less instantly know who is traveling and where, even if they are in the Australian outback and using a rental car.

This also means it is possible using digital speed cameras for traffic controllers to send an SMS warning to drivers to slow down. But by doing that they would not be collecting revenue to support their expensive national Socialist police departments.

Governments working under the tenets of the Primary Fundamental Right would not be allowed to borrow money because they must not spend beyond their set income. Nor should they operate any businesses. Limiting government's ability to go to war must be the main priority and that can best be achieved by limiting the cash available to governments that could be used to pay for an offensive war.

In all fiat currency countries governments print money 'out of nothing'. The power of all Socialist governments resides in their ability to print and pass off this valueless currency which they then give to their central banks for distribution. In the USA a collection of private banks and with some government approved appointees run the main central bank called the Federal Reserve or 'The Fed' for short. The Fed is made up of 12 privately owned central banks strategically situated around America. It is the Fed who produce the fiat FRB US dollar and exchange it for Treasury Securities which are nothing more than government IOU's. By buying or selling these securities to other banks it can supposedly increase or decrease the amount of fiat money in circulation and thereby control inflation.

The idea is if everyone thinks something is valuable, regardless of what it is from sea shells to moon rocks, then they will trade goods but only while they think that trade is advantageous to them. Unlike gold all fiat paper money comes out of thin air and remains valueless until a repayment is made on a loan from which the banks keep their percentage and then re-circulate the money paid back as more loans. This in turn creates even more money for the banks to loan out. This is known as the 'Fractional Reserve Banking System' where banks only have to keep a small fraction of money in reserve while they loan out more thin air. This is why this system is also known as the 'debt-based monetary system' and probably only works while asset prices increase. House mortgages are probably the backbone of the profits made by most banks. Declining population size caused by expansive and expensive Socialism should eventually break that backbone.

All western central banks are probably controlled by one main central bank in Switzerland called the Bank for International Settlements (BIS). This very secretive bank is run by the privately owned central banks of all the major fiat currencies, probably to try and stop each other's valueless currency from crashing. They apparently do that by using the backward and forward movements of large amounts of gold. Possibly nothing can stop the world wide fiat currency crash from happening at some point in the near future as all credit based economies must at some time have a major contraction.

In the US economy the main problem with the Federal Reserve System of money distribution is that it means the federal government collects income tax to pay the interest on the money it borrows that was printed out of thin air by the privately owned Fed. Under an Unadulterated Gold Standard using Free Banking and the Primary Fundamental Right no income tax is collected because the government wouldn't be borrowing any money in the first place, plus it would have to operate in the free market and without the right to print a valueless fiat currency.

According to the current constitution supposedly only Congress can coin money so the FRB dollars are probably illegal anyway as is the 16th Amendment which was passed in 1913 allowing for the federal collection of income tax. This passing of the 16th Amendment happened earlier in the same year that the Federal Reserve Act was illegally passed creating America's money printers, the FRB's, so probably they were designed to work together.

Income tax in the US was originally payable only in times of war but it appears it has become a good excuse to constantly be at war just so the tax can continue to be collected. Wars have been very profitable to the US economy due to what's known colloquially as the 'iron triangle': the military, the arms industry, and Congress, all working happily together.

President Dwight Eisenhower in his last major speech on January 17, 1961, warned of the dangers of "undue influence" of the military-industrial complex. He said that maintaining a large, permanent military establishment was "new in the American experience," and suggested that an "engaged citizenry" offered the only effective defense against the "misplaced power" of the military-industrial lobby.

After paying for all the military including the War on Drugs, tax money is further squandered passing through inefficient bloated bureaucracies and to huge farm subsidies 'pork barreling' which used to pay off the farmers so they will re-elect their sitting politicians. In the USA inefficient farming methods are perpetuated by possibly illegally collected income tax.

All federal income tax laws in the USA today are apparently unconstitutional simply because the 16th Amendment allows Congress to impose a 100% tax on all incomes. This could mean that the US government actually owns everybody and can take all their earnings any time they please, same as all slave owners. This tax could probably be in violation of the protections provided by the 4th Amendment, "the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures", and the first part of the 13th Amendment which states, 'Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude,. shall exist within the US..".

Supposedly under Article 1, Section 9, Clause 4 and 5 of the constitution the federal government does not have the right to use an income tax because income is generated from within the states and is therefore supposedly protected from the federal government's reach, regardless of any other amendments that Congress has since passed. Because of its structure probably the only way for the federal government to pass laws that could make the federal income tax collection legal would be by disbanding the US Constitution completely. That will probably be one of the first things to happen once America enters into full on Fascism after the collapse of the FRB fiat dollar.

Central banks are the source of all the power that creates the big spending and wasteful Socialist governments. When a country uses an Unadulterated Gold Standard in a free banking 'User Pays' monetary system then the central banks are no longer needed because anyone in a free banking system can mint gold and silver money or print commodity backed promissory notes as long as they have the precious metals backing them. Anyone except governments that is.

Since 1930 the fiat FRB US dollar has lost over 95% of its value against gold and 92% against the CPI index. Probably it never had any real value anyway other than the paper it was printed on and the value perceived by its end users over the last 90 odd years. But when it does go its real value will be obvious to everyone, especially those who have lots of them.

The Primary Fundamental Right should make all central banks redundant.

War is usually a crude and outmoded method to increase trade outside of the free markets and often causes a trade imbalance with one side doing much better than the other. Those who push for war are usually elites who have products for sale that are suited for war or possibly they think their profits are in danger from a foreign power or they simply want to spread their politics and their religion. Or in the case of the military, their sperm.

It is interesting that victorious soldiers pass on their country's genetic information using 'rape' after first dispensing with their weaker male opponents. Therefore it isn't surprising that the head of the erect penis looks like a soldier's helmet and is called just that. This could be why many women find men in uniform sexually attractive, an innate knowledge of the soldiers purpose, to kill, impregnate, and provide for usually through pillage.

In times past soldiers shared the booty and often settled down to farm the captured land with their captured wives, who were usually kept pregnant. This probably ensured continued subjugation of the defeated and the establishment of a new colony.

The transfer of genetic code into new gene pools is possibly the prime objective of war with each soldier an invading phallus, dying to find a receptive egg. Today it is easier just to go on holiday, tourism is a great way to trade and meet new partners and nobody has to die unless they catch a nasty disease either from 'DDT free' mosquitoes or from not using prophylactic lemon juice.

This form of breeding is sometimes known as 'gene transference' and is usually performed by the roaming female from a confined gene pool often through interracial marriage. It is interesting that these breeding females apparently produce more female offspring than they do males, possibly because only females give birth. If true this should improve the chances of the genetic transfer being permanent.

MAD or Mutual Assured Destruction has come into its own with the spread of nuclear weapons. It is unlikely any sensible country will use them against a country that also has them, so war financing can be limited to defensive forces only. ICBM's or Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles that carry multiple atomic warheads have proven to be the best form of defense ever made and are the reason for the cessation of major 'World Wars' between nations. It's quite noticeable that Indian and Pakistan no longer fight since they both went nuclear.

At the moment it is the contest between the Islamic's and the Jews/Christians that is causing all the delays at western airports and train stations. It will continue forever until one side is either annihilated or there is strong trade links forged between the warring parties which allow friendship and personal freedoms to develop. This could possibly only happen after the removal of all foreign troops off sovereign lands. Oil sales are not free trade because there is no competition between producers in cartels such as OPEC, plus much of the profit goes to a select few. Poverty breeds religious fundamentalism, probably only personal profit destroys it.

On September 2nd 2006 the Economist magazine ran an article pointing out that of the 20 biggest oil companies the top 16 were NOC's, National Oil Companies, owned by their various states and not by private companies. The summary was that they are all run badly and if in private hands they could be run far more profitably and with greater oil production. The last sentence was an axiom possibly suited to most businesses. "The less bureaucrats interfere, after all, the more money their oil companies will generate for them to spend." In a Socialist state this is a poison pill for the people because the more profitable private companies there are the more bureaucrats to watch over them and the more tax money they have to control everyone.

A western economy's transition from a Socialism Democracy to a Capitalism Democracy can probably only be achieved by either a popular vote or as emergency measures after the collapse of that country's fiat currency. Either way the emergency financing of a country attempting to employ the tenets of the Primary Fundamental Right and a gold and silver 'User Pays" society would probably first see the rapid unemployment of the vast majority of government employees as well as those in associated industries such as the military supply contractors and their customers.

In the US the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), the National Security Agency (NSA), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), with a few other Gestapo like nasties such as the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms (ATF), plus the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), and all the child protection agencies including the Federal Reserve Banks etc should be disarmed and shut down immediately. These agencies are close to the heart of the cancer that has stifled American freedoms for the last 90 odd years and created the calamity that is America today.

In the event of a currency collapse the National Guard, state and local police would probably be used to try and restore order once the riots break out. By then the military elites would probably have taken over the running of government by forming a junta and suspending the US Constitution. There's not much left to suspend anyway so that shouldn't be too much of a problem to achieve as long as they don't get too trigger happy and spark off a civil war like Lincoln did, killing over 600,000 Americans in the process.

Once that was achieved the junta should promote the construction of a prototype super small government possibly designed by New Austrian School economists. These economists would need the power to institute unelected civilian governing bodies that could run the country for a period of probably no more than 15 years. American voters have been grain fed pure Socialism for the last 30 odd years and need to be weaned off it before they can be made responsible enough to have a free vote again. At the moment most Americans are Socialism junkies.

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and all overseas armed forces could be kept active just to make sure hostile countries don't try and start a surprise attack during the turmoil created by the transition from a war economy to a peaceful one. Once that was successful all overseas military personnel could be returned home and demobilized.

Apart from the state police probably the only military necessary in a peaceful Capitalism Democracy would be volunteer State National Guards made up from local militia. The rest of the country's defense would probably be best run by military commanders trained in basic Austrian economics. After training they would be commanding the remaining military personnel needed to look after America's land based ICBM's, the nuclear backbone of US defense.

Since 2006 the total US government gold reserves have stood around 8,133 tonnes or 8,133 billion grams. That's roughly $244 billion at $30 a gram in the July 2008 market. Divided between 300 million US citizens it comes out at roughly 27 grams each or around $800 in pre-collapse value. The US also has along with France, UK, Germany and Japan about 500 tonnes each stored with the IMF. This would bring each US citizens share to about $850 at July 2008 prices or about $3500 for as family of 4. This gold would need to be distributed immediately after the collapse of the US fiat dollar to keep the country alive for about 1 month which is about the time needed to implement a Unadulterated Gold Standard.

All the government owned gold and silver would be taken to government run mints (probably ex-Federal Reserve Banks) and for them to start minting it into gold and silver currency in specific amounts of grams, decigrams and centigrams and distributing it equally to every US citizen immediately. Gold's actual value will probably get closer to $180 a gram once the greenback is gone realizing about $5,000 of gold value to each citizen, or about $20,000 of gold value to a family of 4. Private citizens should have their own gold and silver made into currency free of charge. Silver could initially lose value should industry collapse where as gold would continue to rise.

In July 2008 one centigram of gold was valued around 30 cents. This minute amount of gold could be flattened and encased in a strong clear flat plastic coin so it would be visible and durable and not too easily removed. Larger amounts of gold up to 25 grams would also be flattened, stamped and stuck between clear plastic leaves making it look like a bank note and easily carried in a wallet. Instead of a dollar amount printed on the actual note it should have to be the gold weight it contained, i.e., a 1 gram note of a 99.99% fineness. Its value can always change but its weight would be constant. Gold is so malleable a gram of it can be flattened into an area 3 square feet (1 sq. meter), an ounce into 300 square feet.

As an example of purchasing with gold a new car might cost around 1234.5600 grams of gold, equal to about $37036.80 in pre-collapse greenbacks so the figure used could be Gk1.235. Smaller amounts such as decigrams and centigrams would be designated Gd5 and Gc6 or as Gc506 and so on but for even smaller tradable currency amounts would need to be in silver or some other valued metal. In large amounts of gold the transaction probably would be in promissory notes such as gold checks or gold backed credit cards issued by any gold storage warehouse cum bank.

The certified weight of all gold stocks in these gold warehouses would need to be on public view at all times as would the amount of promissory notes issued to cover that gold. This should hopefully stop the printing of fraudulent promissory notes. The visual Internet could be useful here.

Initially only gold and silver would be the medium of exchange but soon platinum and palladium could be included for lower and higher amounts. Inevitably drugs and alcohol and home grown tobacco would also be bartered for other goods.

After gold America's most successful long term currency was probably tobacco. It was the main currency of Virginia for over 200 years. For the Jamestown men in 1619 it was probably the only currency available to pay for the passage of their prospective wives shipped out from England. One wife was then worth 120 pounds of their best tobacco. Marijuana is now the largest cash crop in the US according to Drugscience.org October 2007.

Because any new promissory notes issued would have to be backed by gold or silver of a certified fineness and weight then a RFID installed plastic note would need only say what metal and weight it represented and where it was held. This note could easily become the world's first international cash currency for larger amounts. The Internet has already produced its own international gold backed promissory notes called e-gold. Probably most transactions would eventually be done by Internet connected RFID cards with virtually no actual gold movement at all as has been with Real Bills type transactions for centuries. In a Free Banking system anybody can trade in money.

Much of the gold held now by the US government was possibly stolen from the American people in 1933 by FDR using the Emergency Banking Act, Executive Order No. 6102. Even those who had their gold stolen would not get it back because they accepted his fiat greenbacks in exchange. It's their own fault they obeyed the robber president.

Because no new elections would possibly be called until after 15 years at least following the start of the transition to a full-on Capitalism Democracy, then this will give time for the business elites to prepare suitable candidates for eventual election. Hopefully no religious lawyers will be put forward.

During the transition into a full User Pays society it will be interesting to see which of these elites emerges as the natural leader of their group. Justifiably they might be able to claim the right to be the first US monarch or Lord Protector, and they could even attempt to institute a monarchical republic with a hereditary head of state. For that to succeed this new monarchical republic would also need to be constructed using the tenets of the Primary Fundamental Right otherwise the whole calamity would probably repeat itself within 100 years. After the no voting 15 years is over, a vote would need to be taken by all the citizens to either keep the incipient monarchy or not.

Canada would possibly also lose its fiat currency in the collapse of the American dollar so the opportunity could be taken for Canada to be united with the USA, thereby creating the USNA, the United States of North America. The presence of the more personal freedom loving Canadians to the USNA could help temper the overtly militaristic Americans and dampen their excessive patriotism for their police state. Initially it probably would be better if Quebec was left as a sovereign country but not Nunavut the Inuit territory of northern Canada. Also Mexico should try and align itself more to its south. At some point all borders should disappear.

If a monarchial system was decided upon by the American elites then a Canadian could also be possibly picked to be the new King or Queen. Whoever was picked means their whole family then becomes royalty. Their children would become princes and princesses and they would need to create a nobility adorned with barons, knights, palaces etc, and the royal retinue. This would all be funded by the monarch so they would need to be of excellent independent means as they should not be legally ever be able to collect compulsory taxes to support their extravagant life style under the Primary Fundamental Right and Capitalism Democracy.

If the US Constitution is ever suspended or even scrapped then the UK Crown might be tempted to lay claim to the land covered now by both the US and Canadian territories. It should be remembered that Queen Elizabeth is still the head of state of the UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand and a few other dominions and if any of those governments collapsed then possibly legally she can resume direct control. To back her up in the events of calamities the Royal Family has always kept a strong presence within her supposedly loyal UK armed forces. The collapse of the UK economy could see a temporary return to an absolute monarchy.

For thousands of years direct rule by the strongest family within any group has probably been the norm. If there is a world wide collapse of the world fiat monetary system then quite naturally the wealthiest families might assume their traditional role again. It could be argued that even republics naturally tend to produce royal dynasties. Supposedly the Bush family have genealogical ties with the British Royals and Winston Churchill through a 15th century Henry Spencer. Plus royalty and the gold standard have had a very long association.

The transition from the old fiat currency to the new gold one can only happen smoothly if all government property is put up for sale for gold only and buyers abound from everywhere and the new inlaid gold currency notes are distributed equally by the interim junta government to every American citizen, as soon as possible.

Deferred payments on bought government property should stretch probably no longer than 1 month. All sales should be completed within 6 months otherwise if the infrastructure for large government still exists then some one will always try to revive it. All military equipment, excepting land bases ICBM's, not sold within 6 months should probably be scrapped and sold as junk metal. Nuclear armed submarines could easily be converted to dock based ICBM silos with some even possibly kept active at sea for a while.

Another priority should be to get the new contributory low tax rates into force as soon as possible. This extra 'cash' in the economy should give consumers and business a windfall which should help create plenty of employment opportunities for those dismissed public servants and ex-government pensioners. It is probably very important that the economy be kept moving as much as possible. Any stopping would make it harder to get it started again though there could be extra benefits from a total crash as a more natural leadership could emerge.

People would probably have to continue working for nothing for a while just to keep their businesses alive and probably only use the new gold money for food and transport until most companies were able to pay their debts in gold. In the mean time an interim promissory note or e-gold would need to be issued to each citizen until their share of the government gold could be physically exchanged for that note.

The people need to handle gold again and trade with it so they can realize its forgotten intrinsic value and beauty. Once all the Federal Reserve Banks are disbanded all those holding worthless fiat greenbacks could be very angry though most people probably have very little actual cash anyway under Socialism. Most of it has probably been invested to try and keep up with the rolling inflation bandwagon.

Fiat paper money is just valueless paper and as everyone is responsible for themselves under the Primary Fundamental Right then nobody, including big business, can demand their useless greenbacks be swapped for gold or anything else of value after 'The Crunch' arrives.

Once the 'User Pays' interim government was functioning reasonably well then each state interim governing body should receive gold tax payments of probably around 1% of all contributory and company taxes collected from within its own border. The states wouldn't need much because all utilities and roads and property should by then be owned by private enterprises. Virtually all they would need to pay would be some local police wages and they should be much reduced in number as should any court personnel.

Most prisons would be closed as prisons because those convicted of any drug or alcohol related Primary Fundamental Right crimes should be set free immediately. They could account for over 85% of all US prisoners.

Like the prisoners released by the Allies in Europe after the defeat of the Germans, many will probably be in a poor state of health and should be looked after by the local community that imprisoned them until their families can take care of them. That time should probably be no more than one month, after that they should be responsible for themselves. Of the remaining 15% left in the prisons probably 50% could be paroled.

Serial killers and other insane inmates including extremely pronounced FASD victims would probably need to be kept looked up for the duration of their illness. The remaining jails could be turned into hospices for them.

All gold collected from sold government property should be equally distributed by weight to every citizen on a weekly basis after a probable 0.0001% charge was deducted to pay for any manufacturing and distribution. This distribution would include the gold made from selling new licenses for mineral exploration and extraction, broadcasting wave bands, air corridors, fishing rights, water rights etc as well as government property such as cars, buildings, planes etc. None of the old licenses would be valid though their continued use should be allowed until they could be reissued as ownership documents to the new owners.

Because all fiat currencies would be worthless, including all government bonds, then only gold or property would be tradable. All banks would be insolvent and their assets sold. Any outstanding home loans or rent would probably still be payable in whatever currency the new mortgage owners accepted should the home occupiers agree to pay knowing no court orders would likely be issued to order an eviction for non payment for quite some time.

These mortgagees in possession should work out some deal with the individual home loan owners/renters to postpone payment until the sale of all government property was fully underway and the redistributed gold payments were being made successfully.

All bank loans including credit cards would not be repayable because the fiat dollar would no longer be legal tender so debtors would be unable to pay any bills denominated in dollars. Also there would be no credit card companies left to collect the money owed.

The present US credit based rolling snowball economic model (2006) can't last forever unless it has plenty of snow to pick up but seasons always change. Probably only a gold based economy can last a very long time. Up until 1933 when FDR went for the Socialism fiat currency model the gold currency system had lasted around 3,000 years, possibly because gold has often been used to help procure a beautiful wife.

Supposedly the US federal government cannot grow any more without either large tax increases or by printing more paper money, both of which could dangerously reduce US consumption by increasing inflation. But to keep it bloating it probably will have to print more fiat paper money and swap it for more imports, which in the short term also supports the economies of those countries that supply these goods to the US while possibly also hiding the higher US inflation figures through manipulated figures.

As of the 23rd March 2006 the US government stopped publishing the M3 money supply figures so it is now very hard to see what is happening with market liquidity. It can be surmised that the Feds are trying to hide another large devaluation of the US dollar. Supposedly over the last 50 years the fiat US dollar has lost about 95% of its value. This means all houses are really only worth what their approximate value was 50 years ago. The rise in their price is just inflation which most wages couldn't keep up with which is why wives now have to work to help pay their heavy mortgage.

A rise in oil price benefits the US government because the world will possibly pay for most of it in US dollars which the oil producers will then spend in the US either on goods or T-Bonds or huge infrastructure building at home, using US suppliers and contractors. This returned money is then used to pay government debt such as the War on Drugs, the War on Terror and the interest payable on T-Bonds, all without obviously increasing the money supply and inflation.

In this Super Imperialism model it becomes necessary for the US consumers to constantly consume more and more while not saving anything, thereby creating more national debt which in turn keeps the dollar value stable.

Between them it appears Japanese and Chinese people diligently saving their retirement money will keep refinancing this debt as long as the American people continue to increase their consumption. This keeps these Asian benefactors in work and allows them to save even more money so they can give it back to the American consumers to spend on the more goods they have made. It's the same situation for the Europeans and everyone else, if they don't buy T-Bonds then they probably don't sell goods in the USA.

Every war now becomes profitable because the more money spent arming and training soldiers and sending them abroad the more stable the US dollar, the more goods bought at home and the larger the sale of T-Bonds. By April 2006 the Democracy Wars in Iraq has cost over $250 billion of Japanese, European and Chinese owned greenbacks and under Super Imperialism probably none of it has to be paid back as long as US consumption continues to rise.

If consumption does falter then there is no money or goods to pay it back anyway, unless there is a huge fire sale of American businesses and other national assets to the holders of large amounts of US fiat currency. Some states should eventually have big FOR SALE signs put up at their borders. How ironic if the Japanese end up buying Hawaii using their huge US dollar reserves 40+ years after they tried to take it by force.

At around $700 billion a year (2005) the high cost of government funded education helps stabilize the dollar creating more work for more people. In some respects possibly the less students learn the better for the economy due to the extra amount of money spent by Congress and the states to rectify the problem and also to imprison the low achievers once they leave school.

John Taylor Gatto, ex-New York City school teacher and winner of the 1991 New York State Teacher of the Year award and now strong advocate of home schooling apparently implies in his online book 'Underground History of American Education' that the main purpose of compulsory education is to give 'social engineers' the ability to limit the intellectual development of the American school child by restricting Individualism and inducing mass Conformism, probably by using propaganda and the daily family alienation by them having to attend compulsory schools instead of staying at home where the best learning can occur.

He suggests there are no dumb children when they begin school. "The shocking possibility that dumb people don’t exist in sufficient numbers to warrant the careers devoted to tending to them will seem incredible to you. Yet that is my proposition: Mass dumbness first had to be imagined; it isn’t real." Supposedly this national compacting dumbness then requires further employment of more educators to try and fix the problems they themselves created, through their government instructed teaching methods.

Apparently prior to the 'treatment' received in government schools most Americans would probably have been quite alert. This corresponded to the possible findings of Dr. Alan Thomas, psychological development scientist at the University of London who not unlike Jane Goodall of chimpanzee fame observed over 100 home schooling children in their natural home environment. In his book 'Educating Children at Home' he observed a sort of laissez faire informal teaching method that apparently promotes Individualism and curiosity which also possibly increases ease of learning, the supposed opposite to what happens in most compulsory schooling.

Often in home schooling the main burden of educating the children rests with the mother. In probably most American households nowadays the mother has to work just to keep their family solvent so has little time to do such things such as educating her children. Government taxes makes it impossible for her to stay at home so taxation is probably a hindrance to any large scale home schooling movement in all the Socialist countries.

Professor Arthur Robinson of the Robinson Self Teaching Home School Curriculum and the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine (which also promotes the advantages of increasing amounts of atmospheric CO2 and has produced a petition of over 30,000 scientists against the CO2 warming theory), had his children educate themselves after the sudden death of his wife. Even though he guided them they apparently mainly taught themselves and supposedly achieved academic excellence at a very early age, apparently aided by the strict Christian discipline he imposed on them and 30 hours a week of actual school work.

In the current government controlled education model even the dumbing down of the population has its benefits with more second rate scientists using more research grant money to do more second rate research. Finding cures is not profitable. Looking for cures is profitable with a Socialist government in power, as most scientists researching the disadvantages of global warming probably would know. The CO2 theory of global warming now produces over US$2 billion a year of tax payers money to pay the many otherwise unfunded second rate scientists.

It's probably fairly well known in some medical circles that crib/cot death is possibly caused by the tongue acting as a valve in the process of 'diving reflex'. This reflex is apparently used by sea mammals when deep diving to protect the animal from high pressured water entering the body cavity when they open their mouths to catch prey and is activated by pressure and cold on the trigeminal nerves located on their face. This possibly explains why the tongue is the strongest muscle in a mammal's body. Unfortunately it appears that the SIDS child is suffocated by their own tongue which then relaxes leaving no evidence except the body of a suffocated child. Therefore SIDS could be classed as a 'cold air drowning'.

Over the years many parents have been found guilty of the murder of their child because of the evidence of suffocation. If the child survives a SIDS encounter then it's possible there will be brain damage similar to cerebral dysgenesis which is usually a symptom of Autism. Apparently the incidence of SIDS has been reduced by putting children down to sleep on their back, a practice that probably also helps reduce the number of ASD victims. The amount of government funded research grants allotted and money received by fund raisers like 'Red Nose Day' charities is probably a nice little earner for the select few still supposedly busy looking for the cause of SIDS.

If any of this conjecture of the deliberate dumbing down of the US population is true then after the US economy collapses it would be important to constitutionally stop governments from ever having anything to do with schooling again. This can best be achieved by the wholesale adoption of the Primary Fundamental Right. It might also be necessary to 'deprogram' the general population by making everyone aware of the propaganda that promotes overt patriotism and military glorification. Television programs depicting heroic police is probably an unsubtle form of military brainwashing aimed at teaching respect for government held authority.

There is a good chance the US obesity pandemic is also linked to the over supply of fiat dollars which allows consumers to consume ever more food. Apparently the more fiat money the American government prints the greater the amount of credit available and the bigger Americans get with over 60% now classed as overweight. Obesity has doubled in the last twenty years to over 30% of the population. Probably not until America returns to gold standard with no fiat dollars in circulation can the fatties begin to lose weight. The US mood now appears to be one of '..eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we can't pay it back anyway.'

For China to become a super power it had to catch up with western technology. By educating its poor masses it became possible to attract foreign manufacturers looking for cheap educated labor to enable them to become more competitive in the crowded global market. This in turn allowed the Chinese to learn all the latest manufacturing technologies and management practices. But to their surprise they found they could only control this technology using the basic tenets of Capitalism, namely competition within its own community.

Probably over thirty percent of all Japanese exports are manufactured in China. Most of Taiwan's production of computer parts occurs there. By 2008, Toyota, the world's leading car maker, plans to be producing most of its small cars in China thereby making China the world's largest car exporter. The problem is that the old guard of Communists leaders think that Communism is responsible for China's success when in reality it is only responsible for unifying and controlling the country. Many of the cadres still see Capitalism as the enemy which has to be fought some day with guns and not by using butter for trading.

An expanding Chinese economy and the economically awakening Japanese giant and a gas filled Russia should force the American Empire to expand at an even faster rate meaning it would probably need to invade another large country and change it into a consumer of manufactured goods which it could pay for using fiat US dollars.

This was probably the idea behind invading Iraq with its 26 million Arabs and Kurds which of all the middle east countries was probably the more liberal in western terms, and as an extra bonus has huge oil supplies which the USA could also use. Under Saddam Hussein it was even possible to buy alcohol there. Possibly the main attraction for the US was to defeat Islamic Fundamentalism using good old fashioned US style Consumerism.

Possibly the Iraqi War is really a War on Islam by trying to force Islam into the 21st Century. This is probably one of the reasons why supposedly many Arabs call the USA the Great Satan. They know that by accepting the Consumerism god they will ultimately destroy Islamic Fundamentalism.

Probably only by employing the ever expanding Super Imperialism model can the US fiat currency remain relatively stable to pay for all the goods it consumes on credit including the War on Drugs, the War on Terror and now the War on Islam. With Islam the USA is fighting the precepts of a successful 1400 year old religion that probably only works well in conditions of relative poverty and close communal conformity.

To many Muslim men the War on Islam is actually a War on Men fermented and controlled by strong females in the west. The apparent acquiescing of this rise to power of women by their menfolk is seen as proof of the general decay of western society caused by the feminization crusade and the failure of the western male to be naturally dominant over their women. In many religions sin is a by-product of associating with lascivious women and the tool of Satan.

It is interesting that the Mullah controlled Iran, with supposedly the world's fourth largest known oil reserves, is comparatively poor. Over 70% of all businesses are run by the Mullahs and they all languish in apparently contrived inefficiencies so bad as to keep the general population in a perpetual state of quiet desperation and destitution, a situation probably ideal for the promotion and adherence to Islamic teachings. The Mullahs must surmise that they would soon lose out to the US lead Consumerism god if they allowed the country to become prosperous.

A palette of goodies the oil dependent Chinese keep offering the Mullahs to allow them to convert their economy to a wealthy one could be a total anathema to these Iranian elites. This possible constraint on continued Chinese growth must be perplexing for the US administration and thereby making the invasion of Iran even more compelling. The US needs a vibrant Chinese economy and cheap oil for the Chinese would be good for America, especially if American companies sold them that oil, or so they probably think.

In doing this the Americans should cause another increase in the price of oil which means more dollars spent buying oil so possibly more T-Bonds sold, further increasing the amount of credit available to the apparently insatiable US consumers. Otherwise a winnable limited nuclear war with Russia would solve a lot of problems for the collapsing American Empire, especially as the Russians have already built a gas and oil pipe line directly from Siberia to Beijing.

Alternatively they could retire home and sell all US government owned property for gold and give the proceeds to the American people and let Americans sit back and enjoy their first well deserved real peace for over a hundred years. A lasting peace much sought after by the originators of the American Republic, who probably believed that 'those who live by the sword die by the sword' so war should be avoided and peaceful trading promoted.

If President Obama goes for an attack on Iran or Russia or both then he might have to assume emergency dictatorial powers to overcome the outrage issued from those opposed to an escalation of US imperialism. He could do this by suspending what's left of the US constitution which includes the mandatory 4 year elections due in November 2012 especially if presidential hopeful Mitt Romney looks good to win.

Barrack Obama could become the first American emperor. This could temporarily stop the collapse of the US economy but it could still lead the world into the lurid darkness of Global Totalitarianism.

The signing into law on the 1st January 2012 of the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) has according to Ron Paul (presidental candidate) declared martial law in the US allowing the military to take over the existing justice system at any time and to detain without a warrant and hold indefinitely anyone in America excluding the president. The US is now for all intents and purposes a Fascist state. Probably only the Primary Fundamental Right could have stopped that from happening.

If the American people force the 200,000 troops in 150 different countries to come home then that should cause the collapse of the over inflated US economic balloon which in turn would rapidly deflate the size of all the various US governments. This should create small US governments with smaller wants, perfect for starting a 'User Pays' society employing the freedom gaining tenets of the Primary Fundamental Right. The USA would probably have to give up its hegemonic Super Power status in return for some peace while it licks its wounds again.

America would go from a war economy to gold based republic, as originally envisaged by its founding fathers. A republic of more Individuals and much less Conformists. And the returning troops biggest priority would be to produce lots of babies, similar in amounts to those baby boomers created by the returning troops in 1945. Possibly lots of gold will be needed for that to happen, gold that the latent Communist FDR stole off the people in 1933, plus the gold made from the sale of all government owned property.

All monetary systems are probably based on sexual attraction. The use of gold and precious stones made into jewelry and given by men to the women in their lives is possibly why the ownership of gold and gem stones that were easily convertible became the basis for all wealth. This jewelry produced the marriage, which in turn produced the children, the most valued commodity on the planet.

The later makers of this jewelry in the west were often traveling Jewish craftsmen. These Jews probably kept their wealth in the lightest form of precious stones in the event they had to quickly flee a pogrom, so naturally because of their wealth accumulation they became excellent mathematicians and rich merchant bankers with beautiful wives.

Unless all monetary systems return back to a gold standard that has its roots in sexual attraction then they are all probably bound to collapse. Supposedly the word jewelry comes from the Latin word 'jocale' meaning plaything but the spelling suggests the ethnic origin of its makers is also likely. What is also interesting is that the word 'plaything' has many sexual connotations for men, the givers of jewelry.

The idea of a valuable engagement ring probably comes from the need for a man to show his interest is genuine by giving a large proportion of his wealth which would be 'returnable' once married. Possibly in the past after the marriage was consummated the jewels were removed for safety or sale leaving just a plain gold band.

Engagement means coming together so it was obviously designed for the couples to have sex and if the female was barren then the male could break off the 'engagement' and she kept the ring. As it was known she was no longer a virgin then the sale of the ring could have helped support her in her spinsterhood. When females broke off the engagement the ring was probably returned but mainly to emphasize that no sexual coupling took place.

Unfortunately unlike gold, jewels only have a subjective value and not a set market value, so a bejeweled ring that cost a small fortune to buy will often resell for a very much lower price, usually around 40% of its original wholesale price. The idea that 'diamonds are a girls best friend' was for a long time supported only by the DeBeers cartel restricting the amount of new diamonds for sale each year but since the engagement ring caught on in China the world supply of good diamonds is supposedly now under immense pressure.

In December 2006 Lawrence Finer of the Guttmacher Institute, a private think tank that studies sexual behavior of Americans stated that their research showed that "premarital sex is normal behavior for the vast majority of Americans, and has been for decades." His conclusion is that 95% of Americans had sexual intercourse prior to marriage.

Dr. Finers supposed intention is to show another waste of tax payers money in federally funded programs that promote religion based "abstinence-only-until-marriage programs for 12 to 29-year-olds", an obvious mixing of church and state. Apparently the research doesn't show the percentage of engaged couples who together had sexual intercourse for the first time or the percentage amount of 'sexually active for the first time engaged couples' who subsequently broke it off. That data would possibly show that engagements really are there to test the fertility of the couples and have been for a long time, even though the modern couple is now armed with various contraceptives which probably defeat the whole purpose of having an engagement.

Under the Primary Fundamental Right there would not be any government programs to try and stop couples testing their sexual apparatus prior to marriage.

Governments using the Primary Fundamental Right model would not own real estate including the buildings used for governance. Nothing should be insured by governments because insurance creates irresponsibility and overly inflates costs and is the main vertebra supporting the twisted backbone of Socialism. Insurance takes away personal responsibility and makes everything a communal expense instead of an individual one which is an anathema in a wholly 'User Pays' system. It also forces up prices.

Supposedly the insurance industry is the second largest industry in the world after the oil industry. The oil industry has been around for hundreds of years and back then was known as whaling. Insurance has probably been around in its present form for no more than 200 years and has its roots in money lending and hedge betting, usually betting against a financial calamity caused by the loss of a whaling ship. These betting costs were then included in the retail price of the whale oil so whale oil probably started the world's addiction to a new form of gambling now known as insurance. The only people who benefit from this are the ships captains who probably no longer accept total responsibility for their ships and consequently do not feel obliged to go down with them as they sink.

All agreements or disagreements between the ship owners and the insurers would have used a lawyer to sort it out, so any profits made were then shared between the ship owners and the insurers and lawyers, the world's latest symbiotic pair. These extra costs were then passed on to the consumer in the form of higher prices. Today virtually every thing sold in all the western economies has to include an insurance/lawyer component, which is now probably nothing more than a compulsory protection tax levied by these two groups of possibly around 10% of the final total cost. This tax probably does not exist on goods made in China which again makes them more competitive.

This tax means that the second largest industry in the world is actually gambling. This probably would not have happened without the aid of Socialist governments and fiat currencies as insurance is probably as close to practicing Communism as it gets. Everyone paying for someone else's mistake.

Until the arrival of the hedge funds insurance companies were probably the largest non bank source of company investment funds and they made loans readily available but only with accompanying compulsory insurance. Now all loans probably carry some form of insurance. All risk is minimized by everyone who buys anything, thereby subsidizing all the credit users. Even by paying in cash it is usually not possible to bypass this tax because it is mainly incurred in the initial production cost through indemnity insurance and government regulation compliance systems.

The loss of the element of risk has dulled the general awareness of the populace into Conformist complacency. Now when a house break-in occurs the police search for the offender is probably minimal simply because it is assumed most losses were covered by insurance, consequently there is little customer dissatisfaction to spur the police on. With the advent of insurance for everything the police are now virtually immune to market pressures to perform to their best ability.

Due to the unique role played by insurance in Socialism Democracies it isn't any wonder why the police force spends much of its time investigating or preventing insurance fraud. All expensive car accidents have to have a police presence even if no one is injured. The police decide who's at fault and the insurance companies get some one to blame and the police probably earn their money from whatever fine is imposed.

Unless the sum is large most burglaries don't warrant an insurance assessor's presence and the police file number is usually sufficient for the victim to receive restitution. Obviously the insurance company has access to a police crime data bank so they can read the police report to accept the claim. Also possibly there is no major attempt to stop local burglaries because a wave of break-ins is good advertising to get scared householders to take out insurance cover, which also gives the police even less work.

Probably no other private industry works so closely with the police. In essence the police now appear to be an extension of the insurance companies, and lurking close by is a smirking lawyer cleric. Strangely, for their incomes they are all dependent on the criminal so just chasing him is more profitable in an insurance dominated economy than is actually catching him. This is reminiscent of Socialism funded medical research where more money can be made by researchers and government officials in searching for a cure than it can in actually finding one.

The sale of all roads owned by the various US governments could be very profitable to the US citizens as roads are really hidden assets of immense value especially if the lanes were sold separately to the highest bidder and paid for in gold. There is no way of knowing their true worth without selling them but most toll ways cost roughly $50 million per 3 lane mile to build.

As there is about 40,000 miles of government owned freeways in the US then their value should be more than that cost, which is about $2 trillion. If they were now worth $3 trillion and there are 300 million American citizens (2008) then each citizen could receive about $10,000 in gold from their sale.

Also there is about 3.7 million miles of ordinary roads which could be sold for maybe $5 million per mile giving every American citizen another $60,000 worth of gold. So a family of four could possibly receive about $250,000 of gold from the sale of all the roads in the USA, more than enough to pay for any toll charges over their life time. Also there are all the harbors and railways and various buildings such as schools and offices, plus all the land, the motor vehicles, the planes, all owned by governments that would need to be sold for gold and the money given to the US citizens.

Probably no road owner should be able to buy more than 2 lanes of a 4 or 6 lane road or one side of a 2 lane road. The owner of one side of the road could always switch the direction of the traffic flow to compete with the other side’s owner. This general rule could ensure true competition between road owners.

Theoretically every American citizen could be paid about $100,000 worth of gold if $30 trillion in gold could be raised to buy everything owned by the various US governments. This figure is probably about a tenth of the actual value of the goods owned by these governments.

Americans spending this gold should not increase imports too much if it was used mainly to pay off debt and to expand business both home and abroad. The threat of 'Dutch Disease', where home manufacturing is damaged by too much money spend on imports is probably unlikely in a gold economy working largely without inflation.

Over the years if all this wealth had been given to its citizens instead of being collected as taxes then the average American's personal wealth by now would have been phenomenal in comparison to any Socialist economy. Because the Socialist US government possibly owes over $40 thousand billion ($40 trillion) to the rest of the world then the fiat US dollar would collapse if foreign investors stop lending the US government their accumulating fiat US dollars. The officially stated US government debt as of March 2006 was $8.2 thousand billion.

When Communism collapsed in Russia and with it the command economy, there were few buyers for the government owned businesses, probably because only Russians with foreign currency were allowed to buy and most didn't have much money anyway. Consequently those business men that had some foreign cash were sold all the government owned businesses for bargain basement prices. The Russian government kept everything else, the land and the roads and the buildings. Now those Russian entrepreneurs who bought those businesses mostly got them working and making good profits.

Unfortunately the average Russian never got paid anything and now they want those businesses back again and in 2005 they got back Yukos Oil and gave its owner a 9 years jail sentence mainly for being so rich. Many of the other entrepreneurs, now called oligarchs to show the displeasure of the people, have either fled the country or are acting very submissively. Everyone's waiting to see who's next to be attacked and meanwhile foreign investment is booming as Putin returns Russia to Communism using Socialism's petrodollars.

 Howard P. Wood the Washington based writer on American transportation is apparently in favor of getting governments out of owning road systems. An article he wrote for the Cato Institute explained why. "The evidence suggests that private highways offer better growth management than do their public counterparts and are more sensitive to local property owners."

Roadway owners would probably charge customers a sum linked to the size and weight and distance their vehicle traveled, utilizing a 'User Pays' system with payments automatically paid, possibly via their cell phones, after roadside digital cameras read their vehicles number plate.

All roads, foreshores and wilderness regardless where they were should allow free passage for those using human power, such as walkers and bike riders. National Parks should either be left to themselves without any rangers or they could be sold to the highest bidder and all wild life protection would be the responsibility of the owner and no one else.

After everything that is sellable is sold then the Local Councils could be either be disbanded or much reduced with abilities for only minimal interference in local affairs. Because of government control of most land sales, land prices in all western countries have been a major cause of high priced housing, due to the insufficient and over regulated release of residential land. If land prices were linked to the real price of gold which is probably around US$15,000 an ounce in non-fiat currency (2005), then land values could be about 10% of what they are now.

The modern purpose of the sale of 'Crown' or 'Government' land is to allow Socialist governments the ability to make the maximum profit from land sales. Unfortunately once governments get the taste of easy profits it ignites a rapacious need for more and more 'profit' until the whole country's main task is to feed government profit in the form of taxes, euphemistically known in the USA as 'Federal Dollars'.

All Socialist governments are parasitic, feeding off the main body of the productive people while deliberately hiding their feeding habits with selective hand outs. In the USA probably over 44% of all profit is fed to the various bloated US governments. This allows them to increase their control over the citizens by using Conformity Programming such as the Drug Wars, the War on Terror, and the young mind bending Socialist public education system. This system apparently teaches students to love their government, which they often see as their country, and not to question it too much.

In March 2006 Pew Research Center released data purportedly showing that the majority of Americans are so well controlled by their governments that they believe withholding tax payments is a mortal sin so strong that it is only surpassed by adultery. Abortion and drug taking are of lesser concern to them than not paying maximum tax. Nor are they apparently upset that their huge Socialist government constantly loses their money. In 2003 the US Department of the Treasury’s Financial Report had a listing titled “Unreconciled Transactions Affecting the Change in Net Position” where they admit that year they lost $24.5 billion of tax payers money and don't know where it is. To date there has apparently been no public outcry.

Until it is possible to build houses virtually anywhere then land prices will probably remain over inflated which means at some point they have to deflate. When the housing bubble bursts all fiat money could lose over 90% of its value. Probably not until all the land in any country is in private ownership can the price of land ever be relatively stable.

At the moment most private land is 'owned' by the banks through mortgage arrangements and security backed loans. Most banks are apparently owned through various minority shareholdings by a small group of wealthy families located mainly in the UK and France. This has resulted in the sliding scale of wealth being stuck at vertical because the vast majority of the world's measurable wealth is in the hands of probably less than 1000 people.

This imbalance was presumably caused by the over production of fiat currencies which consequently has allowed some to see just how efficient these families are in accumulating wealth. Not forgetting they have had over 1200 years of practice to hone their skills in the west and like good trades men they've passed their banking knowledge down to their children just as carpenters have done with their wood skills for well over 2000 years.

The difference now is that paper money in the final analysis is just paper and no matter how many zero's are printed on them their value is the value of a small piece of blank paper. This has been proven many times in the past as all previous fiat currencies systems have always collapsed and possibly always will. Only gold has an intrinsic value besides the cost to produce a one ounce ingot of 99.99% purity it also has the value of being the best chick magnet.

Now seeing as all bank loans have been made in worthless paper that means the land in question is worthless too unless it can be sold for gold that is. As most of the world's gold is hoarded the objective must be to get gold back into the world economies. All economies are like a game of Monopoly. Some one always ends up winning everything and the game has to be restarted. This restart could best be achieved by declaring all debts in paper money as cancelled.

This method of generating a circulating currency was supposedly used about every 50 years in ancient Israel to get gold back into circulation after it went into hoarding because some of its owners were really good at acquiring it. The problem was they then hid it which reduced the amount of circulating currency resulting in jobs reduction. The word jubilee supposedly comes from the Hebrew word Yobl which probably means to blow the rams horn signifying everyone was free of debt and the debt slaves could go home.

Eventually there will be no fiat currency with which to pay debts so instead of waiting for the collapse of the world's economies it would be better if all governments agreed to this ancient practice of jubilee now as it is going to happen anyway. But this ancient leveller needs to be taken a bit further by also legally making all homes the equal property of all the occupiers regardless whether they be owners or renters or overnight stayers.

This means everyone gets to own some land even if they live in an apartment or in a hotel room. Land is the basis of all wealth because some one will always need to rest safely and some one else will always be interested in giving the owner gold for their property. This in turn creates a circulating currency by dragging gold out from its hoarding places and out into the market places. It's now time to blow the horn again.

As Wendell Cox demonstrates with his Demographia International Housing Affordability Index unless there is urban sprawl high land prices cause excessive hardship and possibly dysfunctional families. In most of the Socialism Democracies where the Socialist local governments control land sales they definitely have these problems. Land rates chargeable are linked to land valuations, the higher the land value the more money for those governments and the less money for young people to build a home.

These Socialist governments don't realize this action is probably more costly than lowering land prices simply because high land prices produces greater traffic congestion, more air pollution, less jobs and most important, fewer babies. But these expanding governments need the money to pay their own salaries and pensions. But this will change when all the fiat currencies collapse.

Once a Capitalism Democracy government was in place a posted balance sheet of all government salaries and expenditures should be displayed daily on the Internet so everybody can see where their tax money is going. All salaries would be in line with comparable market rates except for elected officials who should probably only receive about 1% of that rate simply because their employment in government should be an honor for them to serve their people and not because it was the biggest 'feed trough' around. That requirement should help keep out the free loaders and improve the chances of successful business people getting into government.

Under the Primary Fundamental right there would be no government run retirement schemes for anybody, no fat cat pensions or medical relief programs which become fountains of gold for makers of medicines of dubious benefit, and definitely no more farm subsidies and protective tariffs. Because of the huge drop in personal tax everyone should be much more able to look after themselves and others as well. Those people reliant on government welfare would have to fend for themselves or find a Primary Carer or otherwise die. This could be avoided by using a 'Citizen Royalties Payment' system.

In the 'User Pays' system the degree of compassion professed by someone should be in accord with the degree of compassionate acts performed by that individual, and all governments should always be too small to be generous with other people's money.

In late 2006 the Australian Government sold its 51% share in Australia's largest telco for about AUS$32 billion (US$24 billion). It plans to give AUS$16 billion (US$12 billion) of the proceeds, either as cash or unsold shares or both, to themselves and the other federal government employees as pensions by putting this benefit into their investment arm called the Future Fund. By 2020 they hope to have over AUS$100 billion (US$76 billion) in the fund just to pay the pensions of the ex-politicians and retired government employees. This fund should prop up Socialism in Australia for many long years to come.

Australians built Telstra with their taxes and their business. They all own these shares not just the government and its cronies. If the AUS$32 billion was given equally to all the 20 million Australian citizens then each would receive roughly AU$1600 (US$1230)(2006), so every family of four would receive probably about AUS$6,400 (US$4900), if it were tax free. But as in all Socialist systems those closest to government always get the most benefits. Just another reason to have a User Pays very small government system such as that made possible with Capitalism Democracy and the Primary Fundamental Right.

Supposedly much of the remaining AUS$16 billion (US$12 billion) has been ear marked for pork barreling in the weak electorates of the National Party, the junior coalition party of the Liberal government.

On average each Australian owes on their credit cards close to AU$2500 (US$1920) (Christmas 2006). If they got their Telstra money they could probably help pay them off though that would obviously upset the banks because of the high interest rates they earn from credit card debt. But more than likely they would use their cards again in the retail stores and create even more wealth for the Australian Socialist governments to pay themselves and their expensive employee cohorts.

Most western governments now have a 'Future Fund' designed to pay the superannuation pensions of their civil servants. In France it’s called the FFR. In Ireland the NPRF. In Norway their Petrol Fund from their North Sea oil will guarantee the retirement benefits of all their government workers for a very long time.

In the US Social Security was first designed for government employees only though it is now 96% non government. Supposedly it is now largely unfunded and should crash around 2012 according to some analysts though the Government Accountability Office (GAO) says benefits outgoing should surpass income by 2017 giving government 5 more years to sort it out. At this rate the whole of the federal budget will be just for government social services by 2041.

In New York State 1 out of every 8 people work for the state government, get higher wages, longer holidays, a shorter working week and bigger pensions than in the private sector. In the UK it is about 1 in 5 and with probably even more benefits including retiring 5 years before those in the private sector. Neither group produces anything of any real value. The highest paid group are those who work in areas where there are prisons, and there are a lot of prisons in all western countries due to the War on Drugs. Those that work for the federal governments usually get even more benefits again.

Pension funds for government workers has been around a long time. Probably it all started with money awarded to wounded soldiers then it became an incentive to join the military until eventually it encompassed all those working for government. The fall of the Roman Empire was supposedly largely contributed to by disagreements regarding pensions paid to soldiers. Supposedly even George Washington narrowly averted a military coup shortly after becoming president by officers unhappy with their pension schemes.

According to the War Resisters League almost 20% of the 2007 budget will pay military pensions while another 30% is used by the present military. This means half of the US budget is now used for war purposes.

As governments get bigger, pensions funds become unfunded and unfundable and disputes result in probably even less work from the public sector. Only by making all pensions self funded and small government can this millennium's old problem be solved. Probably only a User Pays system can achieve this. Under the Primary Fundamental Right every one, including public sector employees, are responsible for themselves and must work out their own pension requirements because with ageing populations these funds possibly always collapse.

From the figures available for all western countries it appears that for all governments their primary task is to look after their government employees. Apparently everybody else now works for those who are 'the government'.

Foreign aid quite often does more damage than good by delaying poor countries ability to learn to care for themselves. Western countries farm subsidies also impede the third world's farmer's chances to join the global market while costing consumers a fortune in artificially high food prices. Africa could probably be the world's biggest food basket if only the charity aid groups just left them alone.

According to the April 2006 Scientific American "the annual loss to developing countries as a group from agricultural tariffs and subsidies in rich countries is estimated to be $45 billion; their annual loss from trade barriers on textile and clothing is estimated to be $24 billion." Under the Primary Fundamental Right governments would not have the ability to buy votes using protective tariffs and subsides. Unlike Socialism Democracy, Capitalism Democracy would be more able to help the world's poor through trade and not charity.

Foreign aid groups or NGO's are usually gatherings of spies or dangerous hypermaternals, often religious and often intent on producing more religious Conformists just like themselves. Having huge amounts of people living in tent cities for many years is exactly the same as welfare dependents in rent controlled apartments in New York City and whole towns in the north of England. Welfare stops their lives from moving forward by trapping them into a survival state where minimal effort is required.

Only balanced trade between nations brings peace because only a good profit that filters down to all the peoples results in a common wealth and subsequent lasting peace. The west has technology and education to offer for trade and the east has oil and opium and hashish and carpets to sell. Until it is legal for anyone in the west to buy anything including drugs and for those in the east to also buy anything including alcohol and pornography then the War on Terror, the War on Islam, the War on Drugs, the War on Common Sense, must only get worse.

Because probably most conflict in the world is due to religious differences between the Muslims and the Jews/Christians, then peace is possibly impossible until one side is wiped out or they all embrace more or less one religion and become friends. Interestingly the Arabs and the Jews including Jesus are all Semites and descendents of Abraham, so theoretically they are half way there 'already'. Unfortunately it appears all religions always split into warring groups which is possibly nature's way of regulating male population growth. Fanatics who die for their religion are usually young unmarried males who often believe that great sexual pleasures await them in Heaven.

Christians believe the time is fast approaching when their god Jesus will reappear and convert the Jews and the Muslims to Christianity after a huge battle called the Armageddon, centered around the mountains close to Tel Aviv in Israel. Interestingly Shia Muslims believe that about the same time Imam Mahdi, the 12th Imam, will return and also perform a mass religious realignment.

For Christians Jesus is the son of the same male god from the Old Testament that both the Jews and the Muslims worship, the God of Abraham. The Jews call God Yahweh or Allah and the Muslims just Allah but neither believe God had a son though supposedly some Muslims believe He had three daughters. They all believe God resides in Heaven.

None of them seem to know where Heaven is, though many of them must of at some time associated it with the Sun simply because the Sun is the reason for life in this solar system. If Heaven does exists in real time then it probably is inside the Sun and that could mean that God actually lives in this solar system as well as every other solar system throughout the Universe. Maybe this is why the stars above were for centuries referred to as 'the Heavens', the ancient peoples instinctively knew that Heaven was 'up there'. If these warring religious groups could also see this possibility then they might be able to find a common ground for friendship instead of just endlessly blowing each other up.

Between them they now have the technology and money to go and take a closer look and 'knock on Heavens door' so to speak. This could possibly be achieved by riding behind a speeded up diverted ice comet, aiming for a spiraling vortex located beneath Sunspots, when they are there. It is interesting that Christians believe that the only way to reach God is through the Son.

It also means it is possible that death is not the only way to get into Heaven though diving through the 2 million degrees Kelvin corona into a cooler 4 thousand degrees Kelvin Sunspot might be a good each way bet. But if God does exist and does live in Heaven and Heaven is 93 million miles away (150 million kilometers), then maybe it is important to seek out our possible creator. Maybe that's the ultimate objective of the human mind, to locate Heaven in the real world. Now would be a good time to find out while we are all still alive. Homo Sapien Scientifica at the moment probably only has about 150 years left on this planet due to low birth rates. By that time the world could have lost the desirability and capability of flight.

If it could be confirmed that God lives inside the Sun then there would be no point in having any religions as all religions are based on having a method to find God while still alive. Therefore it would probably be worth while to try and find out while there is still some time left.

Under the Primary Fundamental Right space or any other exploration by a large bureaucracy would cease and be left to the private explorers. The NASA method used now to launch a space vehicle is far too expensive and wasteful and obviously bureaucratic.

Aerospace engineer and author, Dr. Robert Zubrin, has possibly developed a simple and fairly cheap design for making the first manned flight to Mars feasible. Called Mars Direct he hopes to get private investors involved to the tune of US$2-$3 billion dollars. He is also the designer of the nuclear powered plutonium salt-water rocket engine. His design would probably make a good prototype star ship to further explore deep space.

Building a series of star ships could be good for the world economy but it could only be done properly by a consortium of private enterprises funded only by interested individuals or companies. American investors could use the extra money they get from only paying a 1% or less tax rate or by using part of the proceeds they earn from the sale of US government properties, otherwise they could use their bonus share holders money gained from the 30% company tax 'Citizen Royalties Payment'.

If the secular Israeli people could be persuaded to move as a population to somewhere like north west Australia then much of the tension that is heating up the world could possibly be removed. By moving they'd probably be leaving behind most of their fanatical religious diehards who would no doubt refuse to see the promise of any new land, repeating the same mistake as those who stayed behind too long in Hitler's Germany thereby inducing their own Darwinian natural selection process, commonly known as 'survival of the fittest'.

Seeing as the Australian aboriginals legally own large amounts of the Northern Territory, north Queensland and north Western Australia then it shouldn't be too hard to get the native title owners to lease out part of somewhere like the Kimberley Ranges, 155,000 square miles (400,000 square kilometers) and less than 30,000 people, for about 200 years in exchange for rent money and being protected from Socialism Democracy. Israel is almost 21,000 square kilometers in size and has just over 8 million inhabitants.

If protected from the disease of Socialism Democracy the Australian aborigine will probably be around long after the last European or Semite person was gone as probably would the American Indian and the Inuit and maybe even their relatives the Ainu of northern Japan . Noel Person of the Cape York Institute for Policy and Leadership is possibly Australia's most educated aboriginal. He has often spoken out against the effects of Socialism's welfare dependency addiction on his people.

It's well known that the Israelis have successfully developed nuclear science and weapons. On the 21st November 2006 an Australian draft government report recommended that Australia get its nuclear act together because they are far behind the rest of the nuclear world while owning most of the world's uranium. What is important here is that nobody will mention is that for white Australia to survive into the 22nd century Australia will probably need to have nuclear weapons to deter any invaders probably either from India, the United Muslim States of America, or Chinese Indonesia. Secular Israelis could definitely help them there.

The Israelis supposedly have the world's fifth largest stockpile of deliverable nuclear weapons after the USA, Russia and China and probably either France or the UK. No doubt they will use them on their enemies should the occasion arise. Meanwhile Iran looks like it is preparing to nuke the US, the UK and Israel as soon as it has finished building its bombs. This could mean an American led limited nuclear attack on Iran could happen soon, possibly by October 2012.

Iran has the world's second largest gas deposits after Russia and the world’s fourth largest oil deposits. For some time it has been looking at opening its own oil exchange called the Iranian Oil Bourse (IOB) and supposedly will only accept payments in Euros thereby weakening the US dollar. When Saddam Hussein stopped accepting dollars for oil in 2002 the US soon invaded.

American thinking might be that a nuclear attack on Iran could also be used to show the Chinese government that the US is ready to use nuclear weapons in the event the Chinese decide to invade Taiwan, but that would be possible only if the USA attacks Iran first before the Chinese invasion starts. Unfortunately for the Americans the seas around Taiwan are so well protected that any conventional attack using aircraft carriers would be futile. Alternatively the US could let the Chinese take Taiwan but that would probably embolden them into believing in the superiority of their form of Communism over western Socialism Democracy, and they’d never let the Americans forget it.

If the Chinese economy falters so should the American. The Chinese have already warned the Americans to get used to America without Hollywood if they interfere in the invasion of Taiwan. The American Empire probably needs China to become an American style Socialism Democracy to guarantee that's its own expansion will be sustainable in the long run. They know they probably only need to knock out the Chinese Communist Party to achieve their ends. Some Pentagon hawks supposedly believe just the destruction of Beijing alone could possibly achieve that end.

The US possibly believes it can't afford to have a powerful Communist China and an oil and gas rich Russia dictating to it for the next 100 years while both are aggressively increasing their military might with the money they are making from the Western consumers. It must sometimes think it might be better to fight it out now while America is militarily stronger and before the whole country becomes weak from obesity and other ailments of Socialism. For unhindered US hegemonic growth both Russia and China need to become Socialism Democracies. One to supply the manufacturing capabilities, the other the energy to fire the furnaces while the Americans do the consuming.

The rebuilding of New Orleans using 'borrowed' money from China and Japan has probably boosted employment everywhere in the US, showing that in a fiat money economy, disasters, like war, can be very profitable. Using Super Imperialism, the USA has found an amazing method to finance everything apparently for free. Even the atomic bombing of 'Hollywood' could be profitable to the US government with Japanese and Chinese savings paying for the reconstruction by American companies. They in return get more fiat Treasury notes that can never really be fully redeemed because they have to be reissued otherwise the US consumers will not have enough money to buy the goods they manufacture.

The US is obviously thinking about invading Iran not only for its oil and gas but to take power away from the Mullahcrats who have a lot of political influence inside Iraq and with their on going financing of the Hell's Angel's Hezbollah who they use to control common dissent inside both Iran and Lebanon. But since Israels demoralizing skirmish with Hezbollah in southern Lebanon in 2007 the Israelis might decide to nuke all the surrounding territories first using their big bombs, especially if the Iraqi people force the Americans to leave. If they do that then the Israeli's will have to contend with the nuclear armed 'neoSoviet' Russians and remember that the word 'pogrom' comes from the Russian word 'gremiet' which means 'to demolish violently'.

Chernobyl proved that nuclear fall out radiation really isn't as big a problem as everyone thought and the Israeli's are really fed up with the Mufti's Iran, Hezbollah and the Hamas voting Palestinians and the support Putin is giving them. Seeing that the Israeli's are probably the world's most defensive technological nation it wouldn't be surprising to hear that they had already planted primed nuclear weapons inside the capital cities of their supposed enemies and that they also have the technology to detonate enemy nuclear warheads inside the silos. An agreed Exodus to Australia might be the best option for everyone otherwise probable Armageddon for the northern hemisphere.

It is possible that if there was a northern nuclear war then probably there could be mass migration to Australia from everywhere. Australia's population of 20 million could easily become 70 million within a very short time, possibly within 1 year. There is probably no way at the moment that the Australians could stop them coming having over 16,000 miles (25,000 kilometers) of virtually unguarded coast line, though the overall benefits of a large ready made educated population could probably outweigh the negatives so the effort might be taken to welcome them. Possibly soon the choice for Australians will be either 7 or 50 million new Aussies.

It is estimated by 2015 over 5 million people a year will visit Australia, or about 14,000 a day. Fifty million refugees in 1 year is around 140,000 arriving every day. Instead of fighting them it would probably pay Australians to charge an entry fee of 10 ounces (285 grams) of gold (about US$6000 November 2006 rates) per person to pay for the privilege of living in Australia. This would also help filter out the low achievers. If the fleeing arrivals were split between the 7 Australian international airports it would mean only 20,000 extra persons or roughly 40 more planes a day at each airport. With the Airbus 380's even less.

During the Berlin Blockade the French, British and Americans often landed over 500 aircraft a day each carrying over 6 tons of goods. The record was supposedly 1398 landings in 24 hours made at 3 airports with an average cargo of over 12 tons in April 1949. In just 11 months over 270,000 return flights were made.

According to the ACI, Atlanta's Hartsfield Airport handled 85 million passengers and 976447 flights in 2006.

All the gold collected as admission fees would need to be split equally between all Australian's giving each citizen around US$12,500 (AUS$16,000) worth of gold which means US$50,000 of gold for each Australian family of 4. Otherwise just let the Israelis resettle in exchange for their nuclear technology which would probably be worth more to Australia in the long run if it was also used to make lots of small nuclear electricity generators and desalinators.

The argument about Australia's clean water shortage would have to be taken into account but by using Capitalism Democracy and free market forces probably the current water supplies could be easily be increased to look after more than 100 million people at a cheaper rate per gallon (4.5 liters) than it is now.

In the desert state of Arizona 1000 gallons is around US$2.50 cents (December 2006) from the privately run Arizona Water Company and supposedly without any restrictions. In green mountains surrounded Sydney it is around US$4.40 simply because it is owned and run badly as a cash cow by the Socialist New South Wales government, plus there are tight water restrictions in force causing jealous neighbors to call the water watch patrol if they see a hose being used to wash a car or a pathway.

Australia is facing huge ground salinity problems with supposedly over 170 million hectares of land expecting to be salt affected by 2050. Possibly by shallow flooding the existing dry salt plains with sea water, massive water evaporation could occur with subsequent rain cloud formation. This probably could not do any more damage to the existing salt plains than is already there while possibly minimizing the effects of El Niño/Southern Oscillation (ENSO), the supposed cause of the recurring droughts of Australia and the violent floods of the Americas.

The 2007 Australian drought is said to be the worst for over 100 years. Hot waste coolant sea water pumped through a small number of modified ESBWR nuclear plants (Economic Simplified Boiling Water Reactor) spaced along a long cooling pipe line might possibly be ideal to flood the dry salt plains while delivering desalinated drinking water and clean electricity to local communities, towns and cities on the way. This would replace the water and electricity not available to them from 'water too low' hydroelectric dams and the phased out polluting coal fired plants and at a much cheaper cost than is sold in 2008. Ideally every home should produce its own electricity.

These newly designed ESBWR plants should easily have the power to pump the 'waste' desalinated water far into Australia's dry interior creating a large inland lake. If more rain was produced in the outback from the evaporation from the lake then the seriously depleted under ground water supplies might also be replenished which in turn could also reduce the problem salinity affecting farmlands elsewhere in Australia.

Possibly the main cause of the religious differences throughout the world isn't religion at all but some thing more mundane such as a gene pool conflict, men guarding their women from foreign suitors. This coupled with the Muslim males fear that Democracy gives women power over men. This it does by giving the females police protection from their males while they seek a new partner. This can't happen in those Muslim countries where women are not allowed to talk to any males other than family members, so there are no police to help defend them while the seek to expand their gene pool.

Democracy in general creates greater competition between the males seeking females and even between females seeking males, even after they are married. Darwinian natural selection continually in action often resulting in divorce and the recoupling with a new partner. This could also be due in part to the high rates of taxation in Socialism Democracy. Thus the adage "when money stops coming through the door love flies out of the window".

It is interesting in the vast majority of separations in Socialism Democracies it is the female partner who is the first to leave the relationship. This might have something to do with the fact that Socialist governments will supply financial support to the female if they have young children. In Muslim countries under Sharia law probably it is the male using the talaq or triple talaq who does most of the divorcing. For a wife to use the khu to divorce her husband means she must pay him a substantial amount of money to leave. A divorcing Muslim husband can legally leave his wife penniless.

There is probably nothing a western woman hates more than not having enough money to spend shopping, the evolved role of gathering. Women are the back bone of Consumerism, they buy most of the presents, they do most of the food shopping. All a good hunter husband has to do is supply the money. Socialism Democracy made it harder for the average man to buy and pay for a house without his wife also working. Now the modern wife has to leave her child in expensive child care while she becomes a hunter to help pay the heavy mortgage. The last thing she wants is more children. Socialism is obviously the most effective contraceptive.

In all western Democracies women have the freedom to choose their sexual partners making for more competition between the men to win a female's favor. This is the opposite of many other countries where the bride or groom is bought by the groom or brides family using a dowry or mahr, though this is a form of competition as well but between competing family groups instead of individuals. More of a team effort with everyone being involved. This team effort often puts pressure on the female to accept what ever is proposed even if she doesn't want to. For some young Muslim women clitoris removal probably helps suppress rebellious ideas like marrying the person you love and having a normal sex life.

Darwin's theory of evolution is a threat to the devoutly religious because it suggests sexual competition is beneficial to the gene pool and therefore is probably designed by God. This flies in the face of the 10 Commandments as taught to Jews, Christians and Muslims alike because the 7th and 10th Commandments orders adults not to "commit adultery" or "covet your neighbor's wife".

These teachings run contrary to the theory of natural selection where constant competition to breed apparently often over-rides marital status, especially in war. Not forgetting the Primary Fundamental Right which states that neither marriage partner owns the other and if either one wants to be 'coveted' by some one else then that's really their business only. My Body. My Business. If this is true then Moses was a liar and has much to answer for, from religious wars to 'honor killings' where the father or brother or husband or son kills female family members who might be breeding outside of their allotted group, voluntarily or not.

If Buddha really said "desire is the root of all evil" then luckily no one was listening in India while they made so many babies. But since they have become a budding Socialist Democracy, the largest in the world, their fertility rate has dropped from over 4 to 2.7 which is only half a person above nil population growth.

Like China, the Indians abort many fetal females and now also have over 33 million extra males, called bare branches in China, who probably will never find a wife. Consequently the action of the parents of the killed females guarantees a lowering of the pass-on rate of their own genetic characteristics. Because only the female gives birth then they should be more valuable to parents than a male child if the objective is to continue the family genetic line, especially with so many competing males dying for a wife.

Capitalism and profit is really based on having all your desires fulfilled now. Probably only Capitalism Democracy can deliver these desires through very small government, therefore Capitalism Democracy could be the closest thing to Heaven here on Earth. Using the 'User Pays' Unadulterated Gold Standard system, such as that envisaged by the Primary Fundamental Right, most incomes should at the very least double while a gold standard stops inflation from eating it all away.

It could be argued that the reason the western countries developed Consumerism to such a high degree in comparison to the rest of the world was because of their beautiful scantily dressed females. Capitalism is probably strongly linked to sexual attraction. Western males often want to become wealthy so they will attract beautiful women and most women probably want to attract a wealthy man to keep them secure. Only by using Capitalism can anyone become super rich. Probably only by using Capitalism Democracy can virtually everybody become reasonably wealthy as well as possibly super rich and without relying on the falsehood of inflation to increase wealth.

Undressed fertile looking women in men's glossy magazines in the early sixties and seventies combined with low taxes probably had a lot to do with the success of the American economy prior to the wholesale adoption of big government in the nineties. Male sexual desire apparently promotes entrepreneurism which is the back bone of Capitalism.

In Muslim countries such as Afghanistan, northern India and Pakistan where the full covering burqa is often required garb for all women then possibly the wealth of those countries is much less simply because the male sexual desire is somewhat stifled. This in turn must stifle women's power because if they are not allowed to attract a male from a short distance with their God given charms then possibly they are not breeding as naturally as they could.

In western countries many men are attracted to a female by the size of her breasts in relation to the size of her hips. In some instances such as when walking along a street it sometimes appears to the male that distant breasts are larger than they actually are which means the male brain deliberately exaggerates their size possibly causing the male to try for a closer look. Apparently the female is usually aware of this effect and will check out the approaching male and if interested will sometimes smile flirtatiously. Possibly the degree of attraction and the bravery of the male decides whether or not a resulting conversation takes place. Thus 'faint heart never won fair lady'. In Muslim countries men are probably denied this stimulating out door exercise.

This method of meeting potential mates probably increases the amount of genetic variation in any gene pool where it is practiced, and inbreeding where it is not. Obviously the Primary Fundamental Right could have an effect here.

Socialism dislikes rampant male sexuality because it is a threat to the dominance of the hypermaternal Conformist, who are often ageing female government workers living in a world of strict Political Correctness. These people are probably instrumental in creating the upsurge in pseudo puritanicalism swamping the western world by using their governmental power base to spread their Socialist ideals. Probably only very small government stops them.

Possibly the amount of accusations of sexual harassment was originally more in government departments than in private companies simply because of the higher concentration of single women, gays and lesbians hired through affirmative action programs for their minority status instead of for their office abilities. This in turn possibly lowered the amount of eligible females for the remaining male workers to try and flirt with. This forced reduction of receptive females could possibly have made the ardent males more aggressive in their efforts thereby lifting the ire of the remaining unresponsive and disinterested females.

Because of the increased amount of corporate career women compulsory indemnity insurance has probably become very profitable for insurance companies due to the amount of accusations of harassment made against flirting males. Supposedly premiums went through the roof causing many companies to instantly sack anyone accused of any supposed unwanted sexual advances. This runs counter to the unintentional secondary purpose of big companies. They probably facilitate parent free meeting places for flirting fertile couples now that the old town market place has gone.

Most large companies employ their own police force not only to watch over security but possibly also to watch over excessive flirtation by the desperate ageing males. Flirting plays an integral part in the production of babies, again proving Socialism Democracies are excellent contraceptives.

The rise of the private police forces is no more apparent than in the Politically Correct universities. Accusations of sexual attacks called date rapes has risen over the last 20 years due mainly to affirmative action programs hiring rabid Socialist, and usually female, university staff. According to the work of Koss (1988), the incidence of date rape hasn't changed at all over the years and by far the main drug used to facilitate opportunistic sexual intercourse and consequential babies is usually alcohol.

Supposedly no male professor is now allowed to have a student alone in his rooms anymore. Also the supposed efforts of the DEA to wipe out the use of drugs on campus has resulted in many narcotics trained Swat like professionally campus police being employed instead of the usual old and feeble security guards, who probably commanded more respect because of their age and position.

In April 2006 the University of Colorado in Boulder posted on the Internet photos of 150 pot smoking students and offered $20 for each identification. By now the DEA should have all those photos and their identities. Their parents probably won't be grateful and possibly fondly remember their more freer times on campus and wonder what's happened to the US and to its universities.

YouTube has video of UCLA campus police using a Taser gun 5 times on a handcuffed Iranian American student inside a library. He had refused to show his ID card because he believed they were illegally using racial profiling.

None of these situations would exist under the Primary Fundamental Right simply because there would only be very small governments, no prohibited drug laws, no compulsory indemnity insurance and all universities would be private businesses with minimally policed paying customers. Plus all students would be totally responsible for themselves and their own safety.

Supposedly over 60% of all university students in America are now female. The figures probably need to be reversed if the US economy is to survive the next 25 years. Females are just not as productive at making wealth as are males though possibly because they usually out live their husbands they now own most of the money in the USA.

One interesting little thing to come out of a voluntary flat tax system is the imposition of court fines for driving or any other minor offences. These could now be set as a percentage of net earnings. As most fines are there now to pay the salaries of the excessive amounts of police that the Socialist state requires, then once the Drug Wars were over there would be a lot fewer police, therefore a money fine could be replaced by a point system. Example, lose 10 points in a year then you lose your license for a while. Though this will be all moot once all the roads are sold off as the road owner could decide who drives on them and who doesn't.

Possibly you should be able to buy your license back as a percentage of your income at a pro rata rate anytime during a driving suspension. All money raised in these fines must not go into any government coffers but would be returned to everyone residing within the state where the fine was imposed. Governments must not be in the business of making profit because they can legally control any competition. The only compulsory income they would receive is from a constitutionally fixed flat rate company tax.

The advantages of having toll roads everywhere are probably not easily seen though taxes taken for their construction and repair would be gone and income would be earned by every resident from those sales. Traffic jams should be reduced as better traffic control systems evolved. Traffic lights are a Socialist's dream of direct control. Prior to large government there were less traffic lights so there was less time wasted waiting for them to change. The cost to business of slow traffic lights has apparently yet to be revealed though the implanting of the lights themselves often runs to around $50,000 per lamp post which does not include maintenance and power usage or replacement in the event of an accident. Australia with a population of only 20 million has over 600,000 traffic lights for about 12 million (2005) vehicles.

Many countries previously used roundabouts and 'give way to traffic on your left or right' depending on which side of the road traffic flowed and it apparently worked extremely well. As Socialist governments get larger one of the first obvious things they start doing is planting traffic lights on every corner. If they were switched off the resulting saving could be quite substantial both in money and carbon production. Once driverless cars arrive they should become redundant as the communicating cars could all cross any busy intersection without stopping.

It is possible that car manufacturers would become major owners of fast roads or HOT (High Occupancy Toll) lanes so they could better utilize their cars auto drive technologies. Cars capable of speeds up to 200 miles an hour (320 km), driven by a computer, could be hired in competition to aircraft, allowing for effortless door to door travel. This could save ailing companies like Ford and General Motors who are good at building big and beautiful fast cars but not so good at selling them. The really beautiful Bugatti Veyron can reach 186 mph (300 km) in just 16.7 seconds but at top speed of 400+ km/h the fuel tank is emptied in about 12 minutes though you would have traveled about 50 miles (80 km).

Housing estates could own their own roads and restrict the traffic using them. People would probably walk more and be a lot healthier. It is an absolute that all businesses are better run by profit makers than by profit destroyers such as governments and most roads are really under developed businesses.

People of 150 hundred years ago would probably be stunned by the size of today's governments and their powers of interference. Almost everyone then had to be responsible for themselves and if you didn't work or grow or hunt food then you probably didn't eat. This had its genetic advantages. Everyone today is the end result of more than 100,000 years of trial and survival. Everyone today carries the genes of the thousands of winners that made it through all the hardships from pestilence, famine, the Ice Age and the dangerous wild animals. Unfortunately it appears we have all come this far just to give up our responsibility for ourselves and let these new things called Socialist governments look after us in exchange for the loss of our basic freedoms.

In June 2005 the US Supreme Court decision for Kelo v. City of New London decided that local governments could use 'eminent domain' to compulsory purchase private property for the purpose of developing that property to create jobs and thereby increase the tax revenue for local governments. Prior to that judgment eminent domain could only be used for essential infrastructure such as roads and bridges. Because under the Primary Fundamental Right state and local governments would not be allowed any other revenue other than the 1% they received from the Federal Government, then there would be no need to force purchase private property in the first place.

Socialist government's talk a lot about their prime objective is to protect their people's lives instead of protecting their people's freedom. Freedom is best associated with profit, you can't have one without the other. All governments main objective should be to promote free trade in everything. Only totally free trading gives maximum profit and maximum freedom for everyone. The more taxes or profit given to a government means the less freedom available for its people.

The US governments now consume around 44% of all American profits which could be translated to mean that the average American has roughly 40% less freedom than the average American in the year 1900, when governments consumed about 4% of all profits. Under Capitalism Democracy and the Primary Fundamental Right that figure could be 1% or less making for a 99% freedom rating.

Genetically those on the top of the intellectual food chain, the Anglo-Saxons, the Nords, the Japanese, the Gaul's and the descendents of the Franks, who's name even means 'free', are now all dying out. Because of Socialism they have virtually stopped breeding. Due to government control of the business of education students are now attending school at the age they would normally be having children. Prior to government education most schooling was completed by age 14 and was equivalent to today's education level at age 19-20. After leaving school at 14-15 many would marry around 17-19, supposedly the best age for child birth for the female and for the males the time of their highest sperm counts.

Because Socialist societies are so costly youngsters today cannot afford to have lots of children even if they wanted to. As a select group the Anglo-Saxon fertility rate is probably much less than the stated 1.7 for those females between the breeding ages of 15 to 44. Just for continuation of the genetic line it should be at least 2.15. In Afghanistan where there is no Socialism the fertility rate is 6.75 births per breeding female. In Jerusalem the Ultra Orthodox Hareidi and Hasidic Jews supposedly have a birth rate of around 8 children per family. Natural Selection apparently always favors the prolific breeders probably because its got more to work with.

In 2006 Socialist America both parents have to work to have the same spending power of a husbands wage in 1970, so now they don't have the time or the money or the inclination to make more babies. At this rate most of the Euro-Americans should be almost gone within 150 years and in Europe Saxon Germany leads the depopulation with 1.4 births. It is estimated by 2120 many cities in Socialist Japan will be empty due to their 1.25 and falling fertility rate. "Tokyo is already under 1.0 births", said its governor in April 2007.

Russia the original home of Communism is now losing about one million people each year so unless they give up Socialism all Russians will be gone within 143 years. Communist China with its fertility rate at 1.7 could also eventually disappear due to their one child policy and long education periods for their females. In the western world probably only the Israelis with their 2.5 births per female will apparently survive.

Hong Kong is probably the world's richest country per square meter and prior to the Chinese takeover in 1997 it was the closest politically to the Primary Fundamental Right's Capitalism Democracy, except in education. Interestingly its fertility rate is less than 1. This figure points emphatically to the possibility that prolonged education of females is the decider in the decline of Socialist populations.

It could also mean that there is a shrinking and re-concentration of genetic material in progress with the genetic line of whole populations about to be carried by a select few, and interestingly most of them will probably be in the higher income group, those who can afford many children and don't need a university education to survive. They are probably the merchants, those able to look after themselves without state aid and who can afford concubines. In China it is apparently not uncommon for Hong Kong business men to have a second family on the main land. This is the age old Chinese version of polygamy.

Under the Primary Fundamental Right all laws enforcing monogamy will be removed from the statute books. These laws were supposedly devised to give poorer men the opportunity to breed so they could pass on their trade to their sons. Regardless of that intent, today in all Socialist societies there are many childless women and consequently all tradesmen are in decline so supply and demand means tradesmen's income has probably increased substantially. Possibly either by tradesmen having more male children or even taking more than one wife can the problem be properly alleviated. Many Muslim tradesmen in western countries are supposedly already doing this. At some point possibly tradesmen will charge a fee to teach their trade to prentices.

At the moment this dearth of tradesmen forces Socialist governments to overlook the illegal migration of skilled and semi skilled workers from anywhere that will supply them. America would probably be in even more economic turmoil without its 7 million Mexican 'wetbacks', many of whom work for well below the minimum wage and doing jobs Americans won't or can't do. A 2005 study by the Pew Research Center estimated that about 27% of all butchers and food processing workers in the USA are illegal migrants.

In some Islamic countries men can have as many wives as they want as long as they can look after them properly. Osama Bin Laden’s wealthy father who was a builder supposedly had 22 wives and 55 children. Now in many western countries poor Muslim men will often have up to 4 wives because the local Socialist governments will give their 'extra' wives a cheap home and an income as long as they say they are single mothers. Some of these husbands supposedly collect from their wives over $3000 a week in total welfare payments, so genetically and financially under Socialism they have become Supermen.

The Hong Kongese, just like the Singaporeans (1.0) and the South Koreans (1.3) and the Japanese and the Chinese and all the western countries, have over-educated too many females creating many childless professional career women who genetically die out around the age of forty when their eggs become infertile. Indonesia with 245 million has the largest Muslim population in the world and with its 2.5 fertility rate will probably dominate the Far East and start to expand completely into Papua New Guinea by 2020 continuing its very successful Transmigration Program and from there into Australia, probably by 2080. This obviously will be dependent on them restricting the increasing higher education of their females.

Because Socialist governments always require more taxes to grow their bureaucracies it is important for them to get everyone working and the higher the education supposedly the more tax paid. Singapore has a government run compulsory dating service for unwed university graduates. In 2005 it was looking at banning single sex schools because they possibly deprive students of intersexes social skills. Ironically extended female education results in fewer future tax payers being produced, the death knell for the profit absorbing Socialism Democracies.

On October 17th 2006 at 7:46 a.m. Eastern Standard Time the US Census Bureau estimated that the US population reached 300 million. The 200 million mark had been reached on November 20th 1967. They said that there is now 1 birth every 7 seconds and 1 death every 13 while immigrants arrived at the rate of 1 every 31 seconds. It is symbolic that this news was stated in both English and Spanish since the Mexican fertility rate is about 2.42 while the Euro-American rate is probably much less than the supposed 1.8 estimate. America may be still there but the original Europeans are quickly being replaced, mainly by the Hispanic peoples.

Australia in 2004 had a slight increase in population growth possibly due to the Socialist government paying AUS$3,000 to the mother of each newborn. This increased to $5000 in 2008 so birthrates should continue to rise but probably mainly for migrants. Many poor migrants try hard to get into Socialist countries just so they can obtain the free benefits Socialist governments hand out. The small Italian town of Laviano, south east of Naples, is supposedly offering 10,000 Euros to couples to stay and breed in an attempt to stop the town from disappearing.

Russian President Putin's State of the Nation address in May 2006 acknowledged the dire state of population growth within that country. His response is to institute extra payments of $100 a month to women who have a second child with an initial payment of 250,000 rubles, roughly US$8,300, starting on January 1 2007. As the weekly average wage in Russia ($300 2012) is about one third of that of the USA this represents a government payment of about US$24,000 to those mothers. No doubt some of this will probably be paid from the fiat petrodollars received from the forced acquisition of Yukos oil and the imprisonment of its management.

Russia had in 2007 over 250,000 orphans mainly living in state institutions, which is about 1 in every 85 children under 15. Undoubtedly the problem of excessive alcohol consumption is caused by rampant Socialism and things could get worse with even more brain damaged children being born to more drunken parents with even more money to spend on alcohol. In Russia, as where ever alcohol has little competition, there are more children born with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) than all the other disabilities combined.

In Australia welfare payments made to Aborigines is blamed on the destruction of their tribal laws and the disintegration of their close knit societies. It is estimated that an aboriginal Australian child has 10 times more sexual and physical abuse than a white Australian child. For Aborigines, alcoholism, diabetes and endemic sexual assault are diseases linked directly to Socialism. The supposed widespread rape of very young aboriginal children is probably being done by petrol sniffing FASD brain damaged aboriginal boys while their parents are virtually permanently comatose from too much government paid alcohol. Pure 100% proof Socialism in action.

The high birthrate for Muslim women might have something to do with their lack of contraceptives, low education, inter-social restrictions, small personal wealth, plus the possibility that Muslim wives could be the most raped group of women in the world. Because of the danger to her life from her husband and family there is little chance she would tell them that she had sex with someone else even if it was against her will.

Some research also suggests that a raped woman has a very much improved chance of conception over that of a regular coupling with a spouse implying a form of biological cooperation between the rapist and his victim. This probably means that rape could also have some genetic advantages for a risk taking single rapist. 'He who dares wins', except in western countries where most fertile women are on the pill so there's virtually no point being a rapist there. Supposedly in the northern western European countries Muslim men commit over 50% of all recorded rapes.

In some western societies it is estimated that probably over 4% of children from marriages are fathered by males other than the husband. It is unlikely many are the result of rape because of widespread contraception though apparently some fecund married women love a fling with a transient alpha male and around 4% of them do get pregnant.

The Taliban supposedly use gang rape as a form of punishment on their male enemies and sometimes the raping of his wife and children in front of him as well. Supposedly for many Muslim men anal sex with another male is acceptable if you are the one on top penetrating. Probably only bisexuals or homosexuals can get an erection in the presence of other men which suggests that restrictive heterosexual activity in any community probably results in high bisexuality of the males. This is also possibly why the Catholic Church produces so many pedophilic clergy simply because they have little or no sexual contact with mature females while they teach their Conformist doctrine to the defenseless children.

Again common sense dictates that defenseless persons should not be left alone with any male capable of spermiation unless he is their natural father. In many religious communities the term 'father' is used to produce an obedience to their deity while conferring a similar authority to anyone else using that title. Authority usually relies on the threat of violence to produce Conformists.

A Purdue University researcher in 1987 found over 70% of rape reports in a small Midwestern town in a one year period were false. Under the Primary Fundamental Right rape would still be a crime though any consensual sex, including adultery, would not. Gang rape appears to be a solely bisexual activity.

The sale and use of any type of birth control pills or methods including condoms, anti-rape belts or medical abortions or anything that reduces the birth rate would never be made illegal under the Primary Fundamental Right.  If the main argument for the Drug Wars prohibition is that illegal drug use destroys lives then the legal drugs used to make contraceptive pills stop more people from living than all the illegal 'recreational' drugs combined. The real problem is the high cost of Socialist governments to the young breeding pairs which forces them to use contraceptives so they can save large amounts of money to buy a nest. By the time they have enough they are too old or too poor to have many children. Very few families can live on one wage under Socialism.  

Probably not until all governments are so small that we can hardly notice them are they working properly. Until the President or the Prime Minister is so power reduced that their names are often forgotten, then government is too big. We must again learn to be our own leaders through the promotion of Individualism and not blindly follow the surging crowds enthused with group patriotism by charismatic leaders who are leading us all into probable oblivion. The Internet could be the most important tool to allow for the rise of the Individual and the decline of the Conformists and the down sizing of large, expensive, high taxing governments.

After Individuals and Conformists, western society can be split further into 2 more groups, those who are employed by the government and those who are not. People who work for governments have power over everyone else. They also usually earn much more and work much less simply because the work they do is actually unproductive and often boring because it's not profit motivated. Most people probably know this and many must realize the majority of government workers fit the definition of parasites because governments do not make any real profit to pay their workers wages. Instead by using the threat of violence governments take other people's money, called taxes, to pay a wage to those who help maintain its power.

Government employees do not pay income tax because their whole wage is some one else's money. Governments hide this theft by pretending to be advantageous for all its people when in reality all governments are there to look after government first. All the non government work force is held in servitude by the government and milked daily like cows on a farm.

Socialist government run hospitals are probably of more benefit to those who work for the Dept. of Health than they are to any patients. Socialist government schools are usually more for the benefit of those that work in the Dept. of Education than for the students. It is probably the same for all Socialist government departments. If it wasn't for the regular elections of politicians in Socialism Democracies then they would probably do even less than they do now as in Fascist Russia and Fascist China. This is natural behavior when there are few chances of ever being dismissed because everyone in government is supping from the same cup of stolen warm milk.

Few politicians actually have much control over a large government. It usually controls itself and its prime objective is always to grow larger. This growing action is usually supported by the 'Intellectuals' within society. Dwight D. Eisenhower supposedly noticed that "an intellectual is a man who takes more words than necessary to tell more than he knows".

Many intellectuals are probably more often than not idealistic Conformist Socialists egalitarians as opposed to the realistic Individualist Capitalists who see no merit in everyone being equal after being born because as George Orwell in Animal Farm wrote "some are more equal than others".

It might seem to an impartial observer that any large Socialist government is a tumor within the breast of its people and that tumor is fed by a lattice of government workers and politicians who also get to feed themselves at the same time. A small tumor fed with sweet fiat money keeps growing until it becomes malignant and kills both itself and its host.

The descent stages are from lean Capitalism down into a big sucrose Socialism on to massive fructose Fascism then the drop down to corpulent Communism and lastly rolling over the edge of the abyss into the diabetic hell hole of Totalitarianism. Eventually after killing all of its host cells the tumor itself dies, as happened in Germany in 1945 with the death of the Hitler tumor. Obviously there is a system in place to auto cull deviant societies.

Russia pulled itself back from the edge of the abyss in 1991 and like China managed to claw up to Fascism though under the weight of the Putin tumor it is again losing its grip. China through its recent large gold purchases looks like it is attempting to jump up into gold money Capitalism and become the world's leanest economy.

Probably only something on the lines of the Primary Fundamental Right can guarantee to stop glucose seeking tumors from coming into existence in the first place thereby saving evolutionary time.

Many more died from the actions of Socialist/Communist Mao Zedong (70 million Chinese dead) than Socialist/Communist Joseph Stalin (30 million Russians dead) or died from the actions of Socialist/Fascist Adolf Hitler (11 million Germans dead).

Supposedly over 95 million people have died from malaria since Socialist/Environmentalist ex-FBI director William Ruckelshaus, when as Chairman of the EPA in 1972, banned the use of DDT. This eventually lead to a virtual world wide ban on possibly the world's safest insecticide giving many mosquitos time to evolve a resistance.

According to the July 2007 National Geographic magazine some scientists estimate that possibly up to 50% of all 'human' deaths throughout history can be attributed to malaria. Only DDT had been shown to eradicate this scourge which also affects bats, monkeys, apes and many other animals. This could mean that roughly 20 billion hominids have been killed so far by mosquitoes.

Socialism Democracy in America is now showing the Fascist world how with big government and police employment programs such as the War on Drugs, good profits can be made from just locking people up (over 2 million a year in jails, 5 million a year on parole or associate programs) instead of simply killing them. Fascist China has supposedly over 20 million people behind bars at any given time which gives huge amounts of employment to its bureaucracies.

China has avoided economic deflation for now by dumping full on Communism and using Fascism as initiated by Deng Xiaoping, but without the annoying free elections. As of the 1st October 2007 the new Chinese 'Property Law' came into effect allowing all Chinese to own land and property, probably the most basic of rights easily recognized even within minimal Socialism though definitely not recognized at all within communal Communism.

Possibly in all Socialism Democracies free elections are probably superfluous as the majority will always vote for more Socialism anyway.

In a Socialism Democracy you can vote for a government that gives you some one else's money. It appears Socialism Democracy is designed mainly to take from the rich and give to the poor which is economically disastrous and should always lead to the ultimate collapse of freedom within any such society. Sustainable maximum freedom probably only comes to a User Pays society such as that envisaged by Capitalism Democracy using a backbone forged from something like the Primary Fundamental Right.

is economically successful possibly because their leaders have to use natural vicious infighting to reach the top and are not elected for their good looks as in the USA or for their judo prowess as in Russia. Dwight D. Eisenhower was the last elected bald president of the USA (1953-1961) though his opponent Adlai Stevenson was also bald. Many US senators have coiffured full heads of gray hair and apparently many electors think that large amounts of white or graying hair is a sign of wisdom and trustability instead of a possible sign of contrived deception. Supposedly Ronald Reagan used lots of Brylcreem which made his hair look sleek and darker.

It is interesting that many scientists trained in truth seeking are often bald to some degree and not at all hirsute. This might have something to do with the cooling of the brain. Just as with all computers, the more work processed the more heat produced. Human naked skin is the most effective cooling system of any living mammal said P. E. Wheeler, in his article "The Evolution of Bipedality and Loss of Functional Body Hair in Hominids," Journal of Human Evolution, (1984).

Only with the complete removal of the Socialism tumor can the people learn to serve themselves again otherwise it will continually re-grow as is happening once again in Russia and definitely Germany if the treatment of dissident chemist Germar Rudolf is anything to go by and possibly soon the rest of the Socialist EU. Because of the War on Drugs and the War on Terror America's tumor has possibly reached malignancy and could have its first try at turning fully Totalitarian any time soon (December 2006) especially if lots more troops are sent to Iraq and Afghanistan causing uproar in the US otherwise it will probably wait until the dollar gets close to collapsing.

Possibly only by using the tenets of the Primary Fundamental Right can the deep rooted Socialist tumor be removed forever. The previous tool used in the USA to stop the tumor from growing, the US Bill of Rights, has failed because the tumor has probably mutated and is now impervious to this flawed and ancient constitutional protection.

The original 10 amendments in the Bill of Rights were probably best suited for the defense of American Liberty during the 18th and 19th centuries but unrealistic in the world of fiat money, air travel and mass communication. Subsequent amendments such as the 13th, 16th, 18th, 22nd and 26th have restricted basic freedoms in a pincer movement combined with the loose re-interpretation of the original 10 amendments given over the last 100 years by a politically appointed Supreme Court.

The Bill of Rights designers deliberately omitted the right of self ownership of your own body simply because at that time slavery was acceptable and some of the designers actually had their own slaves. Therefore the foundation stone of the US Constitution was built on shifting sands because it was probably never designed to protect everyone in the USA, just its European gene pool. So in actuality with the passing of the 13th Amendment to promote equality, instead of the slaves becoming free men everyone in the US became potential slaves of their own governments.

It's probably an absolute that all governments world wide will try to dominant their people with the objective to be served rather than to be the servant, a legacy from the monarchial system. JFK's memorable "Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country" is really an obvious Socialist attempt to get more control over the people. By substituting the word country with the word government makes it easier to see the monarchial remnant. Ask not what your government can do for you - ask what you can do for your government. Ask not what your King can do for you - ask what you can do for your King. Probably only the permanent ownership of your own body enshrined in each of their respective constitutions might stop this slave/master relationship from continuing.

My Body. My Business. So simple yet probably so decisive in the protection of everyone's personal freedoms.

Most likely the greatest single threat to humankind isn't the global fresh water supply or global warming or even global avian flu, nor any of the other home made calamities that could befall us at any given time. Supposedly 9 times in the last 600 million years the Earth has been struck by an asteroid that has virtually annihilated all life forms only to have the whole thing start up again within a few million years. Strangely this apparently happens quite regularly, approximately every 65 million years, the last time being when dinosaurs began evolving into cheap and delicious family size chickens.

This repetitious bombardment should stop only if the Earth produced a species capable of deflecting an asteroid from its allotted rut. NASA's Deep Impact showed that was possible on 4th July 2005 when it struck the comet Tempel 1 with a missile probe, proving very expensively that human technology could do it but only if they could see it coming in time. At the moment we probably can't see it soon enough to stop it destroying our world. 2008 TC3 was a asteroid between 2-5 meters (7-16 feet) that entered the Earth's atmosphere on 7th October 2008 and burnt up, just one day after detection.

It was thought 50 years ago that by 2001 there would have been a thriving colony on the dark side of the Moon and by 2010 we'd have been well on the way to colonizing Mars and exploring deep space. The first Moon landings in 1969 probably showed we were slightly ahead of schedule. Unfortunately we are now running about 20 years late due to the high cost of Socialism and its profit sucking programs such as the War on Drugs, the War on Terror and the War on Islam, all of which continue to divert funds away from private space exploration.

Probably only from the Moon and Mars and deep space will it be possible to see the incoming 'failed species' eliminator, an asteroid no bigger than a football field. In the mean time all nuclear missiles should not be destroyed but redeployed to destroy incoming asteroids well outside the Earth's atmosphere. There could possibly be more than one as they might travel in groups. Therefore the private exploration of space is probably essential for the survival of humankind and all the other present life forms on this planet.

Asteroids should contain material interesting to large mining and pharmaceutical companies. Their interest could keep us all safe so it is essential that big companies reach out into space as soon as possible. Only through the hot pursuit of profit and free trade will we be saved from certain extinction.

The hypocrisy of the religious elite Conformists is made evident in the very beginning of the Bible. Genesis Chapter 1, verse 29, records when God told mankind to use the fruit of the trees that bear seeds for their food. Cannabis, opium and cocaine all come from seed bearing trees. Possibly they think God made a mistake on that one otherwise their religion is just another form of Political Correctness.

How long will take for the Primary Fundamental Right to be added to the US Bill of Rights?

That all depends on the American people. If enough of them sign the Primary Fundamental Right petition then that should help bring change sooner. Otherwise it could take a hundred years or maybe it will happen next month, who knows. But once all the PFR prisoners realize they are real slaves participating in an economic model that only works with massive long term imprisonment of mainly poor people, then the passive acceptance of their situation could change. Probably most of them really do think they really are 'guilty' of a crime and so it is their self guilt that keeps them quietly locked up. But some day they are going to realize they've been duped and they've done nothing wrong. By then they'll have found out it is their government that has broken the law by preventing them from having real ownership of their own bodies as allowed by the first part of the 13th Amendment, which in turn should negate the second part which allows for universal slavery. Once that happens it will then be necessary for the US President to use the presidential prerogative and pardon those people convicted of crimes that would not exist under the Primary Fundamental Right.

People convicted of alcohol crimes during 'Prohibition' were kept in prison to complete their sentences even though the laws that had put them away had been repealed.

Eventually it will happen, the jail gates will open and the PODW's will go home to their families, and the sooner it happens the better it will be for everyone.

Bernard William Palmer
February 18th, 2003, Sydney. (Amended 9th February 2014).
The Primary Fundamental Right
My Body. My Business.
Copyright protected (but free to use if promoting the PFR).
Bernard W. Palmer 2003

Until the majority of people realize that they really don't legally own their own bodies then the role of government cannot change from owner of the people to servant of the people.

* What is the Primary Fundamental Right? is an evolving document and may not reflect the current views of the signatories who signed the petition prior to the last amended date listed above. Those who wish to have their names removed from the petition need only send me an email with that request including the date that they signed and the email address they used.

Bernard Palmer. 25th February 2004

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